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  • jhersky 172w

    In the beginning

    In the beginning a bitter why
    Around her neck a grief's tie
    Submerged alone in a desert
    Not knowing where it hurt
    Everywhere in her eye's range
    Was a picture of a disarray

    In the end a nodding head
    The choker was broken free
    By a fishing rod that baited her
    And dropped her by the spring
    And quenched her life's stings
    She thank God for the beginning

  • jhersky 173w


    Like a flash of lightning
    How fast you passed by
    Pulled darkness to encroach
    The daytime in watchful eyes
    Like a thunderous wrath
    Long caged and now escaped
    And burst from the mount'ns
    Even conspired with the rain
    And puked it hard enough
    Did a speck cover your eyes
    So you ravaged everywhere
    When you'd been so gentle
    And fear is not your scent
    Nor wreckage a souvenir

  • jhersky 173w

    Thank you

    Hit by a ray of beatitude
    Can't think of a word
    more grateful
    than THANK YOU.
    Simply unadorned
    But let it sink in
    Feel beyond
    Sincerely full
    Of gratefulness.

  • jhersky 173w

    @dahaliam7 @rayaan @pari_s @writingsforheart you may keep tagging I'll concentrate readinh your beautiful works sometime❤❤

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    Not be writing for a while guys..still busy and feeling tired after typhoon ravaged our place last Saturday...thank God not much casualty on our area although it's saddening to see displaced neighbors, damaged houses and infrastructures.

    In my heart I know we will recover soon..thank God for the protection and guidance and beautiful hearts helping us

    Keep writing

  • jhersky 175w

    Life is like this
    We fantasize something
    And do our best to make it reality
    In the end, when things turn out to be different
    We blame that we are indeed real humans
    with real lives living here in the real world
    Then comes the cliche...
    There is no such thing as to live happily ever after
    ...just like fairy tales.

  • jhersky 175w

    Finding peace

    Serene waters captured her profound peace
    She no longer cling to the brightest stars
    Now freed and drifting as she whispers them adieus
    With no more traces of bitterness and regrets
    As she begins to accept and understand
    That what's for her is not found above the sky
    But something she can sail thru the ocean after all.

  • jhersky 175w

    I see

    I see my country weeping
    Each person's heart is crying
    Their voices faint, remain unheard
    I see faces turned pale and drained
    Craving for delicious smelling foods
    Coming from the rich neighbor's house
    I see mothers' hearts breaking
    Offsprings growing, smoking, drinking
    I see the community grieving
    Children along the streets are starving
    People leaving, tending to other's garden
    Family and spouses left, silently weep
    I see the beauty of nature disappearing
    The next generation will never know
    Oh motherland! I pray for someone
    To dry your tears and erase your pains

  • jhersky 175w


    Even my favorite CHAIR noticed I weigh lesser
    As I recline comfortably savoring the moment
    Breathing in memories that blends with the air
    How I found an UMBRELLA that became my all
    It offered to protect me against heat and rains
    I no longer hide nor look for shield in a CORNER
    How the expectant PAPER gaped at my PEN
    Shortly confused by the change in its rhythm
    How the MIRROR believed she met an intruder
    When in fact I just flashed one contented smile
    A past not FORGOTTEN, but now stale in my mind

  • jhersky 175w


    You carry the badge of noblest profession
    Though often you don't get due appreciation
    Your mission is to educate the whole nation
    Success and development is your creation
    Indeed, your greatest compensation

  • jhersky 176w

    The bird is flying
    It rested upon the bush
    The branches vibrate