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  • jarraley 5w

    A most beautiful echo
    "I love you too"

    ♡ Josie A Kerr

  • jarraley 5w

    Till every tomorrow fades into rising nightfall
    I will continue to believe in love's existence

    ♡ Josie A Kerr

  • jarraley 7w

    ~ i will ~

    I will share with you my brokenness
    Poignant as her fledgling dawn
    Faith comes softly fragrant perched once upon an early jasmine bloom
    Engaged intimately to a timeless paradox
    Dreams swirl and stir a tawdry sullied broth
    Ripples free, bleed unpretentious
    Vibrant cyphers, cryptic solace
    Night and day poise resplendent
    swaying, slow dancing, gently hers
    Delve both hues ebony and black, exotic whites come tangerine
    Days sequential a jester's crown, dealing aces through knave till king
    each their other muted to an evocative mandala of handsome greys
    Stepping fearless her tearful heel, loyalty steadfast
    every step found resolute, forged in stone
    Sweetly sung her promises, caught amongst the lyrical whimsy of darling chimes
    Her cache of windswept pretty poetries, to and fro, unequivocally a lover's tryst
    Her swiftly gentle reverie shyly musing time's quaint lullaby
    Regaling tales kind hither fine songster, minstrel and musician brandishing beautiful thine jangling tambourine
    With a magician's flurry of sprightly colours and a talisman of sterling stars
    Her longtime journaled prose and lyrics carefully scrolled and gently twined
    Cast devotion they transcend a trove of untold revelations
    Stashed away somewhat forlorn betwixt nectar, brambles, tall heather and heath
    Heartened beats gracefully harmonize every foregone truthfulness, art thee ploughed from grit and hallowed earth
    With mettle sound, once encrypted, wielding mortar and marble pestle she bows to bended knees
    Clasped hands murmur but a single prayer left solemnly bequeathed
    Breath billowing in a summer's rage
    Waning tempest caught by a wisp of silken sheath
    Spun fragments, wistful chords, veriegated Autumn trill
    Melodic memories slightly singed her fraught benevolence
    Apologetic swilling streams yielding fractured sorrow
    Ivy thoughts meander back and forth, flute and fiddle waltz together vowed silence
    Fanciful she fondly paints patterned scars deeply etched beneath bare skin
    Indelible these count to seven, her seven stars, her seven tattooed sisters
    A fragile sigh survives pondering the fluent whisper of a wayward vagabond
    Hushed melodies and crescent lies drifting, stretching boundless constellations
    falling soft to frequent crayoned conversation
    Tomorrow wakes gilded exquisitely between her tender edges
    Elusively besotted, charmed by the night, captured soulful, bewitched, enchanted amid an artist's splendour
    With wings outstretched, unclipped, ornate
    Splayed here prettily for her halo lays
    Tips bleeding genteel tears of amethyst
    Brimming, glistening, shimmering an untamed avalanche
    Stillness adrift amidst unruly clatter
    Melodious tides scooped up and held with quiet breath
    Empaths stargaze night's opulence her opened box brimming trinkets, studded light witn threaded beads of topaz and gems of crystal
    Hearts eclipse both mystic moons
    Stardust rapturous in a snow globe storm doth the elegance of paper hearts persist
    Beneath quiet eyes of peridot, skipping stones and pirouettes
    Shades of authenticity rest on the rolling cusp of rising tides
    Petals orchid black bend lowly from a willow's crook
    Dance they may
    and dance they might
    dance with her in the twirling night
    A fallen penny sworn to peace cometh the unobtrusive humility of an organza sea
    Lost in folded ribbons beg aubergine, blind quietude be her calling, her eventual endless dark

    ♡ Josie A Kerr

  • jarraley 21w

    It is I will stay just a little longer
    My cheek against your chest
    I'll be braver with the sun rise

    ♡ Josie

  • jarraley 23w

    I dance between the tearful rain
    So no one sees my sorrow
    Falling down like scintillating stars

    ♡ Josie

  • jarraley 24w

    Being brave
    Breathing deeply
    Just trying to keep all her balls in the air

    ♡ Josie

  • jarraley 24w

    Every tear holds true
    a precious blessing within itself
    A rainbow kissed by the warmth of the sun

    ♡ Josie

  • jarraley 24w

    Brave are those
    Whose pretty tears
    Glisten in the sunlight

    ♢ Josie

  • jarraley 24w

    Kiss me under skies of torrid grey
    Divulging splatterings of drizzling rain
    Your lips all I crave

    ♡ Josie

  • jarraley 27w

    Deciduous limbs left forlorn
    Her boughs stark against the blue
    Tears wept for leaves here softly fallen
    Gone with grace far too soon
    Sleeping now without a breath
    An empty canvas she'll paint anew
    Calling for the warmth of Spring
    With her solemn vow crossed and promised
    Holding close a little longer
    Before she sees you dance and fall

    Love Josie