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  • jkamil3 3d


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    I am

    I am the broken presentation of my inner pain .
    I am the stolen soul of my nature's glee.
    I am the weaken body of my inner lies .
    I am the growing tree of my all disparities .
    Hoping ,I am not broken but the mended presentation of my inner pain.

  • jkamil3 3d


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    Inner loneliness

    We met in the solitude of garden but our inner solitude ended the conversation

  • jkamil3 1w

    Beautiful and real stories of struggle .

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    Crunch of justice

    Belief of achieving a dream .
    Idea of bringing a cream .
    Struggle of making a scream .
    A scream that can echo "justice ".
    Long Walks ,to the destiny of change .
    Silent talks ,to the fraternity of one goal .
    Mingled planes ,to the creativity of single plane.
    A plane that can bring "justice".
    Begun, with a morning of crispy scents .
    A scent of freedom my nostrils breathed .
    A scent of mutiny my soul absorbed .
    A scent of hope my mind restored .
    Restored ,because it wasn't a justice in day.
    But ,a war of days to seek ,a justice in day .
    What is the time ,asked my friend .
    In justice , there is no time but only the right time .
    To welcome ,the fruit of unflinching determination.
    My eyes witnessed the body drenched in sweat .
    My eyes captured the struggle of body dying in pain .
    My mind observed the vigorus of souls falling in traps of lies .
    My soul attracted the vibes of positivity in the sea of little negativity .
    What is the time ,asked my friend .
    In justice ,there is no time only the right time.
    To make ,the history of survival in hard .
    In the combat of justice ,dawns and dusks were died .
    In the search of justice ,candles in the hearts were lit .
    To see bright ,even the surrounding is dark .
    Each day ,a hope it is today .
    Each day ,a dream it is almost done .
    Each day ,an ecstasy ;it is ours .
    But among each day ,the day of justice is irreplaceable .
    It's dawn is the dawn of heaven .
    It's day is the day of strike .
    A strike that has strongly hit the tides.
    And ,now the right time is here to taste the "crunch of justice "

  • jkamil3 3w

    Deep thoughts

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    Experiences are spontaneous and learnings are planned

  • jkamil3 4w

    Best time builders

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    In the end ,we have nothing but only memories to recall .No matters ,they are sweet or bitter but they are our best time builders 'the memories'

  • jkamil3 5w

    But it is the story of everyone of us ,sooner or later .

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    Becomes a belief

    A writers story is just a narration for you .
    A writers contemplation is just a thought for you .
    A writers belief is just a suggestion for you .
    A writers message is just a words for you .
    But ,soon it becomes a belief .
    It's just not you but it's about all of us in this world .We daily read something, that is just a line of words for that moment or a story of somebody at some place .But soon those words becomes a belief .A belief of ours ,those lines that were just words ,now it hit us so hard ,as they were just written for us .The reason is that everything is just a story of someone but it soon becomes a belief of ours when we in real passes through that phase or experiences that line of words in our life .Inshort ,we understand it's not only the story of a character but it is the story of everyone of us ,sooner or later .

  • jkamil3 6w

    Traits undefinable

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    It can neither be groomed nor styled ; because it is inborn.

  • jkamil3 6w

    Selfless creature

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    Happy Mother's day

    Tell your mom that her existence teaches you; that in this world, the beginning of selfless love is from her womb .

  • jkamil3 6w

    Relation of love ,that is matchless

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    Who is he ?

    I call him some nick names ,and he call me some nick names .
    Do you know ,who is he ?
    If for the second you thought somebody else ,He is with no doubt my Dad

  • jkamil3 7w

    Yay or nay

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    Odd but one

    A pretty woman in credulity of her beauty ,and A handsome man in credulity of his looks ,don't you think makes a good pair