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  • janaranjani_vezhavendan 7w

    Red Flags ��

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    Red Flags

    Red flags exist not only in romantic relationships but also in every other relationship you have in your life. The trick lies in not ignoring them but acknowledging them. And it does not mean that by confronting them, you have to sever ties with the person concerned completely, which might be the only solution in some really worst case scenarios. But it really helps you to seek and claim clarity. And above everything, it big time helps you set healthy and necessary boundaries. Seeing red flags everywhere? so what are you going to do about them?

    ~©Janaranjani Vezhavendan

  • janaranjani_vezhavendan 8w

    ∆ A Dance With Death ∆

    Part II

    I kept smiling, enjoying every step I take with her as we swirled and spun around my bed and the barks of the trees. "Your hands are freezing cold but your presence gives me all the warmth of the sun. I feel happy, even my pain in my throbbing heart is numb. Are you going to take me with you?" Asked I. "Do you want to come with me darling?" said she. Reading my blank mind she giggled, bent over and whispered in my right ear, "It is not time yet, Love!". "Yet for what?" I interrogated curiously. "You do not recognise me, you did not expect me and above everything, you my dear, are not afraid of me!" she spoke in her vivid yet delicate voice. "Am I supposed to be afraid of you?" I wondered while she gently pushed me unexpectedly back to my bed. "This might be our very first dance together but may not be our last. I would love to meet you again, would love to dance with you again, when it is time, when you recognise me, when you wait for me, expecting my arrival, when you feel the fear within yet be happy and liberated. Farewell till then darling" she spoke as she slowly began to disappear from my vision or am I closing my eyes, falling asleep? I woke up, still in my bed but in my room.

    The End. Or is it really?

    -- ©Janaranjani Vezhavendan

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    A Dance With Death

    Part - II

    ©Janaranjani Vezhavendan

  • janaranjani_vezhavendan 10w

    ∆ A Dance With Death ∆
    Part I

    A slender streak of glacial wintry wind carressed my left foot beneath the blanket. I woke up to find myself in my bed in the middle of a forest. It was dusky all around almost turning dark. An isle of huge willow trees surrounded my bed with a few Ravens on their branches. They kept staring at me silently. I tried to sit up but could not move an inch. I was breathing heavily and could hear my heart throbbing. Suddenly it was all misty and the Ravens were all looking towards the isle in front of me, as if they were waiting for the arrival of someone important. And there she came, a tall, slender woman wearing pitch black cloak carrying a dim lantern in her left hand. "Greetings dear" said she with her intoxicating smile walking towards me. I could not look into her eyes as her cloak veiled her face till her nose. She got closer to my bedside and bent over almost kissing my forehead. But she backed off swiftly. I blinked my eyes, blank. Gently she took hold of my left hand with her icy cold right hand and suddenly pulled me out of my bed. I stood on the wet grassland barefoot. She smiled again, hung her lantern in one of the branches of the nearest willow tree. It's then that I heard a meloncholic symphony through the mist and she started spinning me slowly. We were dancing, our steps pulsating to the rhythm and the meloncholic symphony felt like a soothing lullaby.

    -- ©Janaranjani Vezhavendan
    (To be continued in part II)

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    A Dance With Death

    Part - I

    ©Janaranjani Vezhavendan

  • janaranjani_vezhavendan 12w

    The Sunflower

    Far off in a vast wide field, there stood a tall Sunflower, so poise in her elegant bright yellow petals and deep sap green sepals. Basking in her morning glory, she stood happily in her habitat.

    There came a huge Cloud flying. He stopped on top of her saying, "I am mesmerized by your beauty and I swear to protect you!" But something didn't feel right. "Oh how I wish you could come to me!" exclaimed he in a frown. "But I don't think it's possible dear Cloud!" said the Sunflower. And he just stayed right there weeping and frowning and making her guilty at times. But then two of her petals withered away. The desperate Cloud flew away from her eventually.

    Then came the Wind tossing and twirling her up. Said he loves to have her love him always, more than anything. She swayed along with him in gay but then realized he was nowhere near whenever she wanted him. She withered two more of her petals away.

    Then came a Bee so sharp, so bright with his vicious smile. He kept buzzing and dancing around her, until if only she would let him near her. She was blinded by his beauty and swiftness yet she hesitated. He didn't seem to give up for a while but then he was gone in a jiffy.

    This time she didn't let few more of her petals wither away. Instead she had a revelation. A huge revelation that it hit her hard. She was sad. Sad for being sad unnecessarily. She was mad. Mad for letting herself put up with all the agony caused by the distractions she never wanted in the first place.

    But now she was clear as it occurred to her that the frowny Cloud was just a thick headed idiot and the Wind was a mere attention seeker. And as for the bee, well he was just luring over her bright colours and her sweet nectar.

    Gaining the clarity she needed, she now decided to face towards the sun which shone bright upon her. It is now that she realized her fellow sunflowers were already beside her looking up at the sun happily along with her.

    The End.

    - ©Janaranjani Vezhavendan

    P.S. All the characters in the story are gender neutral. Feel free to resonate in your own sweet ways :)

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    The Sunflower

    -©Janaranjani Vezhavendan

  • janaranjani_vezhavendan 13w

    Hidden Love ✒️��

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    Hidden Love

    utmost pretence.
    For others,
    you are happy
    without reasons.


  • janaranjani_vezhavendan 14w

    You don't know where you are. It's too dark all around you. You are alone. And suddenly it becomes too cold sending you chills down your spine. That is when you realize you are not alone. You turn around to see that dark entity coming for you from afar. You run, you fall, you crawl as fast as you can. But the entity keeps getting closer and closer and closer. And you seem to not move at all. Now you see people around you, not noticinng you struggling. Not even aware of the fact that you are being chased by that deep dark entity. You don't understand why you keep running yet not move a bit from your place. And when the dark creep almost touched you, you scream!


    This could be one of your worst nightmares. This could be your current circumstances where you are stuck and everyone else is moving forward. That dark entity could be someone. Someone toxic. Someone whose presence threatens you. Or it could even be your shadow self, coming after you, trying to tell you something, wanting to make you listen to it, acknowledge it. Or like I said, it could just be one of your worst nightmares. A nightmare that wakes you up abruptly gasping for breath.
    But I am leaving it up to you. Interpret in your own sweet dark ways.

    ~©Janaranjani Vezhavendan


    P.S. After nearly two long months of stalemate in expressing through words, I don't know why I chose to write something this dark! Anyways, written something after a long time. So that's that. ✒️

    #dark #darkwriteup #darkwriting #deep #run #faraway #erase #memories #dream #nightmare #escape #haunting #scary #threatening #lonely #curbing #trying #tryinghard #writingitdown #writing #poetry #writersofinstagram #writer #words #wordporn #writersofig #writers #writerscommunity #writingcommunity #themagnifiquemessup

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    ~©Janaranjani Vezhavendan

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  • janaranjani_vezhavendan 22w

    Now, now! Kill your curiosities. I'm not in love. I'm just a friend who beats the shit out of your head to bring you back to your senses! Thank me later ��✌��☮️

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    When you're in love with someone, your mind tends to put them in a pedestal. You start romanticizing every little thing they do as well as the things they don't do. You start assuming they have all the qualities you ever wanted in them, even when they really don't have them. So if things didn't work out the way you wanted them to be and you're somewhat stuck in the thoughts of them, just try to pull yourself out of that cloud and watch them immediately fall of that pedestal. Who knows, you may find that one thing that was a big turn-off which you've missed before. Might be many. Sure you'll get hurt but I bet it won't break your but just your rose tinted glass wall.

    ©Janaranjani Vezhavendan

  • janaranjani_vezhavendan 24w

    Perks of growing up I guess.

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    Ever wondered how we keep defending our parents but realise we kept ignoring the fact that they have completely given up on us one too many times.


  • janaranjani_vezhavendan 26w

    Happy Earth Day ����

    I believe I'm "Earth Sensitive" (if that's even a word) and I thought it's just me until I realised there are many. Just some revelations beyond scientific explanations.✨


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    When it pours on you,
    I rejoice along with you.
    When you tremble,
    I feel obnoxious.
    When you displace the oceans,
    roaring, I fell on my knees.
    When you embrace the moon,
    I find my mind spiralling.
    When you hide from the sun,
    I'm lost, my thoughts wavering.
    Alone was I until I recognized
    there were quite a few.
    Out there, just like me, wondering
    if it was even real but knew.
    And these days I lie restless,
    suffocating and somber deep in sorrow,
    almost all the time. Is it because of you?

    ©Janaranjani Vezhavendan

  • janaranjani_vezhavendan 31w

    My kind of Happiness :)

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    Nothing makes me happier than to witness that radiant smile on the face of someone who has been through hell and back, who you knew was stuck at some point in the dark, who you knew struggled a lot yet pulled themselves out poignantly. That smile of those warriors, it hits me different.

    -©Janaranjani Vezhavendan