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  • jkamil3 8w

    The rare but it's true

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    Uncensored society

    Some darker stains are not always put on, by men community but some woman add the darker stains unremovable.

  • jkamil3 8w


    Wink of pearl.
    Telling .
    Story of cry.
    From the bottom sky .
    On the upper land .

  • jkamil3 8w

    I seek refuge .

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    I seek refuge from the thought of being positive or negative in the people eyes . Because real persona counts in the abode of God .

  • jkamil3 8w

    Definition ☺️

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    Life of sacrifices verily ,till you meet the end

  • jkamil3 9w

    Immortal thoughts

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    Wet Meteor

    Let the constellations sucks the lane of my poetries .So ,when the meteor break ,the land is glittering wet.

  • jkamil3 10w

    In the Universe

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    We all humans are the mixed creation of our seven doppelgangers

  • jkamil3 14w

    Nature's love is forevers first .

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    Nature's lullaby

    Nature was numb .
    People were dumb .
    Tell me something ,that is yet not sung .
    Gush ,gush silent winds sung
    "Nature's lullaby"

    Creatures were boom .
    Surrounding was dream .
    Tell me something ,that is yet not felt .
    Slowly, slowly soothing lush winked
    "Nature's lullaby"

    Inner soul living .
    Outer body dying .
    Tell me something ,that is yet empty .
    Gusto ,Gusto nature layers opening ,To sing
    " Nature's lullaby "
    Hold my hand ,and begin your day .
    Tell me your pain ,I am your today's main .
    Cuddled up yourself ,I have millions of shadows to conceal .
    Come closer to me ,I have the heavens wind to caress your face .
    Dive into me ,I will wash away all your worries .
    Step into my world ,I have tall alpine and olive trees for your hunger .
    Look deep into me ,I have fumes of clouds to give you a fairytale .
    Sit with me ,I have blooming flower for your gloomy heart .
    Stare at me ,I have all geometrical shapes of beauty .
    Speak to me ,I have the sweetest melody to whisper in your ears .
    Pick the best in my kingdom ,I have the meticulous beauty of universe .
    Dusty flowers ,is a white sand in hand .
    Sunflower, is an insignia to your beauty .
    Trees , most handsome hunks to mingle with.
    Flickering sunlight , to brightened up your drunken eyes .
    I have the best nectar of world for you .
    Cut your throat , sip it in a one go .
    You know it's rain from cotton balls .
    Dance as your heart is free ,in the white and blue paint .
    It is nothing but nature's miracle in white drain.
    I am your today's host .
    I am your today's date .
    Stop before you go ,tell me the next date .
    We shall meet again .
    Who are you .
    I am "Nature's lullaby".

  • jkamil3 15w

    Good vibes

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    Beloved Nature

    We shall meet again

  • jkamil3 15w

    Hard to decide

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    Injustice made to the single soul ,even burdens the heart

  • jkamil3 15w

    I can see , the nature is drenched

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    Drenched nature

    Wet thoughts on the wet roads .
    Silver dreams in the crimson sunset.
    Falling poetry on the blooming faces .
    Happy souls in the curtains of shadow .
    Flickering rays makings rainbows .
    Fluffy cottons burdening the sky .
    Roaring clouds telling about coming fall.
    Fall of rain turning everything into new paint.
    Paint is all blue and white .
    I can see ,the nature is drenched