3rd March �� On a break....

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  • jikimi 3w

    #clerihew #wod

    Challenge accepted ♡♡

    After so long...��
    Belated happy new year lovelies...
    From now I will read you all and answer every tag... ;)

    @miraquill @writersnetwork cheers! New year greetings ��

    Thank you for the ❤ WN (56)

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    Mr. Harry James Potter
    Please don't wave your wand and
    Make me a rotter.
    The way you blasted you-know-who
    I had a sickness of obsession in you.


  • jikimi 4w

    #photograph #wod @miraquill @writersnetwork

    Hola! Late :()
    This challenge can hold so much thoughts! Amazing prompt miraquill!

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    Yes darling',

    The photograph you said was
    Half torned was not because
    You accidentally scratched it,
    It was because while I was
    Sleeping with it under my pillow
    It got wet by my tears and got


  • jikimi 4w

    #stories #wod

    Stories are just an excuse for you
    To place ourselves in place of other
    Characters from the love story ♡

    @writersnetwork @miraquill ♡♡

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    And then honey,

    The stories you read are
    Always a metaphor of my
    Heart stitched to your book.
    Whatever you read, your mind
    Flips to me and you can't
    Concentrate any more...


  • jikimi 4w

    #december (maybe not) #wod

    The thudding of oven doors,
    The click of a red button,
    The wafting smell of cooking cherries,
    And the slicing of thick slices,
    Merry Christmas folks!

    @miraquill @writersnetwork ho! Christmas greetings

    Ho! Ty for the ❤ WN (55)

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    And honey',

    I breathe warm poesies
    To make those chilly
    Nights snug, as we exquisitely
    enjoy silent communications
    In fluffy blankets and
    Coffee mugs...


  • jikimi 4w


    Can take years to earn
    And just a matter of
    Seconds to lose

  • jikimi 4w

    By unknown writer

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    I m proud of my heart,
    It's been played,
    Burned and broken,
    But somehow
    Still it works...


  • jikimi 5w

    #matter #wod @miraquill @writersnetwork
    Challenge accepted ♡
    Thanks for the ❤
    What matters is childhood,
    And not maturity that feels just as boring as poring over a physics sum... :P

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    What indeed matters in life -

    That first smile from mother after stepping out of her goose from 9 months.

    That last piece of panchatantra from nani before turning matured.

    Those sweet smiles beneath angry fights with siblings.

    That fear, lurking beneath that confident face lying to parents about studying profoundly.

    Those silent laughters hidden under confused faces in solemn situations.

    Those comic books hidden under physics and maths chapters to show you're indeed studying.

    That small gossips between classes in fear of the teacher.

    Those small packets of chips lying under desks and benches in school.

    And finally, that last bit of fun that turns into melancholy once you taste maturity, and find out it was just as boring as poring over a whole physics problem for 1 hour straight without a hint where to solve.


  • jikimi 5w

    #end #wod @miraquill @writersnetwork

    Challenge accepted ♡♡

    "Stellaes" is the latin word for stars and
    "Poète mort" is the French substitute for "dead poets"

    This is in the form of a myth about the existence of stars ◇ in the form of august dead poets...

    Thanks for the ❤

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    Stellaes : poète mort

    The sky was once azure,
    Without a tint of a star
    And when august poets
    Died and scribbled poems
    Up in the sky, constellations
    Named stars appeared. To
    Protract out of emptiness,
    Dead poets painted (stars),
    For you...


  • jikimi 5w

    #nightsky #wod

    @miraquill @writersnetwork I came back only after 3 days of leave.... now tell me, what is the name of the magnet you have attached in this app : P

    Ik this is lame :)

    Thank you for the ❤ WN (54)

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    And darling,'

    Time is too much affordable than
    We can have, yesterday I told
    It to wait few minutes before
    Sleep so that I can sit by my
    Bent knees in the moonlight
    Balcony to watch the azure sky
    Dancing with its many silver
    Spots (stars). And only after
    Five seconds of me sitting
    There, the blues shrank and
    A yellow ish glow came out
    Flabbergasting me until the
    Clock rang and I noticed it
    Was dawn...


  • jikimi 6w


    Darling, only a true lover can answer me these questions ♡

    Not a wod, nor a challenge..

    Random thoughts that I swear are #lame .

    Finally the news is here

    ****inactive till some days*******

    Overthinking and exams led me do this...

    I will be back soon...

    I might suddenly pop out someday... if it becomes too unresistable to not not meet u all ♤

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    My love,

    Are you a thief?
    Cause you unhindered stole my heart..

    Are you blood?
    Cause every drop of you survives in my veins..

    Are you oxygen?
    Cause without you, life seems impossible...

    Why aren't you a liar?
    Cause your truths about you loving me leaves me red faced...

    You love me heartedly,
    But why don't you let the words escape your mouth?

    Is that the perfume?
    Or you yourself that attracts me so much..

    Why is it?
    That I had to keep my books down even after being a bookaholic when you sight me ?

    What's that in your voice?
    That drags me after your vocal chords show up

    Why do you love me?
    What is that in me that calls you?
    Why do you only "love" me ,
    Can't we be just "friends"?

    What is love?
    To you is it just fancying an average, introverted and poetism loved girl who sticks up with books?