stay true, that’s the least you can do

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  • joutopia 1d


    We ain’t clueless about our feelings
    We are just better at pretence
    We are just gripping tightly to ourselves
    Refusing to crumble

    Ego getting ahead
    We are so blinded
    Maybe choosing to believe
    Our version of the story is easier

    Joutopia ; 150

  • joutopia 2d


    As light as a feather
    As sharp as a blade
    Tore into pieces
    Burnt into flames

    The more it rains
    The more it blooms
    The sun won’t shine
    Only footsteps left behind

    Joutopia ; 149

  • joutopia 3d


    I can’t put a name to what I’m feeling now
    I scared of this feeling that’s approaching
    I am thinking of million ways to be as cool about it
    It’s not working

    I can feel my body leaving me
    This best version don’t exist
    It’s true they said
    I run away from things I love
    I find myself running away from you
    All the time

    Joutopia ; 148

  • joutopia 3d


    It happens
    Bummed out, all our bad days seem to collide
    This collision is bad
    My imagination spins into undesirable thoughts
    A touch of it turns everything grey
    My light goes out
    I’m left with myself all alone

    Joutopia ; 147

  • joutopia 5d


    There comes a point in time
    Everything return to where it should be
    The place we all started out
    The habits we haven’t formed

    It’s brittle, transient and short-lived
    Time will overshadow those we thought we had
    It takes so little, to break it all

    Joutopia; 146

  • joutopia 5d


    I like long walks
    I like empty spaces
    I like the silence in midnight
    I like the moonlight

    These are things that bring peace to me
    When the world is shaking, crumbling
    I have pockets of stillness
    That keeps me going

    I find my anxious mind unsettled
    I find my path steep and unstable
    There are so much out of my grasp
    I could only lean on myself

    Joutopia ; 145

  • joutopia 1w


    The withering season is the most unbearable
    So as the start of each transition
    We give definitions to what we deem to be
    The long night calls , summer playlists
    It become what we once have

    No departure not painful enough
    No signs of leaving not scarring us
    How we once got over
    Methods revised
    Take us all the way back to the start

    Joutopia ; 144

  • joutopia 1w


    I feel sweat on my face
    Hot wind blowing my tresses
    I never felt more awake
    And I thought I had it all figured out

    These are my sentiments of January
    Everything feels fresh and raw
    I’ve no idea what’s ahead
    And we are strictest to ourselves
    As we grow to let go as the time comes

    Joutopia ; 143

  • joutopia 1w


    The things I want is free
    From indigo gradient skyline to discovery of hidden gem music

    There are things that are impossible to garner too
    To relive certain moments
    To selfishly wish for things to go your way

    Above all
    All we have is now
    Nothing more than that

    Joutopia ; 142

  • joutopia 1w


    I watched this sunset fade away
    Losing its palette faintly
    As the burst of apricot and sky blue dissolves
    It’s the prettiest departure

    I watched the bed of clouds hovering
    Accompanied by the light spring breeze
    This fleeting moment spells January
    Like no others

    Joutopia ; 141