Most of these are my feelings from my past and now

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  • jayhuntermaddox 8w

    I wrote this because in this world good men are losing themselves because they want to be with someone that say they want a guy like them and never get them and want to open females eyes and let them know that if there a guy that is what you want and he's your friend dont pass that up.

    #love #blind #blinded #lost #heart #heartbreak #gentleman #ladies

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    Don't be blinded

    Life goes on and things come to mind.
    Why can't a good guy win at anytime.
    Is it because we're not bad enough.
    Or is it because we're not good enough.
    We try and fight but no matter what we're still not good in y'all eyes.
    Always want a bad boy that mistreat you at anytime or say you don't want a man at all.
    But yall sit there and say.
    I want a man that is kind, loyal, and respectful.
    But why can't yall see there one right there in fount of y'all eyes.
    Waiting to be seen.
    But friends that what we are.
    But back in the 80's women knows what a true man are.
    We are a dying breed of men.
    That was once called a gentleman.
    Because guys like me see we have to be different to be with the one we want.
    But i still believe that there's someone out there for me.
    That isn't blind.

  • jayhuntermaddox 10w

    When you

    Just know when you're in need i am there.
    When you are sad remember that i care.
    When you feel alone remember that I'll be there.
    When you need someone to talk to I'm all ear.
    When you need support I will support you.
    When you have fear just know I will push that fear away.
    When you need someone to hold I'll be there with a hug waiting for you.
    When you need anything I'll do my best for you.

  • jayhuntermaddox 13w

    Medusa Spell

    I look at you and see why your name is Medusa
    For your beauty had cast a spell on me
    When I look at you i freeze
    Just wondering can she be
    The one I've been looking for
    From my dream
    I am stun
    Seeing your eyes how beautiful they are i can not look away
    And hearing your laugh make my heart ache
    When we hugs it take my breath away
    I don't know if this is real or not
    For i want you in my arms
    And I in yours
    Can't stop thinking on what we can become
    For it's truly a blessing
    When we spend time together
    I know some things will get in our way
    But that will never stop me
    For I think I'm caught in....

  • jayhuntermaddox 130w

    Keep Fighting

    We live in a world of peace
    But also live in a world of pain
    We all fight to survive
    If it for peace or for pain
    We all still fight
    For we all want to live
    And see the next light
    For it might be our last
    So don't quit fighting because your life is on the line

  • jayhuntermaddox 132w

    What we see

    We talk
    We laugh
    We stay up all night
    And talk til the sun rise
    And the moon fall
    Oh how I love to look into your eyes
    And you look in mines
    I can see what you been though your eyes
    And you can see what I went though in mines
    As I want to make you happy
    And never make you cry
    Just want to see your smile shine bright as the stars
    As the stars shine bright in the night sky
    And see your face glow with joy and happiness
    And all I want is you to be mines and I to be your

  • jayhuntermaddox 141w

    The Feeling

    I'm sit here and listen to you
    Hear about you're relationship
    And how bad it is
    Want to find someone better
    But you love him
    Which bring me to shame
    Because all these years, months, days
    I secretly have feeling for you
    Afriad to say it because you say we're friend
    Call me your brother
    Which I rather not
    I want to be more to you
    Treat you right
    And be the the one to alight your heart
    And bring warmth to your soul
    For I will never hurt you
    It will kill me if I did
    Be the one that wake up next to you
    And by the end of the day say good night
    I just wish you knew
    When we say I love you
    I don't mean it by a friendly way
    For there a hidden mean
    And that is the feeling I have toward you
    And I wish you feel the same

  • jayhuntermaddox 144w

    Can't hold it

    I hide this from others
    Because I'm afraid on what people may think
    But people want to see it
    And I'm at the point of releasing it
    The darkside of me
    That I try so hard to keep away
    But I do not care cause it here to stay
    Don't think you can play me
    I will make you regret it
    For the darkness will come out
    And put out the light
    And it's not a pretty sight
    So beware
    Because I will give pain and suffering with all of my might

  • jayhuntermaddox 144w

    Have To

    I'm here waiting
    Not knowing what to think
    Should I listen to my heart
    Or should I depart
    Depart my feelings toward you
    I really don't want to lose you
    But it feel like we're drifting apart
    So please don't take it to the heart
    For we barely talk
    So we just have to walk
    And don't look back
    For I know we made a pack
    But it have to be

  • jayhuntermaddox 144w

    I wrote this from my heart hope you all like this #love #fear #someone

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    May not be

    I sit here and think
    Trying to cinque up the pieces of the puzzle
    Linking all the words you said
    Which lead to sad thoughts
    That might add up to something that I'm afraid of
    What's that you may ask
    That might not be a question that you might not want to hear
    Which I can not bare to think of
    But it might come to be
    And that is me losing you

  • jayhuntermaddox 145w


    Fear is good
    Fear is what keeps us from giving up,
    the fear of losing ur love ones
    the fear of life and the fear of the unknown. Without a little ounce of fear we wouldn't know how to be brave.