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  • jennykuwanta_tots 6w

    Self love

    I should have known
    That I never loved me enough
    How then can someone else do
    How then can they see me?

    I should have known
    That I buried myself
    Beneath the ashes of my flaws
    And below the ruins from my thoughts.

    I should have known
    That all they now see is flaws
    And they gaze steadily on my sadness
    And feast their eyes on my ugliness

    But I should have known
    That these don’t define me
    And Demons dont own me
    Neither does the beast of Me

    And Now I know
    I should be loved
    I am Smart, Strong and Bold
    I am beautiful beyond measures
    I Am All I thought I wasn’t

    I should have known
    That The sun will Rise
    And The Pains Will Go
    And The beauty In Me
    Shall Be Awakened

    Now I Know
    I am Found
    Among the Ruins
    And Among The Shatters
    Like The Sun On A Debris
    After Rain..

    JennyKuwanta Tots

  • jennykuwanta_tots 6w

    I need a man

    I Need Me A Man
    One from the multiple Solitude
    A man capable of Gracing and appreciating true Beauty
    One that defies conventional standards from the society

    I need Me a Man
    Who kisses my freckles
    And disregards my Wrinkles
    Who appreciates my tone
    And finds my stretch marks Sexy
    Oh He does Exist
    A man with Mental Independence
    One who can accept My imperfections
    And make me feel whole Again
    One who’s see me as his Sun
    And the His Moon in the Dark Times.
    One with whom I can watch the stars
    And Build imaginations about the galaxies
    A Man who Will Love My Flaws
    Love My Imperfections and Love all the indexes of my Insecurities
    A Man who can Love My Naked Soul
    And Not just the size of My Breast
    Or how fleshy my Supple Bum Is
    Or By the colour of my skin
    I Need A Man that can Accept My Goofiness and find it Funny
    A Man that can Water My weaknesses and Make me strong,
    A Man with whom I can lay out all my imperfections on the table and not expect a tantrum in Return.

    I need a Man who will still love me
    After Learning I cannot lace my shoes myself
    One that kisses my forehead and runs his fingers through my hair
    One that can bring out the best version of Me.

    Does My Man Exist?
    Will You Be My Man?

    JennyKuwanta Tots