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  • jaya_chaudhary 148w


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    You are my morning tea
    I can hate you soo much and everyday

  • jaya_chaudhary 148w

    Back bench

    The memories of hooting
    Where lunch felt like nectar
    Laughing together at the dictator
    The bell rings near
    Rushing to see through window clear..
    The romance of empty lane
    The sonorous voice of flowing drain
    The best location of my brain ❤
    Where it stores my seat which I can't refrain

  • jaya_chaudhary 148w

    It's gonna be a little aggressive


    All the angels ,

    Look you are beautiful ..... You have patience ... You have art in you .. You have glory .... You have mystic creativities ❤
    Now tell me one thing what the Fucking hell should I do out of it
    Let me aptly say what I mean... You convertiate You engross
    You are being flirted and then you enjoy equally Later when it comes to proposal ... You create numerous drama

    1.Look if you can't pay heed Dont serve weed ....
    2.If you have so much issues if a boy leaves first start respecting your self
    3.Giving yourself time to think
    4.Don't just say yes for the sake of getting a boyfriend...
    5. Respect your relationship
    6. Don't just prove your supretentious

    Aur ladki ho ...
    Koi chodh ke chla jaye toh bura lgta h... Toh Phele kdr krna seekho... Srf Roo ke sympathy seeker n bne

    With hatred,

  • jaya_chaudhary 148w

    Life is like a traffic jam ..
    Ironically with no vehicle but too much horns

  • jaya_chaudhary 149w

    The lady

    That curve through the sky
    Other is completed by your smile.....

    It gives me the pleasure
    That captain Cook got by reaching Amsterdam Ile...

    The ups and downs are turning to tides... ⚡
    Those vibrant colors and positive vibes..

    In both merry and hard times❤
    When I am trapped in the cunning minds...

    That hearteous support when I feel shy...
    Or the case may be when I cry...

    Day by day the conditions are horrifying
    But your presence overcast those cursing

    Be the angel for me and millions ahead
    Waiting to shine among the waste

  • jaya_chaudhary 149w

    I learnt contentment ��Peace ��Honesty ��Truth ��Care ❤ Concern ��High aims �� lovely dreams �� true devotion all because of my Dad ��


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    You were my first circle of arm...
    Before my mother, I got your palm
    Those healing hands that made me walk ✋
    Those gleaming eyes that heard my talks
    The reason was you when I was stalked
    As I went smiling,
    And with not those falling tears..
    You told me a lot and removed my fears
    From teaching honesty...
    To tackle my destiny...
    How I should I drive both...
    My foot in life..
    And bicycle on road...
    You taught me right
    And made me bold
    I gained a curiosity
    And wished from my almighty
    Don't get me to those rich collars ❤
    Or to anyone who is musky and rowdy
    Just get me my same 'Daddy '
    If he is poor of if he is a fatty..
    Bcoz this soul..
    Has played the most important role
    In making me the one
    Others wish to be
    I am glad of it as the world see..
    A GIRL too much loved
    And pampered yet
    Though she is young enough
    To be left
    But still he, ignores that words and said, "I love my daughter and she is the best ".


  • jaya_chaudhary 149w

    Let me give it a try

    It is the morning breeze that blow..
    As the curtains draw...
    It is the shift in the day ..
    That eyes look in a way...
    It is not the answer of each calls
    But talking from behind walls
    It is not showers confined in room
    It is in that falling rain.. ☔
    With muds perfume ⚡
    It is not in your truths u tell ⛄
    But telling your lie that you hide in yourself...

    In short it is not forever happiness
    But not leaving hands at the time of stress

  • jaya_chaudhary 149w

    Look forward to what you see and what actually happenning ��

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    Truth v/s foreplay

    Love the way you feel to be...
    Live the way you love to be

    World is now of rumours not of romance
    It is now of show off
    No real circumstance

    Hatred is now prime..
    Love is no more divine...

    Fake mess has overcasted reality
    Thoughts are narrowed by technology....

    So don't look good.. No worries ✌
    But surely live true...
    Even at times of hurries

    Hope I convey a true message
    Bcoz memes are sufficient to convey wastage!!!


  • jaya_chaudhary 149w

    @snehadubey @the_dark_flames @_mann_j @mirakee @akashgupta_
    It is the journey of a girl who is not yet born .... Just began to feel and love the world when ������

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    Why am I a still born child?

    My almighty sent me
    So that I can foresee...
    The palace where I will live
    Or the home where I'll be born

    I first reached to a clumsy bookworm
    He said be soon you are my lucky charm....

    I felt happiness swirled my palm
    As I went into the farm ....(poultry)
    The lady there said..
    Baby I will knit sweaters for you
    With colourful yarn...

    I asked the farmer "What am I?"
    You are your brothers collar's tie..
    You are a merry song of sigh...
    You are that pearl of ocean..
    Not yet born ...
    Right now a minion....

    I crossed the blossoms
    And went to a height..
    Where I saw a girl too bright....
    She called me a manifestation
    Of almighty..
    She asked me to come soon
    As for her I was a boon...

    Then I went to the ocean
    To swim..
    I found a pearl..
    She called me her twin...

    I reached to a place where I met a soul...
    She was a smiling face
    doctor as everybody call...
    She pressed my mother's belly in line
    And I saw a reflection of mine...

    "The girl child " she said...
    "Abort her " she heard..
    I saw that rain of tears upon my cage...
    He said, " giving birth to her.. Is a wastage "
    And later he signed a page..
    And then a bright light
    Entered my eyes..
    That was my last night..

    I went to my almighty again..
    And wept like filling drain
    Just asked him the reason
    That he hide
    The reason..
    Why am I a still born child

  • jaya_chaudhary 149w

    #dumb_void @mirakee @snehadubey @the_dark_flames @_mann_j @akashgupta_
    Take care girls ... Ultimately we are wrong ����������

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    They cease the freedom
    That's our society's wisdom
    They stay free..
    Although the girls pay equal fee.
    Girls must reach before dusk
    Else it will be there fault if they get stuck ...
    It's not us who serve them weed
    It's there lust that needs the feed..

    It's not mine wardrobe issue..
    I say to them who state it after ensue...
    It's not the way I looked
    Bcoz that little fearless was also Hooked..

    So don't just worry of my participation...
    Focus on there deeds..
    Take them into consideration...
    First keep out that weeds..... ❤

    Don't just predict the faults...
    Work on them
    And improve the haunts...