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  • jaygee 8h

    Cheers to those who
    already made it, and a
    big encouragement to those
    who are still trying - you're
    gonna make it.

  • jaygee 12h

    Forget about
    rest in peace.
    Live in peace first.

  • jaygee 2d

    We don't have to compare
    ourselves to the sick, the lost,
    the unemployed, the homeless,
    the poor, the depressed,
    or anyone society deems "less",
    to be grateful.

    Just be.

  • jaygee 3d


    In 1979, noted astronomer Carl Sagan
    popularized the aphorism
    “extraordinary claims require
    extraordinary evidence” (ECREE).

    If you claim that you have a rat
    at home, I can easily believe that;
    no proof required. But if you say
    that you have a live leopard or tons
    of 24K solid gold, you better
    have a concrete, and verifiable

    In the corporate world, something
    similar is employed, "extraordinary
    positions require extraordinary ability
    and demonstrated performance".

    Served me well in making
    people decisions within and outside
    the corporate world. It's an excellent
    bullshit detector, too.

  • jaygee 4d

    Do not get trapped in
    "work hard, stay busy" syndrome.
    Work is the means.
    Not the end.

    Work smart.
    Stay focused.

    Success is being
    free from busyness
    and having as much time
    with the people and activities
    we truly love.

  • jaygee 4d

    No one can steal your knowledge,
    skill, wisdom, and passion.
    Let this guide you on how to invest
    your limited resources - time, focus or
    brain power, money, and emotions.

  • jaygee 5d

    The people I learned the most from,
    and inspired me to persevere
    are those that I look up to,
    not necessarily those
    I love to look at.

  • jaygee 5d

    For some surface reasons,
    some invest more resources
    on skin care and apparel
    than on brain and muscles.

  • jaygee 5d

    Expectation is
    the mother of frustration
    while inadequacy is the
    child of comparison.

  • jaygee 1w

    Expectation is the
    mother of frustration
    while comparison
    makes you feel inadequate.