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  • julie__ 1w

    Tired of everything she said,
    Leave me, I don't want anyone
    Leave me alone..

    You don't want my happiness,
    You don't want me for what I am
    You just want me for those looks..

    Why caring for someone hurts,
    Why does loving someone hurts
    Is love a lie?

    They smile and laugh with you,
    They only stab you with forever wounds
    Are things meant to be hurt?

    One day, you held my hand,
    The next day you leave me behind
    Was your shining eyes meant to cheat?

    Leave me, I don't want anyone
    Leave me alone,
    Let me breathe please...


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    Let me breathe, please... .. .

  • julie__ 1w

    ~���������������� ��������~

    I can see it from where I lie
    Orange and pink shooting across the sky,
    The sun is setting, about to sleep
    The dark surrounds, like the lies so deep.
    My mind goes numb, as I forget all my cares.
    The stars come, dancing lights
    Twinkling diamonds, what a sight!

    I wrote a fairytale thinking about you
    Together we travelled through the smoggy clouds and glittering stars.
    I am powerless, as you roam in my heart
    Like birds and skies nothing can tear us apart
    Within the wanton existence of my dreams
    Understanding so well- late night schemes.

    Shooting stars await the wish
    To see your face in the breeze
    For one last time the moment freeze
    Stopping the time, in the name of his
    To die and be born again and again
    In the arms of my beloved gain.

    I wish for a wish to make it true
    To be whole in the end, to be living with you
    And if not so,
    Then take it back and all of me
    That ever was or will be
    So that there was no me,
    To dream of you, think of you and wish for you.
    Slipping away in the world.
    Life was not made just to be sold.
    This world is full of hypocrites,
    And they are not welcoming our lovely faith.

    Dear stars, I don't believe in soulmates now
    But still
    I believe in beautiful evenings,
    Beautiful evening under the sky
    Beautiful evenings by the shore
    Beautiful evenings accompanied by waves
    Lost in each other's embrace
    For sometime for sometime.


    #mondo #wod #miraquill #writersnetwork #solitude #lovelone #solitudelove


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    Love, what is it?
    You and me alone,
    Madness of world locked away
    Peace and quiet reigns.


  • julie__ 3w

    Dark nights in your eyes
    Twist hair to the flaming breaths
    Oh! I can't stop kissing you.

    His scent I want
    bottle along myself
    drops of soul liberation

    By milky moonlight
    your silky skin upon mine
    ignites a great desire.



    #wod #katuata #mirakee #miraquill #writersnetwork #love #dark #desires #lost #darkromance #depthoflove #ineachothersarms #engulfed

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    In the darkest of nights,
    captured by the forbidden desires.


  • julie__ 3w

    Though forever seemed so far away
    A promise that we both chose
    We'd follow the rules that life demands
    And see how far it goes

    To live on love, our only plan
    How could we go wrong?
    As each day passed we grew apart
    Forever's not that long

    A million kisses gone to waste
    The product of a lie
    Love's a gift that's made to last
    It's not supposed to die

    We tried our best to see it through
    To rewrite history
    But now each time they write of love
    It won't mention you and me

    Though legend we were meant to be
    We'll ever be remembered with
    The likes of Romeo and Juliet
    Forever just a myth.

    #myth #foreverisamyth #wod #love #poetry #writes #mythical #loststories #remembrance


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    Billions searching endlessly for their lost soul half, worried
    Every hundred years or so two half souls would find each other,

    When they did they were healed and soon married
    Their love was true love, they lived the rest of their lives
    In this world in two bodies with a single soul.


  • julie__ 4w

    They seized upon one another in the galloping light,
    Breath to breath, whole heartily -
    Clutching the moment.

    It was a prize of joy
    To the young lover's hearts;
    Who compelled each other,
    Complete in the others grasp.

    And that day
    They saw the sun and moon,
    Gasp and overflow
    With wonder.

    And being greeted by doves
    They incarnated as one,
    Aroused by the mystery of love.


  • julie__ 5w

    ~���� ����������������~

    I promise to always lift you up
    When you are feeling down.
    I promise to wipe your tears
    When you feel you need to cry.
    I promise to keep you smiling
    To show off that beautiful smile you have.

    I promise to be your strength
    Whenever you fall weak.
    I promise to be your voice
    When you can't find the words.
    I promise to be your eyes
    When you cannot see.

    I promise to be your ears
    When you cannot hear.
    I promise to always tell you what's real
    When you want to hear the truth.
    I promise to be your dream catcher
    To chase away your every fear.

    I promise to keep you sturdy
    When you are feeling unsafe.
    I promise to listen
    When you need to talk.
    I promise to tell you no lies,
    Just what is true.

    I promise to always lend you my shoulder
    For when you need to cry.
    I promise to always hold you
    When you need someone.
    I promise to always care for you.
    Wherever you are, I promise to always be there.
    I promise to never hurt you and never break your heart.

    I can't promise you the world.
    I can't promise you the sky.
    I can't promise you that we will never fight.
    I can't promise you that I will never cry,

    But I can promise you that I will always be true to you,
    And baby, I promise that I will always love you more than anything
    With all my heart.
    I'll love you until the end of time!
    I'll be your guardian angel.
    That's my promise to you!

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    The beauty of your kiss,
    And that magic in your touch.
    It is for all these reasons and more
    Why I love you so much...

  • julie__ 5w

    Three vapours of breath could be seen
    If approaching the cemetery on a frigid morning.
    Dark, heavy clouds in the sky
    Over the statues of angels portrayed in mourning.
    In the crypt of The Chosen Ones,
    By the tombs of The Ones Once Came;
    Stood three in heated argument,
    Nothing, All and Fallen-One their names.

    The argument was simply this:
    "The Fallen-One was given to me."
    Nothing said this--quite clearly;
    He was simply stating fact and decree.
    Fallen-One was his charge;
    And he hadn't set Fallen free...
    All was furious at this insistence.
    He had to make Nothing see,
    That The FallenOne must be returned;
    He saved the weak--regardless the cost.
    A limited freedom had been promised.
    Who else saves the ones thought lost?

    All said, "Nothing, let me show you this..."
    Showing him ones thought to be forgotten.
    He showed him the deeds Fallen had done;
    He showed lessons that Fallen had taught them.
    All said, "Not all are lost, some can be saved;
    There must be balance, I'm losing the fight.
    I need my champion and his Blade of Rage.
    I need his will, his fight, his might.
    Many unlucky are falling to you.
    You reap plenty with more to come.
    I don't need your horde, I just need the one.
    Give me that One and this argument is done!"

    Nothing pondered this, his thoughts ran deep.
    Would the Fallen-One's freedom cause upheaval?
    If he wouldn't help to balance this fight
    Would his refusal then side with the evil?

    Now Fallen was quiet listening to these two,
    But his patience was starting to wear.
    He had to return to the world of pain
    To show the lost that someone still cared.
    He stepped forth and interrupted the silence!
    His voice filled with conviction and purpose.
    He said, " there is only one able to balance this fight;
    I must swiftly return to the surface.
    There's a lonely girl crying and cutting;
    Slicing her pain away with a knife.
    There's a drunk and frustrated husband
    Coming home to blindly beat his wife.
    There's a boy getting hit by his parents.
    There's a girl swallowing death with pills.
    Another child forced into paid sex
    By a wicked man looking for thrills.
    There's the workforce sold off the boats;
    All kinds of drugs coming through the borders;
    Children with no food or homes,
    Suffering from all kinds of disorders.
    While you stand and argue about possession,
    Many are quickly losing the fight.
    I've solemnly sworn and I'm battleborn,
    Let me go forth and make the wrongs right!"

    - riya

    #argument #wod #pod #fallenone #evil #lostworld #inhell #amidstdark #writersnetwork #miraquill #mirakee

    @writersnetwork @miraquill

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    Nothing and All stood in the silence;
    With one look they knew what must be;
    All must recharge The Fallen-Ones Blade
    And Nothing must let him go free--
    Back to the surface, back to suffering,
    Back to the lands of loss and frustration;
    A tool that was made, armed with a magical blade--
    Fulfilling the sole purpose of his creation.


  • julie__ 5w

    Those tear-stained cheeks and wet eyes
    Those sharp breathes and longing arms
    That hurting yells and breaking soul,

    She just whispered, " I want someone, please take me.
    Don't leave me alone for the darkness to engulf me.
    Kill me or heal me. "


  • julie__ 5w

    A part of me tries
    to hold back the tears,
    Hiding itself away from the world..

    A part of me breaks
    everyday longing for those eyes,
    Hallucinating him and his name...

    A part of me pleases you to come back to me,
    Please come back to me.....

  • julie__ 6w

    Some of the most internal battles are dealing with love.
    A love that is unlikely to happen.
    A love that may only exist for one.
    For many, it can be sad.
    For few, they may be blessed.

    That moment we looked at eachother,
    my eyes fell onto his eyes.
    Delightful and enchanting he was beautiful.
    Like the moon reflecting off the ocean, with glowing patterns so tranquil my body collapsed revealing a weakness.

    However, it wasn’t the pearl that furled my wings.
    It was the golden rose from inside his heart, that absorbed my soul.

    To hear his voice,
    as a simple hello, soothing and quiet, touched the moment of time.
    At least for that moment,
    he made me feel alive.
    Regardless of what’s being said,
    I was delighted to listen.

    Does his lips feel soft with a kiss.
    Pure, delicate, delicious, adorable.
    I wonder if heaven exists.

    Right before he goes to sleep, is there a thought?
    Love may never be known,
    or do I really want to know?
    I’m....in heaven.....
    I will love him inside-out.

    _ julie.

    #start #wod #writersnetwork #miraquill


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    I wrote a fairytale,
    under the moonlight
    Remembering your face and that smile
    locking away years of love and happiness
    in the ashes of my mind.