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  • joonie_ 23w

    Matlabi Dunia!

    Dunia sirf halat puchti hai,

    Fikar sirf Maa_baap ko hai!

  • joonie_ 23w

    No matter what, never give up.
    Keep trying��
    At the end all your sufferings will eventually come to an end!
    And life will go on.

    But, key for this is never to "QUIT"

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    Life Goes On!

    Life goes on
    Like this Again!


  • joonie_ 24w

    Don't forget, who you were and where you belong to.....
    Because that makes you what you are today!��

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    Jo log apne Mazi ko bhoola dete hai,
    Wo Aksar Waqt se Pehle hi mit jatee hai........

  • joonie_ 24w

    Honey, every candle is not your b'day candle.��
    Some are to provide you light when Darkness surrounds you.!

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    Don't blow every Candle You see,
    May be you never get a lighter to light it up again!

  • joonie_ 24w

    To all Writers!

    I wish i could understand your pain Or emotions Embedded with those strong vocabularies

  • joonie_ 24w

    A free man is he who doesn't fear to go to the end of his Thoughts.........!!

  • joonie_ 24w

    I had nights when thoughts haunted me like the thunder haunts babies!
    But i got to know You❤��
    You became the rainbow of my life��
    My nights are no longer terrible���� Listening to your soulful voices till i close my eyes to sleep��
    My Saviour��
    My bois��

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  • joonie_ 24w


    Tum bura karo Aur log tumhe Accha samjhe,
    Isse Behtar hai,
    Tum accha Karo aur log tumhe Bura samjhe!


  • joonie_ 24w


    You Are What You eat!
    eat healthy, stay healthy❤⭐

  • joonie_ 25w


    The only Time you ever Look BACK,
    Is to see How FAR You've COME!