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  • journeyingwithnomakha 2w

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    I have realized that in life you need to want it all,the good and the bad .
    But i also have realized that when life becomes brutal, you need to be even more brutal and merciless.
    People who survive aren't those who wait for opportunities, it's those who are ruthless enough to take it all.

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    When my body becomes void,
    And withers away,burns into ashes
    To be blown by the wind.
    I should rest with contentment.

    When the flesh flies and beetles
    Gobble upon my dead flesh.
    When my bones decay and
    Release a stenchful liquid
    Until you cannot tell it apart from the soil.
    I must be satisfied.

    I want to lay it all out
    To give it all and beyond
    I want to give passionately
    With every ounce of my being
    I want the sweat ,the tears, the blood.
    Because it's either everything or nothing.

    I want the lows and highs
    The rocky and smooth
    I want all the lemons and honey,
    I want the relentlessness, ruthlessness and brutality
    I also want the tenderness, softness and fragility .
    Because it's either life or death.

    It's either you wait or take it all
    Or are you going to settle for fate?


  • journeyingwithnomakha 2w

    @mirakeeworld @writersnetwork @mirakee_post @mirakee_words @mirakeeans

    Your dreams are your identity, it is what defines you.
    You need to know that not everyone will understand it,or give you credit for the hardwork you've put towards it. Not everyone will welcome your dream, and recognize it and encourage you. If you believe in it,that's enough because if you give up. You're giving up who you are,your sole purpose of existence.

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    I am here

    Listen to the whispers
    Of my forlon voice,
    My desperate cries for

    Do I have to raise my voice,
    Or better yet scream?
    My strident screams interrupt the nature's peace, tumbling down mountains
    Halting the happy chirps of birds
    Sucking life out the emerald green of the rolling hills into barren and dry.
    Yet it bounces off the ears who choose to be deaf to the sound of my voice.

    The intense blaze for recognition shines
    Through my dark orbs,
    Illuminating the hope, spark and passion
    For the forgotten dreams.
    Yet it is dim and dull
    To those who choose to be blind
    To its light.
    It is cold to those who refuse
    To acknowledge its warmth.


  • journeyingwithnomakha 5w

    @miraquill @mrcool @mirakeeworld @writersnetwork @william__

    #wordskill #PTSDisreal #mentalillineisreal #depressionisreal

    Let us be mindful of what we say, thousands of people commit suicide because of hurtful words that have been said to them.

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    Silent killer

    We are told not to care when people say hurtful words,
    "A stranger's words cannot affect you"
    Yet the same words make you question your very existence.
    We sweep them under the
    "As long as you're not adding any value in my life i don't care what you say"
    Yet their words keep us up at night,resounding like a broken record,
    Over and over again.

    We hide the hurt under the
    " this is my life not yours,what you say is just an unwanted neglected opinion"
    Yet the very words pierce through our hearts,
    They are a burning coal against our skin
    Toxic cells slowly eating away our brains,our souls...
    And finally our being,
    Untill there's nothing left.

    It all started with a word,
    Uttered ignorantly, jokingly or intentionally
    But ,It all ends with an empty being...


  • journeyingwithnomakha 5w

    The mystery Birds

    I sigh as I maneuver past the vintage furnishings, each step flooding my mind with the deeply ingrained memories , making my chubby cheeks break into a content smile.

    Although the house is as old as days,it's still as spacious and elegant as i remember. The chandelier still hangs proudly from the now brown ceiling, my grandmother's prized possession.

    I timidly move to the ample library, and instantly a tint smell of ancient withered books hits my nostrils. It's almost like I'm reliving the memories, almost as if i can see him,with his eyeglasses set at the bridge of his nose,fully engrossed on the book. Each paragraph followed by a puff from his expensive cigar, all while taking a sip from his 40 year old scotch whiskey.

    All of a sudden, my train of memories were disturbed by the most stunning bird i have ever seen,flapping its wings as it enters through the broken window, at an astoundingly slow pace, it is as if everything is in slow motion and i am suddenly aware of every flap of its wings.

    I never dreamed that a bird could make such a grand entrance ,so mesmerizing. It's feathers were all shades of purple, it's wings thick and long. A literal soft glow accentuates its beauty and illuminate the library.
    I stand in awe, bewildered,but before i can recover ,more flew in with even more luminous colors that reflected on these cream walls.
    This is so magical, i could not help the smile that spread my cheeks so wild they would tear.

    I am giddy again, i am the same seven year old running around without a single care in the world . I am ridiculously dancing to the melody of the exquisite magical words.

    It isn't long before i see them flying to the towards the window, i am begging ,pleading for the melody to continue. But i guess even magical Birds can talk .

    Now i remember my grandparents, how they happily danced to the melody they were humming. I realized that it was the melody from the birds, the mysterious Birds that they always exclaimed their beauty.

    They are real,and i love them.


  • journeyingwithnomakha 5w

    @miraquill @mirakee_post @mirakeeworld @writersnetwork #ink #writing #lovelivesinpoetry

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    Write my heart-out.

    When ink taints the white pages
    A storm erupts
    The floodgates burst open,
    Washing away the painting
    Of a colorful life.
    An unruly whirlwind
    Extracting the deeply ingrained fears.

    When ink meets the white pages
    Emotions buried emerge.
    Thoughts gush out like waves of an angry sea.
    Heart bleeds in anguish and furry
    And the soul wails in agony.

    When ink and the pages collide,
    Perfect is an illusion.


  • journeyingwithnomakha 5w

    @mirakeeworld @miraquill @writersnetwork
    #courage #boldness #power #imagination #no limitations

    What if we lived in a world with no limitations ,
    Where everyone believed all is possible,
    What if we already have that world ,in the pages
    Of every book,our mind runs wild like fire
    In our minds
    We jump from one rooftop to another,
    We have wings and we soar as high as we want to,
    We love unconditionally and we're loved
    We're the conquerors,
    We tread on the serpents
    We trample the vicious lions
    We overcome all obstacles.

    What if the pages became our reality.
    Maybe then we'll realize
    What we can imagine, can come to pass.

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    Dear passersby

    The pages of my book,
    Fresh and intact.
    Never once even peeked at,
    Will you do the grand honor,
    And take me with you?

    Perhaps, I am the remedy
    To your heartache,
    When all else goes wrong,
    You can dive in my pages of
    Endless possibilities.

    Together we can paint the sky poppy red
    The amber rays of the sun, celadon
    The emerald trees, cameo pink.
    Because in the canvas of this book,
    Boundaries know no existence .

    Take me with you
    But be mindful of this.
    I am not for the faint-hearted.


  • journeyingwithnomakha 6w

    Will you love me then?

    When the face that made you turn in awe shrivels.
    And the hair on my head turn a shade weaker.
    My sleek curls fall off to a mere strand of hair.
    The skin that once clung to my bones
    Hangs lose.
    The legs that once carried me to you,
    Grow feeble.
    When the same legs that moved swiftly as we waltzed through the confines of our melodic love
    Barely move.

    Will you waltz with me then?
    Will your eyes shine with the same awe?
    Will you bathe me with warm kisses that jolt sensations of joy in me?
    Will your hand still stroke me tenderly?

    Or will you turn away in repulse?,
    Repulsed by how much of an eye sore i have become .
    Will you gag and your stomach churn at my sight
    So much so that you resort to adultery.

    Will you love me then,
    When all reasons to love me fade.


  • journeyingwithnomakha 6w

    @miraquill @writersnetwork @mirakeeworld

    No matter what you do, people love who they want to love.

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    It was never...

    You said it was the hideous hair,
    I tucked it under the long inch weaves.

    You said it was the acne,
    I layered my face with heavy makeup
    I could hardly see myself .

    You said it was the size.
    I ignored the pain of my bartered body
    Begging me to stop ,but i went on.
    What is a few hundred squats to the love i so desperately craved from you?

    With every drip of sweat,
    My soul poured out
    Sombreness stretched out in the pits of my heart.

    You said it was the walk
    You said it was the clothes
    You said!, said!, said !.

    Until you pulled up with a girl
    With the most hideous untamable hair
    Body size of the whole planet
    And a walk that put the penguins in shame.

    It dawned on me,
    It wasn't the hair,
    It wasn't the body size
    I wasn't the acne,
    It was never...



  • journeyingwithnomakha 6w

    #quotewriters @mirakee_words @miraquill

    I honestly suck in captions but i hope you enjoy this piece of writing.

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    Love Beyond.

    Like a flower, I'll move in sync to the blow of your love.
    I'll flourish to the melody of your voice.
    I'll gleefully relinquish my being unto your mercy.

    And let your love override my senses.


  • journeyingwithnomakha 7w

    For the lover that i lost

    Letters to the dead wife 4

    My love,it has been a few years since you left my side to join the angels but it feels like eternity . I get the feeling that they all envy you already. I bet you outshine them with not only your beauty but selflessness ,love and confidence and not to forget your warm heart.

    Yes, the kids,oh they are so adorable ! Ican already tell they'll be turning heads and making many grovel at their feet,trust me not looking forward to that too.
    They are a bubble of energy ,running around like maniacs . Every night i read them a story and it baffles me to the interest in their eyes that gleam with curiosity and excitement . They never pass an opportunity to bomber me with infinite questions yet i am never ready.
    Each weekend i brace myself for an adventure with the kids ,they love to explore and feed their inquisitive beasts . So, we go camping in the forest, the smell of needles never gets old. We like to take our shoes off and feel the soil against our bare feet,we have lately been fond of this habit, never ceases to give us the thrill and chills that ignite the fire in our bellies .

    We discover the animals ,from the tiny bugs, the endangered and up to the deadly ones. Don't you fret my love,we know our way around them. I know it's not an ideal weekend away for seven year old girls, but they are strong enough.

    I could go all day my love but I'm afraid you will worry when you learn of all the risks we take ,well that would be so typical of you.

    There's never a dull moment with the girls ,they save me from my sombre thoughts .
    But I am reminded of a piece of an incomplete puzzle that only you can complete. My precious gem.