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  • jarv1000 168w

    Lil Ol Me

    I wanna Netindo 64 on life, you know take the cartridge out give it blow and stick it on in.
    That might of went over ya head like dew-rag or a scarf at night. You ever rather stare out of the window then the same old fight.
    Ever looked in the mirror like you are not alright. Then kiss you kids on the forehead on the way out door to another 12hr night.
    Damn.. That when it really gets steep like a pilot landing a flight.

    Random thoughts..

  • jarv1000 170w


    I nd someone I can vent to, hopefully
    this new app a do. Hopefully she never reads this, maybe "She" will see this and preform CPR, just to bring me back to life....


  • jarv1000 170w

    By unknown writer

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    The super hero's never win,
    while the bad guys rule the world