That moment when everyone turns a philosopher when you are in real pain, adding fuel to fire.

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  • jaysjoy 18w

    I gazed towards the horizon
    The sky was unusually dark
    It was barely evening and yet
    The thundering clouds cracked the sky into half

    And then it happened
    I heard a voice, strangely mine
    As I turned around, it was me. It was the mirror image of me, but fitter. I couldn't believe it. I was shocked, confused and I felt everything one would feel if they saw a doppelganger that never existed.

    He said "Hey, I'm you from the parallel universe."

    I recognised him, it was me. I thought it was crazy too. He had a large arm, flat stomach, clean face, a good haircut and a wide smile. He was everything I wanted to be. I didn't know what to say, I was taken aback.

    And he said "I know what you're thinking, but I'm here only to tell you, we're the same. Just products of different choices. I worked towards the same things as you did, but I didn't give up. I didn't whine as you did, and I continued. I believed in patience, I believed in hardwork and it worked out for me."

    He said to me what I needed to hear, what I needed was to believe more in myself. He changed my life forever, and now I live everyday, in the hope of returning him the favour.

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    Parallel Jay


  • jaysjoy 19w

    My childhood wasn't all bad you know
    I remember when I was small, I had a lot of friends.
    And we had a lot of trees and plants where I lived
    And some people used to have gardens. They'd maintain it.

    Every summer, 11 o clock, me aniket and one or two other kids would go and chase butterflies in the sun. I remember the bright sun.
    We'd jump walls chasing them, we'd climb, we'd beat any bush if needed and we'd follow.
    I once caught a green coloured butterfly with black dots on it. And once a blue. Yellow butterflies were very common. We'd catch them, if possible. And we'd see them as a whole, and then release them. I found them fascinating, the colours, the wings and the sizes.

    I think that the place where I did this has my heart. Even if It's not the same. The people have changed, the place is developed, but the memory, still gravitates me towards it.

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    My summerhood

  • jaysjoy 19w

    It's uncomfortable to not have anyone to talk to even when you have nothing to say

  • jaysjoy 20w

    Eternal conflict

    It was spring when I last me you
    It was as soothing as seeing a field of sunflowers blooming with little wind
    There's a memory clock of you on me. Everytime it strikes an hour, it plays off its videos and sounds. That's what memories are.
    It's been months now, and I'd like it to stop.
    I'd like you to stop. Because I know it's enough.
    I know that, my heart is cold bloodily murdering my brain. That's what it's capable of.
    So, you'll never know this.
    But it's goodbye.

  • jaysjoy 22w

    Am I using this as my personal diary?

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    21st May, 2021

    For sometime now I've been wondering
    How do I feel what I feel?
    How have I felt love?
    How did my body feel warm, so good that I'd not want to lose them, I'd want to see them happy?
    Is it made up? Is it my body's desire of euphoria and oxytocin?
    Or am I designed to feel this way so that I can feel compatible to mate and create something more?
    Is this the trail of regeneration? A self - perpetuating cycle that can only end manually?

    Will seeing the truth make my life worthless?
    Will knowing that all that we feel is BY design make it void?
    The love, the hate, the charm, the madness that follows with each.
    How does everyone feel the same?
    What makes one different than the other? Or is it an illusion that we're different from each other?
    We are a lot more naive than we know.
    Trying to create invisible values like respect, credibility, status. We are in full control of the master of this design.
    What are they distracting us from? What truth is hidden about us in this non stop moving world?


  • jaysjoy 22w


    Existing since millions of years
    Growing with the way of nature
    Blending in with the food chain,
    Being a part of it, surviving
    To- Overpopulating the planet, dominating the
    Food chain, destroying so much of what we consume
    Learning and growing with the real corporate goons that distract us, force us in the name of society and implicate us to buy their makings while they destroy our planet through their polluting machines and controlling Psyche through AIs, leading towards oblivion.
    So busy in proving what we are to the world, are we ignoring the reality?

    We grow out to be identical to our predecessors as they pass us on the 'genes'.
    We are pre programmed.
    We have systems that work to keep is live and active. Are we still unaware? That we are a program. Are we the virus? Are we the cancer cell growing out of proportion and have we taken over the planet? Are we looking for another host to take over?
    Is this illusion of us having a "choice" a code that makes us live with ourselves?

    Because we have created our own chaos. We have set up industries, we have grown our own diseases and we are killing everyone and everything in sight.
    If choice really isn't an illusion, then we need to stop. We need to shut those unnecessary machines. We need to fight against the civil corporate goon who fools us thinking into we need them to live as a society.
    We need to stop ourselves from destroying the world.
    Tell me, is it beautiful, what the nature gives us?
    Cherish it, our next host might not be so kind.

  • jaysjoy 131w

    Gulzar Zindagi

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    Gulzar Sahab

    Kaaha jakhm khole bathe paglo,
    Ye Namak Ka sheher hai..

  • jaysjoy 132w

    When do you feel that way?

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    Sitting in the auto with 8 other construction workers
    A strong alcohol odour in the rickshaw
    I only wonder
    How similar it is to be rich and poor
    If rich, would be riding back home in a cab
    If poor, would be riding back in a rickshaw.
    When I look and think about it, this thought separates all the human made differences and
    I only feel happier about it.

  • jaysjoy 134w

    Wake up

    We need revolutionaries to free us from our self made wall of fear. We need words that hit, crack and penetrate that wall we're too afraid to break. We need to learn to ignite the fire within and roar so loud that universe will declare the revolution has begun.

  • jaysjoy 136w

    I'm glad I didn't die before I met you