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  • jaziel_inks 72w

    You look beautiful when you wear a smile on your face.. the real one not fake!!

  • jaziel_inks 72w

    Keep moving on you deserve the best!!

  • jaziel_inks 72w


    Khwahishon ke liye ek taara toote, zaroori nhi.
    Jeene ke liye dil toote, zaroori nahi

    Aasmaan bhi sar jhukaata hai,
    Sone ke liye uthna pade, zaroori nahi

    Kalam bhi rooth jaati hai,
    Likhe ke liye aansu gire, zaroori nahi

    Ghazlein bhi thak jaati hain,
    Aage likhna pade, zaroori nahi.

    Khaalipan bhi shor machaata hai,
    Sab accha ho, aisa zaroori nahi

  • jaziel_inks 72w

    Death- An Emotion

    I was told, I am too young to know death.
    Obviously, how can you expect a child to know death when even the adults are unaware of it.
    But then, how about people, who have experienced death even before they started living?
    Look at me,Who took her first breath in the hands of people who call themselves ‘Gods of life’
    And my second breath, in the hands of people, who were barely alive.
    You forgot what is said, I was a girl,
    And girls are goddesses, but not a part of the race.
    Ofcouse, they run the world, but males, they run the race
    How about people who do not have hearts,
    But blocks of iron art, though they are designed imperfectly.
    I know a lot of people who breathe,
    But silence is what they weave.
    However it is their ill luck that they cannot wear it.
    Death is always black!
    But death is a station,
    Which is above the rack, exclusively making sure that most people cannot reach to it.
    Well, so just one question to sum it all,
    How about taking the last call?
    Just so that you can tell your parents the way youre going to be assassinated in front of nobody.

    Im a goblin,
    Residing in the heaven of darkness
    A angel,
    With the heart of a demon.
    I leave a scar wherever I go,
    But then I see they throw Stones on my body,
    And compliments on my face,
    But afterall, im a goblin,
    So I prefer to eat their flesh with grace.
    Other prefer night, but I like the day,
    I assassinate their brains in every possible way
    I don’t brush for days, nor do I believe in washing you body,
    Dude there is water crisis! Don’t ignore It my buddy.
    i smell bad, but thats what i am known for, i dont get how cleaning yourself can be being civilized

    Somehow babies are soft but not juicy,
    So I prefer adults since I am choosey.

    In the darkness of heaven
    For everybody.

  • jaziel_inks 72w

    The last monologue

    Every single breath of mine I have spent at the service of animals. I have filled the well of tears every night and have choked my silence to death. With my body tearing up into layers and my soul being cut into slices even I cannot see!
    I have been raped like a dream.
    The world does not see as humans but worse than animals!! Being ripped off every second, my soul has cried to the depth of the oceans.
    I have always tried to keep people happy, and in this happiness I forgot I had myself too.
    I have always been again the devdasi system, but then I never realised my consequences.. my consequences ruined me. I have ruined my vagina, sold my virginity, my dignity, my soul, my body!!

    So to all the ones out here, who have been auctioning their lives every day, every second, every night, assassinating their souls, and selling their breaths, don’t!!

    Just don’t, die! I would say die one day, but don’t undress your vagina for somebody and everybody every night!

    Run away, get mad! Run away and don’t see anything or say. Just leave.. you deserve this life not strew not any night. You deserve your breath, you deserve to smile. Every single one of you.
    So when somebody comes to tear of your body. Just look into their eyes and say NO! Look into their eyes and Scream it to whispers to let it reach their soul!
    Let no scar reach your soul.
    Do you see this on my face? I was but by an animal so hard that even today when my tears ripple over it, I feel myself burn!
    No! I had said! Not once not twice but that entire night! Even the walls would have deafened them selves but that animal, stopped off my body. Death too would have cried that day when I had said no..
    Even now..
    When I am taking one of my last breaths, I say that you may kill me like every night, but my soul will be there to let other remind of my words, my emotions, my tears, my unheard screams!
    I might not be here, but my words will be. We women were always and always known for our purity. But it is now, that we will be know for what we will be.

  • jaziel_inks 82w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 3 word short tale on Entire

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