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  • jikimi 16h

    #lifeadvice #wod @miraquill @writersnetwork

    Challenge accepted ♡♡

    A piece of advice, to anyone who would listen ♡


    Thanks for the ❤

    Thank you WN for encouraging ❤ (48)

    Elisabet, first one you didn't like! Cheers ��I got the chance...

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    To anyone who would listen ( III )

    It doesn't matter if you're not
    Liked at your house, the place you
    Called home earlier. You have
    Another secretive world. Another
    Different world with no parents,
    And siblings and no family
    Relations. You have the world
    Of friends. The seven letter word
    That has an impact almost
    Directly at the heart. To dear younger
    Me, you didn't understand the value
    Of this seven letter word when
    You were at your late childhood.
    To you some of them were just
    Good friends, some were enemies
    And most of them were jealous.
    Well, people might be a nerd some-
    Times. But that doesn't signifies
    Their real attitude. Friend is a word
    That itself is an emotion. Specially
    Those friends at your schooldays
    Were just baskets of emotions
    Beside you. But you didn't feel it.
    You just saw competitions for
    Winning against them. I am not
    Scolding, cause we can't change
    The past. I would just like to advise
    You to learn the value of friendship
    In future. Cause friends are real
    Stones that are hard to find.

    I was watching a farewell video
    Today and tears swept my cheeks
    While those students in my phone
    Were crying and embracing each
    Other. I realised my past, and thought
    10 years I wasted in competitions.
    And forgot the emotions of friends.
    True friends when United can change
    The world and I immediately promised
    My future self to understand. Cause
    Understandment was the only thing
    I lacked.

    So, dear anyone who would listen,
    A small piece of advice to you all,
    To understand someone's true value
    Before shunting them aside. Thank you.


  • jikimi 1d

    #tailrhyme #wod @miraquill @writersnetwork

    Challenge accepted ♡

    Finally after many attempts...
    I m not good at rhyming thing...

    EC! cheers ���� (9)
    And thanks to WN for the ❤ (47)

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    Writing was my dream
    Sketching in me shined like moon beams.
    Brushed every moment in reams.
    To turn the nation into my pigmented yet unfeasible paintings..


  • jikimi 2d

    #learning #wod @miraquill @writersnetwork

    Challenge accepted ♡♡

    The one thing I don't love most, but it helps me calm down. Looking upon your completed, astounding artworks makes you soo happy, doesn't it? ♡

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    P(arts) of painting....

    At the age of 4,

    I learnt to draw trees and houses, seas and suns.
    But that was not enough to impress you.

    So, at the age of 9,

    I learnt to draw objects, still life.s, apples & bears
    But as you never had much interest in youth paintings, I dropped that too.

    So, the age of 10,

    I started shading. A considerably hard style.
    But my lack of patience and haste to impress you failed that too.

    at the age of 11,

    I tried water colour. The one that seems simple but is very tough, remember? But my own brushes ate me and left you in a confusion whether to like or dislike.
    And yet again I failed.

    at the age of 12,

    I started pencil sketches. Doing birds and eyes.
    You were (finally!!!!!) Satisfied. But I wanted to impress completely.

    now at the age of 13,

    I am learning something I have never done before. I am trying portraits. The one that is the hardest.

    And by the age of 14,

    Until I sketch your nose and lips and eyes and brows, and make those three words escape you, I will try.

    // so, darling. Just to impress you, I am progressing everything. //


  • jikimi 3d

    #end #wod @miraquill @writersnetwork

    Challenge accepted ♡♡

    We are all humans, and each of our categories are different. Some are poets, some are house wives and some are just huge baskets of emotions.
    We all shall end differently, even though we are all same

    Thank you so much WN for the kind repost �� (2) and ❤ (46)


    Thank you for the love in this series...its only the second part and I am feeling blessed <3

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    To anyone who would listen, ( II )

    A poet ends,

    Not when a quill gets damaged, but when his heart couldn't work out feelings and force them into a shiny white papyrus.

    A mother's heartbeat ends

    When her child loses hope, not when she
    Gets into deep trouble. Cause every trouble
    Of a mother ends with her looking into those
    Smiling faces of her children's.

    A trust ends

    When someone you trust becomes so
    Superior, that they're even ready to
    Pump your heart with their skeletal hands
    To join others.

    A night ends

    Not when the sun rises, but when dreams
    Yawn and midnight memories start to
    Cease off. And also when the moon gets
    Intoxicated playing with its lovers.

    A song ends

    Not when the melody stops. But when
    The depth inside it reaches a limit.
    When the song says "I love you " and
    becomes shy, it ends.

    A laugh ends

    Not when the joke is over. But when
    You can't stop forcing it and the bitterness
    Finally comes out.

    A book called life ends

    When the blood of emotions inside
    Veins overflow and stop working.


  • jikimi 4d

    #metaphor #wod @miraquill @writersnetwork

    Challenge accepted ♡♡

    Thank you for the ❤

    Not much....


    Thank you WN for the ❤ (45) and the correction ☺

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    Is that you? Stitching love together
    With metaphors and creating a
    Garland for me? Cause every love
    Is a growing Garland, the more you
    Stitch flowers of ecstasy, the more
    It gets stronger...

    The noise is music to his ears.
    With the noise as my voice,
    When he discerns any broken tones,
    His heart envisages it to be my voice
    And hums along with the tunes.


  • jikimi 1w

    #quiet #wod @miraquill @writersnetwork

    My genuine life experience...

    I know it's okay if you scroll...

    If you read once, I would really appreciate ❤

    Just started this series : #TO_ANYONE_WHO_WOULD_LISTEN...
    If you like ... I will continue...do tell me :')

    Thank you WN for the ❤ (44) I am encouraged

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    To anyone who would listen, ( I )

    Sometimes it feels like lacking of strength.
    Sometimes days off in importing love.
    When that love wasn't really a love.
    Some days I feel like writing
    Tearing my heart into a thousand
    Pieces of words.
    Sometimes I feel guilty of not doing
    Something, but still I don't do it.
    Often I try to cheer myself
    By watching the skies and birds
    But even in those blue pieces
    And beaky birds, I can find skeletons
    Shrieking for life. It's hard in times
    When you can't speak.
    There may be many reasons, a
    Million reasons for why you can't
    Speak. Because you're awkward to
    Utter that single word? Or that whole
    Composition of the sentence? Or
    Does the vocal chords sometimes don't
    Show support? It's hard to speak
    Sometimes in front of boys, or at the
    Station packed with a million passengers.
    And you are forced to convince a smile
    And press your words back.

    I remember once, from my own life
    Experience. I feared speaking a single
    Term. Either vowels or consonants.
    But I couldn't. That was when I was
    A nerd, or i felt like one.
    People asked my name, and I found
    Those words jumping at my throat
    But not at my mouth. And I couldn't
    Say anything. Sometimes they asked
    Me my standard, my school, my address
    And again I found those answers lurking
    In my lips but not loudly enough
    For them to hear. And then I beared
    Mum's thousand yells and anger throbbing.
    I tried to explain and yet again found
    The explanations lurking. They were almost
    Escaping from my lips when I shut my


  • jikimi 1w

    #quiet #wod
    Challenge accepted ♡
    For my love, I kept quiet ♡ :')

    Elisabet :() you are Lamborghini

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    And darling',
    When you couldn't understand
    My love in words, I thought to
    Keep silent when I never
    wanted to, thinking it would
    attract your attention at my
    peculiar behaviour.


  • jikimi 1w

    BREAKFAST (LUNCH,DINNER) , A STAINED GIRL? Hands the size of a barbie doll.
    Even smaller than a platter.
    Carries a large stove.
    And mixes soup with a stained hand.

    The tea over brews
    And she pays a heavy price for that.
    The rice gets overcooked
    And she gets a smack for that.
    The bacon lacks salt
    And she gets white like salt in fright
    At your devil's eyes.

    Scared, stumbling, she creates a fine
    Dish. And in lieu of praising,
    You find insecurities even in that.
    You appreciate your small son
    And frown at your small daughter-in-law.

    In her red days, when she can't cook
    You nauseate and give her leftovers
    When she cook the fresh for you.
    The saree she should have worn
    In her 20 s , you make her wear
    In teens.

    Veiling her vermilion, and staining
    Her name, she serves you day and night.
    "Let her breath freely" is a joke for you.
    As you think everyone breathes
    But not everyone inhales with
    Food menus in their lungs.

    The dolls she should have played
    You force her feed them.
    The baby she should have fed in 30s
    You make her bottle-feed in teens.

    –Stop social evils–

    Child marriage, a curse...stains...

    Thank you WN for the ❤ (43)

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    Under social bond
    Curse friends, dreams as enemy
    The lady's crown, dons she
    Purity neglect
    Saree stained, bloody teardrops
    And her broken heart


  • jikimi 1w

    #routine #wod @miraquill @writersnetwork

    Challenge accepted ♡♡

    For fun purposes ��

    Thanks for the ❤

    Sashtay nasay like sanam dii ��❤

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    Study study study
    Until the clock ticks 12
    Then left the table
    Bath bath bath
    Until the shower gets
    Sing sing sing
    Until your voice breaks
    Watch watch watch the TV
    Until mom takes those
    Devil's eyes.
    And again sleep sleep sleep
    Until dad, frustrated and
    Irritated heads to office.


  • jikimi 1w

    #journal #wod @miraquill @writersnetwork

    Challenge accepted ♡♡

    Have you read?
    Surely haven't?

    POV : BELLA, A 21 YEAR OLD..

    Writing something long after a small break

    Surely quotes se bore ho gye the?

    Was doing sastay nashay like sanam dii says ��

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    The gravest mistakes

    When I thought being matured
    Feels good and made my hands
    Red when I was 11. Now, the
    Feeling of choosing clothes
    By myself feels cursed. The
    Day when (according to my own
    Religion) everyone praised
    Me on being the shy or
    Scarlet girl. And the day
    Guests stopped buying
    Me stuffed bears.
    When I thought being
    A child is boring. And now
    I wish to be that kid who
    Pours porridge down
    All over his baby bib. While
    Now I am the one that cleans
    The fallen porridge.
    When I thought being
    In love is sweet. And
    Started loving whomever
    I saw. And now I am
    Gulping the poison of
    Behind love stories.

    THREE mistakes that shouldn't be made
    Known, but this is a journal I guess?
    The day I thought crying is
    Senseless. While now I am the
    One weeping at every word.
    The day I thought boys don't
    Cry while girls are too emotional.
    While now I am the one who's
    Holding that sobbing boy in my
    The day I wished I was pubic
    And while now I am the one
    Wishing to be reading alphabets
    With mum..

    ©bella|a matured toddler