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  • jessiethoughts 148w


    Stark naked in between the grasses,
    The sharp edge of the blade was very close to the pulse,
    Dehydrated but somehow manage to get up,
    Every bone fighting to scream,
    Seeing things in twos,
    Questions like "how long has it been?" at the tip of the tongue,
    All that's evident is the eight walls or maybe four?
    Almost reaching the freezing point of ice,
    Trying to move the legs that cannot be felt,
    Nightmares like this wasn't new,
    But this one becoming real,
    Whoever invented the line "The way in is out"
    Looking up, a smile broke out,
    There's hope after all,
    Suddenly, every where heated up,
    Burning the skin,
    "Take me"

  • jessiethoughts 183w

    Some days I'm bad,
    Some days I'm good,
    Some days i look at myself in the mirror and say, nice butt!
    Another day I sit in the corner and talk about how ugly I am,
    Some days I feel I know everything,
    Other days I feel so dumb even the most easy math I cannot solve,
    Some days my guard is up,
    Others days I cry myself to sleep,
    Some days I act like an adult,
    Other days my hormones is all over the place,
    Some days I'm loud,
    Other days I'm really quiet,
    Some days everything upsets me,
    Other days my inner child lets itself out,
    Some days I dress so formal even I complement myself,
    Other days I put on something close to a sack,
    Some days I live in the moment,
    Other days I worry a lot about my tomorrow,
    And some days I'm human,
    Other days I don't know what breed I am, I'm just trying to fit in.

  • jessiethoughts 186w

    Story of us

    What happened before all of these?
    The sun shines on our very faces,
    Our quest for love was so strong,
    We were so close to finding a common ground,
    The plans were already set,
    We had so much to do together,
    We had our future in front of our eyes,
    It appeared nothing could stop us,
    We argued and fought but we put aside the qualms and focus on the happy side,
    Little things did not put us apart like it would do to many others,
    But then overthinking and what ifs put everything to question,
    Made everything we had irrelevant,
    And time tell,
    Because the next time we saw each other,
    Even 'hello' was a burden,
    All that was left were broken hearts and crushed dreams,
    Nothing worth more than a game of chance.

  • jessiethoughts 187w

    Against all odds

    I knew a man,
    I knew a poor man,
    I knew a poor old man,
    I knew a poor old man with a heart,
    A kind heart.

  • jessiethoughts 187w


    I had a privilege of chatting with a great writer; David O. Lawal, and he asked me this question "How is life?" and for a minute there, I paused and reflected. I know a lot of people who would just reply this with "Fine" This three-worded question holds more intensity and meaning than you think.

    Now the better question should have been "How do you see life?"

    Perspectively, the universe is just one giant ball but humans give it meaning. The different kind of characters, personality, trait, opinion, specie, background, destiny- is what makes it Life.

    I've come across people who think we'd actually be better if the bad doesn't exist but I beg to differ. The bad is what thrills us. It's basically what we all can't do without. They say everything happens for a reason and I say there's a reason why there's virtually the opposite of every good thing.

    I don't know if I'm making any sense but I think it's time we all wipe away the mentality that there isn't suppose to be bad things, bad people...

    What is done is done, there's bad, there's bad. And I say show me a man who's successful and I'll tell you how many times he's failed. Why is there failure? Why can't we just go right to success? Until we stop asking these questions and think about the time wasted dwelling on what we cannot change, we'll continue to live the same ol' boring life.

    Now when someone asks you "How's life?"
    Tell them "It can always get better" with a smile because Life is like a wardrobe full of clothes, the only thing we get to decide is what colour we put on.


  • jessiethoughts 187w

    Great gregotha

    Dignity is lost,
    Anxiety's shaken up,
    The fight of Leumata puts everyone at edge,
    Command was given for them to proceed,
    To take place round the castle,
    Before the move could be carried out,
    Arrows dug deep into the flesh of five,
    Strong men hide behind drums,
    Shivering at the sight of the demon,
    The phrase "don't run faster than your shadow" forgotten,
    Their tails between their legs,
    No one left I knew I had to take charge,
    Gregotha laughed out loud,
    The sound hit me like no other,
    The hair on every part of my body rose,
    Soon enough the smoke thickened the air,
    I knew one sound and I was out,
    Cautiously I moved through the space,
    Soon enough the loud pathetic rumble came through,
    Then silence,
    Till this day it's a blur how I brought the great Gregotha down,
    No not an angel,
    Just female.