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  • jaydmarvin 1d


    I really don't know why I has
    this superficial memory of things
    Which I wanted to forget
    Is still there in my mind,
    When it's come to her alone.

    I remember every special occasions of her's
    Though she forgets her's,
    But every thing is In my mind,
    Like The day I met her,
    The day I befriend her,
    The day I revealed my feelings
    in clues and indirect activities
    The day I confessed my love to her directly.

    Though she didn't understand things with me
    It's been two full moons till today,
    I tried hard to forget by getting
    Into new activities, new people,
    Tried to fall in love with other than her.

    Yet this memories
    of this mystery girl is still
    in my mind which I can't let go away.
    I guess even till my last breathe,
    These days and this girl
    would always stay in mind forever.


  • jaydmarvin 1w

    Of the 9 billions in this earth
    I'm afraid to see only one's eyes
    Everytime When I have a
    glance at those eyes, it chills down my spine.

    My heart asked to himself,
    why don't you be a
    Prisoner to those eyes,
    when they are so captive?

    Then my brain replied, no sweetheart
    You are just seeing from one-dimension.
    Here I See those eyes from another dimension
    Which you failed to see.

    It tells me that these eyes
    Never wanted to capture anyone,
    Instead kill every young men
    through those mesmerizing eyes.

    My heart replied again,-yeah
    Those eyes killed me the very moment,
    I saw for the first time.
    But It is you bringing me back alive.

    Yeah, it's my job to keep you alive;
    My brain replied with a smile.-Heart replied
    Yeah you are right,
    but didn't you fall for those eyes.?

    The brain replied,
    Yeah, I did , I haven't met any eyes like those
    But, I knew these eyes will make my system error.
    And I am escaping from it;
    And I have to admit it.
    Her eyes is the most powerful of all
    Those in 9 billions.


    @love_whispererr @fairytales_ @dishang8614

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    I haven't met any eyes like those
    But, I knew these eyes will make my system error.
    And I am escaping from it;
    And I have to admit it.
    Her eyes is the most powerful of all
    Those in 9 billions.

  • jaydmarvin 1w

    When she left me away uncared
    stabbed me at my back.
    I thought my life was over at that moment.

    Lately I came to know,
    It's not the end of my life,
    Actually, it was the start of a new life.


  • jaydmarvin 2w

                                     A Rose among thorns

    It was sad to hear our Paradise king rest in peace, The scriptures from the Bible states that,
    " How costly is the death of the saints in the sight of the Lord "
    He who works for the service God is not a saint alone, the one who establishes the kingdom of Heaven in earth is also a saint. And this death is Costly for God himself, and he will grieve, if he Is in earth , he would have made an another generation live a Kingdom's life.
    Said Reverend Doctor Xavier Arulraj, who is the lead of Shiva's funeral service.
    The entire province gathered, and weeping for Shiva, also the globally spreader networks.

    Every where, I could see boards written like,
    "We are gonna miss our Paradise king Shiva
    Shiva A Rose among thorns withered like the flowers do,
    The man who never wanted hunger in everyone's life is resting in peace as he did it", and many more to go

    Jero and Mervyn with Riya came in front of the people and asked, better not weep dear people , My Father has completed His purpose successfully, though I am gonna miss him, I am happy that my Father did achieved what he wanted in his life, If you people really do love,
    " Find the purpose of your life and make it, this is what my dad wanted you all to be, "

    We don't know , Is it possible to do things perfect like our dad did.. yet we will try and you people do have to.

    Let me say few words about my spiritual dad said Mervyn,
    The life of " A Rose among thorns, and The Lotus among the miry clay is difficult, yet they were the crowns. I don't have to say it, you people really know, How this Rose among thorns came to rise.

    Let's think about it for a while to honour him and live like him.........


    @love_whispererr @fairytales_ @no_drama @saswatbarry19

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    The life of " A Rose among thorns,
    and The Lotus among the miry clay is difficult,
    yet they were considered to be the crowns.

  • jaydmarvin 3w

    Chapter - 2
    The End of A Legend

    Oh man what a bad day it is ? The crowds in indistinct voices

    " Shiva shazhrenzi Lavelier passed away this morning "
    All the major broadcasting networks arrived within an hour,
    Anjana the senior reporter of TNN (Tamil News Network ) herself came to the hotspot to report the death of
    " the Honourable Excellency Shiva Lavelier of TN "
    Who won the elections with the majority of 98 % in every elections since 15 years.

    Riya summoned Mervyn to discuss about the funeral services to happen safe and sound, and made a call to her brother.

    "Jero where are you, how long it's gonna take to reach?
    Jero replied in another hour I'll be taking a chopper from the port!"

    The clock passed hours two, Jero arrived, with his team and Mervyn took him to the discussion room, along with the chief cabinet members and Anjana, they decided keep his corpse at the Justice House near the Santhome shrine for the public and the TNN took the rights to telecast the funeral.

    As soon as the news hit the TVs and The social networks
    People around various places mourn so deeply, and started tweeting,
    " our Paradise has Lost the most Precious Soul that made the impossible to possible "

    Alas, Now we lost our Honourable Sir and who's gonna set things right like he did ?
    Is it possible for our Paradise to be the same like it was in Him ?
    Well, we don't think so, the ideas that he had , that he executed perfectly without any flaws in every departments may be the superiors or the subordinates ! Since 15 years when a common young man tried that he can bring a change and which he did perfect.

    " It's way too hard to hear that Our Paradise king is no more!"

    To be continued...

    ©Jay D Marvin

    @love_whispererr @fairytales_ @sumana_chakraborty @no_drama @nehahemaraj

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    Chapter -2
    The End Of A Legend

    " It's way too hard to hear that Our Paradise king is no more!"

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  • jaydmarvin 3w

    #writersnetwork #pod

    @love_whispererr @fairytales_ @no_drama @jeelpatel @sumana_chakraborty

    Hey dear friends I am back with an another Story series after two years!
    This time The Genre changed ... Kindly do give a read ! I am sure this story might give you thrills and chills,

    Not named this story series.. I am gonna reveal the title few chapters later or may be u can decide on your own as well !

    Here I quit with a meloncholic suspense. Next episode comes soon!

    Not much of a writer, just expressing the story I had in my mind..

    Hope you guyzz love it....

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    The Day I never Love.

          It was a rainy morning, quarter after six still the snoozed alarm was ringing : dated 29th of January 2329; Riya Shazhrenzi rushed the door, and shut the alarm and poked her father.
                             "Dad your time's up wake-up ,
                               But there was no response.
    she was continuously trying to wake her father, her adrenaline rushed, being nervous , with tears in her eyes , asking her Dad to Wake-up with a melancholy tone. Alas, She came to know His Soul left his body.
                         Bursted with tears, she called Ma! Dad left me forever. Poor wife Darlene, the British lady, couldn't resist her Husband's loss, fell unconscious laid on the floor, yet tears rolled out her eyes.

        Though Riya was not feeling good, she was quite strong to make a call to her brother Jeremy Lavelier,
                            "Hey Jero, stay strong, this morning dad passed
                             away leaving us alone, mom is unconscious, try to arrive ASAP."

    Right after the moment, Jero flew from the Heathrow Airport to the MAA airport in Chennai. Jero's mind had many questions , how could he die so soon. And many more.

         The clock ticked fast , the news started spreading to the neighbours and their staffs, Mervyn Madesh Who is gonna be her husband sooner or later, came running faster towards Riya, embraced her, and wiped her tears, called the Doc to medicate her mom.

    The Docs arrived, treated her and Darlene woke up, had no tears, but didn't let any words come out of her lips. Mervyn took his phone and called his manager, our founder has passed away three hours ago , make the arrangements for the funeral, and announce it to the Media and social networks that,

                     "Shiva shazhrenzi Lavelier Passed away this Dawn."

  • jaydmarvin 3w

    Before you fall for me
    You must be ready to love
    when you see the deepest depths of my heart.

    Coz this soul has got many bruises
    from rejections, betrayals, wounds, failures
    of His innocence.

    If you wish to love me for the 10 mm plywood
    which I covered over my soul
    I'am sorry girl you fallen in love
    with the single percentage of me.

    Trust me you've got to know more about this guy,
    by breaking his plywood to reveal his soul,
    to heal those bruises and love forever.

    Instead if you love this covered soul
    I'm sure one day it will be broken and
    I am afraid you'll hate it to the core.

    Say no to love darling
    I ain't your sure thing,
    But I'm Just a terribly wounded being
    waiting for a divine healing.


  • jaydmarvin 3w

    Just another UNSTABLE LOVE

    I woke up pretty earlier this morning
    my momma gave me cup of coffee before on my way to my office.
    It's a five minutes walk from my home,
    and I use to go on foot everyday
    As I love the natural beauty on the way

    On my way to my office, I felt like I was being tailed by someone
    Turned back many times and found none.
    With a little doubt on my head
    I was just rushing to my office , Suddenly
    a hand stopped me callin me J with the strange voice.

    I had a look, it was a beautiful young lady
    With a South Texas accent, Hey J
    it's me Jenny your facegram follower
    I was shell schoked to see this young lady who travelled way too long
    from Michigan to Mumbai to meet this solitude freak.

    She called me for a coffee which I couldn't deny-Then
    she started sharing about her neuro studies and
    how she got impressed over me!
    It was quite breathtaking for a guy like me who waited
    so long to share a coffee with a soulmate one day-and
    Eventually this happened today.

    I was about to reject her proposal and I did
    She asked me for a valid reason,
    I just replied, see YOU and I are from different worlds.
    Our preferences are different, both ecologically and theologically
    That either one of us to sacrifice one's desire!
    Unfortunately I'm not a sacrificing kinda person.

    All of a Sudden, she just gave a handshake
    With a little embrace, it's good meeting You J
    Thanks for spending a little time with me-and
    She left like we were never met before,
    I was just thinking what really happened,
    and confronted myself sayin J its just
    an another UNSTABLE LOVE and a bad day.


  • jaydmarvin 3w

    Her eyes are powerful enough to get lost
    for the entire men in this earth!
    Not only her eyes,
    The dimples on her cheeks buries alive.

    The best fashion designers are in a await
    In the presence of the Heaven's kingdom
    to get a boon from the One
    Who dresses the entire flowers of the earth
    To design a costume that best suits her
    As she dresses the best like the Royal highness.

    I thought she's a woman who blushes
    When people cherishes,
    Yet I came to know that
    She feeds her livelihood from the dawn
    And serves the world to communicate
    with her Matrix brains.

    When the entire earth loses towards her,
    Here i am with a big question tag in heart
    Would I win her?.

    @Jay D Marvin

    @love_whispererr @fairytales_ @sabaridevi @geethalakshmi @no_drama

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    அவளின் இருவிழிகள் மட்டுமே போதும்
    இப்புவின் ஆண்மக்கள் அவளிடம் தொலைந்து போக,
    ஆயினும் அவளது விழிகள் மட்டுமல்லாது,
    கன்னங்கள் ஓரம் விழும் குழிகளும்,
    காண்போர் யாவரையும் உயிரோடு புதைத்துவிடுகிறது!

    அவள் உடுத்தும் உடைகளை கண்டு
    கைதேர்ந்த நேசவர்களும்,
    பூக்களை உடுதுவிக்கும்
    இறைவனிடம் தவமிருந்து
    வரம் கேட்டு
    அவளுக்காகவே விலையுயர்ந்த,
    ரத்தினங்கள் பதித்து, சித்திரம் தீர்த்து,
    அவளிடம் பரிசளிக்க, காலகாலமாக
    காத்துகிடப்பார் போல தெரிகிறது.

    இவள் ஒரு நளினம் மட்டும் நிறைந்த மங்கை என நினைத்தேன்,
    ஆனால் விடியர் எழுந்து,
    உறவிற்கு உயிரூட்டும் தாயென்றும்,
    உலகிற்கு தொழில்நுட்பத்தில் உதவும் கரம் என்றும்,
    பின்னர் கண்டு கொண்டேன்.!

    உலகமே அவளிடம் தொற்றுபோக
    காத்திருக்கிறது ..!
    நான் மட்டும் வெல்வெனோ ?
    என்ற கேள்விகளுடன் ஒரு கலைஞன்..!