Good days are coming

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  • jana_3009 1w

    @writersnetwork #refrain

    Felt like writing this :)

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    What is yours will find you
    You don't have to fight
    You just have to wait
    It will take a lot of time
    Keep believing 'At the end it'll be mine'
    What is yours will find you


  • jana_3009 1w

    @writersnetwork #patheticfallacy



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    On a windy day
    the dancing boughs of the tree
    drop leaves of metaphors
    and flowers of personification.
    Yet dead is the ground for those
    words have left it speechless!

  • jana_3009 3w


    Running down the window
    Representing the tears
    Rolling down my cheeks
    Ravaging my inner peace
    Retracing my painful past
    Reviving sad memories
    Restless I become.

  • jana_3009 5w

    Call me wind if you do please
    Filled with fear yet I won't cease.

  • jana_3009 5w

    Beauty is upon you like poetry.
    It will neither fade nor die.

  • jana_3009 6w

    A full moon day it was. The floor of the terrace was cold. Few old sarees we spread for us to sit.
    We sat in a circle surrounding our grandma. Her wrinkled hands held a huge pot. We sniffed the air. Ghee rice it was! She took a handful of rice and made a ball out it. She fed everyone of us. One ball for every honeybunch of hers. Several rounds went by. Our stomachs were full. But grandma insisted us to have more. She didn't know that her compassion had already filled our stomachs. She wiped our oily mouths with the pallu of her cotton saree. Grandma in her soothing voice told us a story about a brave and wise king. One by one we fell asleep under the blanket of night sky with our hands intertwined as we listened to her story.

    Later when she was no more , I kept looking for her among the stars , only to realise that she is the moon.
    For my grandma is the one who illuminated my life with the light of love.

    ~ Janani

    @writersnetwork #traditions #family #love #childhood #ceesreposts

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    I kept looking for her among the stars , only to realise that she is the moon.
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  • jana_3009 8w

    If one day humanity dies
    Dies during our existence
    Existence will no more make sense
    Sense of compassion the world will lack
    Lack of love will lead to death
    Death of us - the humans
    Humans who were not humane.


  • jana_3009 11w

    The Poet

    Tell me your story
    Pour out all your misery
    From it I will ink a poetry
    that shall be guarded like
    the gold in the treasury.

    Tell me your tale
    Don't you ever quail
    Through your fears you
    shall sail for my words
    aren't frail.

    I ink for the voiceless.
    I ink for the society.
    I ink for the change.
    I am a revolutionary too!


  • jana_3009 13w

    Hey listen!
    It's okay to lose your balance.
    You will overcome this challenge.
    You are allowed to fall to the ground.
    In happiness you shall be drowned.
    You can earn some scars.
    There is an end to all your wars.
    Rise. With a thunder.
    Let your haters shudder.
    Your life is always getting better!

  • jana_3009 13w

    If one day poetry dies
    let it decay and deposit
    at the bottom of my heart.
    Never shall it depart!