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  • joieyin 4w

    Kindness is Life

    In the darkest moments of life, I shut down trapped in my own bubble floating away from the earth.

    Deafened by mockery I can't hear kind words. Blinded by hypocrisy I can't see sincerity.
    Muted by narcissism I can't tell myself 'be brave'.

    But I soon figured that I should treat life with kindness.

    Listen to the sound of laughter, love, humanity.
    Look at the beauty of efforts, presence, loyalty.
    Speak when necessary, think wisely.

    Instead of floating away I came back to reality. While I grow through what hurts me, I should at least live responsibly.


  • joieyin 11w

    The Thing with Feelings and A Soft Heart ❤️

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    The Thing with Feelings and A Soft Heart

    Every day I am reminded that my past was not a dream. I laughed, cried, fell down, stood up and learned to smile again. I'm clumsy I failed to avoid challenges life has thrown on me. In fact I still believe there's a reason for everything. I'm good at waiting for an answer I may not be able to get.

    I guess what hurts most when we cared too much, is refusing to move on. It is recognizing the agony of being trapped in moments yet we didn't seek to free ourselves. Laughter echoes like a whisper by the ears, there were times I almost drowned in my own tears before I could swim back into reality. I had to turn them into lullabies to get myself some sleep that's been long overdue.

    Tomorrow is another day.


  • joieyin 15w

    The Last Writing

    I've been lost in thinking
    Couldn't find the silver lining
    No inspiration to keep writing
    No motivation to keep going
    No appetite to eat anything
    What's the point of walking
    I don't know where this path is taking
    I shall stop here for the time being
    I need to do some soul searching
    Don't know if I'm ever returning
    This world
    I've been lost in thinking.


  • joieyin 20w

    Handle the Pain

    I cried once in a while
    When I turned back into time
    Watched my memories replay
    How much laughter I had
    Captured every sunset
    Our photos bright and lively
    I talked so much until recently
    Of all sudden it's quiet again
    I once said I can handle the pain
    Grit my teeth and deal with it
    Just so I could walk on
    Find rainbow after the rain
    I still cry once in a while.


  • joieyin 22w

    When I Borrowed Happiness

    It was a bright, blue Monday
    Birds chirping, cars vrooming
    Work was mundane, mood swayed
    When God sent an innocent soul
    Wrapped in tears of sadness
    I touched the hand and said "Hello"
    In a blink of an eye
    We bonded closer than all know
    My empty soul rejuvenated, happy
    Seven months passed, no less
    We parted ways to our respective lives
    Before I could fathom, I figured
    I once declared not to ask for returns
    For this blessing so surreal
    I thank God for He made me care
    Not just one but two souls
    We said goodbye
    On a beautiful, lovely Wednesday.


  • joieyin 41w

    If I Were To Write Again

    I lost my pen
    The one passionately draws
    Line of words in my heart
    I couldn't speak
    When the sentences flow
    I grow
    But I'm stuck in a page
    Confined in a cage
    I need to find the key
    Set myself free
    For one day I shall write again
    When the pen is free from pain
    It will heal until then
    My heart. The pen.


  • joieyin 43w

    When Sunset Was The Most Beautiful.

    #mirakee #writersnetwork #joieyin @mirakee @writersnetwork

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    When Sunset Was The Most Beautiful

    I saw a ray of hope
    Shining through my eyes
    I stretched out my hand
    Reaching for its warmth
    There's a person next to me
    I pray every second
    For strength to lift her spirit
    Patience to fight her battles
    Rain to shower her with love
    I planted a smile in her
    We needed both sun and rain to grow
    What is life without storms
    If we can wait to witness
    The rainbow afterwards
    I saw a ray of hope.


  • joieyin 47w

    The Rain That Says "It's Okay"

    I've always talked to the rain
    Hoping it could take away my pain
    There are times I forget
    How the rain and my palms met
    Everytime I reached out my hands
    It says, "Hold on, pain ends"
    I put my hands together
    My heart sang a little prayer
    Today the rain came to me
    As if it's coming to see
    If I'm standing strong again
    I've always talked to the rain.


  • joieyin 61w

    Pray for You

    I hope that..
    Despite all harsh words
    You have swallowed
    Pain you have endured
    Burdens you have carried
    That you will still be kind
    As long your intentions are true
    Those who speak behind
    Will never lead you
    No matter far or near
    Know that I'm always here
    Praying for you.


  • joieyin 63w

    I Forget to Love Me

    Days tough living
    I find myself doubting
    Is it worth it?
    Where do I fit?
    So much to worry
    I do not feel sorry
    For none but myself
    Self loath, what else?
    If you catch me crying
    Unsure if I'm trying
    Take me by my hands
    Or else it all ends
    It's scary just thinking
    Of days tough living.