Defeated but not dead

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  • jaspreetkd 12w

    आज फिर एक ज़ख्म कुरेदने जा रही हूं,
    आज अरसे बाद किसी का सामना करने जा रही हूं।

  • jaspreetkd 12w

    The journey of truth and righteousness may be full of thorns and pain
    But the result of the toil is full of happiness and blissful gain...

  • jaspreetkd 13w

    I'd rather choose to be the worst person ever
    And find the ruthless, attrocious and indifferent behaviour of the world more comforting...
    Than, be nice and happy and let them pierce my soul and bleed my being to death...

  • jaspreetkd 14w

    Not all Valentine's Days are for lovers to meet and say a romantic hi
    For some this day begins with seeing your heart off on a train with a teary good bye ..

  • jaspreetkd 15w

    तुम चले तो जाते हो हर बार छुट्टी से वापिस
    ये कह कर के अगली बार जल्दी लौटूंगा।

    इंतज़ार लंबा होता है और तन्हाई के लम्हे ज्यादा
    ये अलग रहने का ख्याल भी लगता है बड़ा भयानक इरादा।

    जाने से दो दिन पहले से तुम्हारे बक्सों को एक के ऊपर एक लगे देखना दिल के टुकड़े कर देता है हर बार
    जाने कब साथ होगा दोबारा, कब खत्म होगा जुदाई का ये व्यापार।

    जानती हु करते हो तुम देश की सेवा, इस पर गर्व है मुझे
    पर इस दिल के अरमानों का क्या करू जो रहते हैं हमेशा उलझे।

    ये भी जानती हूं के जाना होगा तुम्हे ,रोकने से रुकोगे नहीं
    पर इन आंसुओं क्या करू जो रुकते नहीं।

    हर बार दिल को समझते समझते अब अक गई हूं
    यूं किश्तों में जीते जीते अब थक गई हूं।

  • jaspreetkd 16w

    आज बड़ी आसानी से जताया उसने जो किया मेरे लिए
    इतने सालों की जान पहचान का उसे एक बार ख्याल न आया।
    दस्तूर ए इंसानियत निभाने निकले थे हम ज़माने में
    अपना किया तो बखूबी याद था उसे, मेरा किया एक बार भी याद न आया।

  • jaspreetkd 17w

    I thought the only thing that could steal my heart were those oceanic hazel eyes on your face...
    Till I got locked in your most comforting embrace...

  • jaspreetkd 17w

    How i understand the world
    It intrigues me and fascinates my mind
    To see people so spineless and dumb
    Who have no courage to speak on the face only blabber behind...

    They will talk about justice and righteousness
    Hollow they are from within
    They will silence the one who is suffering
    Promise them that they would be no more a victim

    But all they do is harass the sufferer
    Hide their ugly ruthless faces behind masks of fake niceness and useless rule books which they never abide...
    Rott him through the journey of truth
    And then eventually drain him to death and say oh! Justice was never denied

  • jaspreetkd 24w

    When you have witnessed enough drama to such an extent
    Where deepest, darkest lies are spoken about you without hesitation, causing your mental health an irreparable dent...

    The best one could do is, cut such toxic ties and make such relations end
    All of them are anyways, no wellwishers, they are only vultures disguised as relatives and friends..

  • jaspreetkd 25w

    How many of you feel that having influential relatives or friends is a bliss and its alright to take help from them to ease out certain processes or tackle certain stuck issues in life, or one should only follow rules ,help oneself and no shortcuts... Honest opinion please??