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  • jasleen2004 4w

    When I will meet you

    Will see ice creams flying in the sky,
    My heart ready to burst with content,
    Every cell of body will come to life,
    Boundaries of imagination and reality will be crossed.

  • jasleen2004 4w


    Spindly heart down in the hell,
    torpedo of ponderous spirit,
    trepidation of losing benevolence warmth,
    Tranquility buried deep in sarcophagus.

  • jasleen2004 4w

    Loss of Life

    Dawning Death,
    Declining disease,
    Devoid demosrative,
    Dearest darling desmise,
    Distress, despair desperation.

  • jasleen2004 4w


    Tranquil roses caught fire,
    When ardent heart burned in desire.


  • jasleen2004 4w

    Innocence lost
    In the curiosity of adolescence,

    Guileless smile lost
    In the cunning smirk,

    Unsophisticated laugh lost
    In the wordly chuckle,

    candid tears lost
    In the merry face mask,

    Tranquil life lost,
    In the bustle of money

    All this happened,
    When nonchalant jasleen got lost,
    In the cautious one's

  • jasleen2004 5w

    Please read don't scroll.
    I would love to improve it, please give me some suggestions as i can't get a proper example of a things to do list poem.

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    My things to do list

    Drag myself off the bed
    ​Getting my teeth cleansed
    ​Take some bread
    ​Day dream while munching
    ​Plan the borning lessons of my textbooks to be covered
    ​Gather the books arround me
    ​Setting goals too high
    ​Completing 10% of them
    ​Taking a long TV break
    ​Getting back to work
    ​Drift off to sleep
    Again carry on the same

  • jasleen2004 5w

    Words, similar to Bullets,
    Fired gingerly, hurt or protect others emotions or lives
    Can't taken back

  • jasleen2004 5w

    Smog Filled,
    Makes me suffocated.

    By you,
    Limits my ambition,

    Purest pearl,
    Brings unknowing pain.

    Warm heart,
    Value my worth.

    Imagery lines,
    Can't break any.

    For God,
    Pleasure my heart.

  • jasleen2004 7w

    Let's move to the place,
    Where clear blue skies are not sold to smog,
    Lets move to the place,
    Where the sun still shines the most not the skyscrapers,
    Let's move to a place,
    Where green lands are not sold to industrialists,
    Let's move to a place,
    Where meadows are still have sparrows,
    Let's move to a place,
    Where night sky still wraps itself with the blanket of millions of stars,
    Let's move to a place,
    Where hearts are not concrete,
    Let's move to the place,
    Where people have not sold their courtesy And values to hypocrisy,
    Let's move to countryside

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  • jasleen2004 7w

    Opened the family album,
    And i found the one,
    A pic of me and my cousins with our grandfather,
    Enjoying the sunset in front yard,
    Under the banyan tree,
    With naked feets on the grass.

    The sun still rises with arrogance ,
    It still sets,
    Banyan tree still standing there proudly,
    Grass is still there.

    But now
    our smile is not innocent anymore,
    Filled with hidden conspiracy,
    Now our feet have grown,
    Turned rough with labour.

    And our grandfather is no more,
    He left us without hope,
    Nobody is there to be our backbone.
    It has become a black hole in our hearts,
    Nothing can fill the void again.