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  • jamzikr 88w

    Fairy night

    When the pitch black canvas is spreaded
    On sky; the moon enters the show
    Leading the stars behind
    The fireflies from the dens
    Swift aloft the lake; and glow
    It's devine light of delight.
    when the placid water starts it's
    Song of silence; the faries
    Come down from ths troposphere, while
    The zephyr frolic with their glimmering hair
    They spred their glistening wings
    And with the hum of the owls
    And whistles of the grasshoppers
    They keep mild steps on the tranquil water
    To the melody of peace
    And dance for the beat of heart

    But when you see, they vanish away
    Like the day dreams.. when awake
    Like sigh... like joy...
    They evaporate away

  • jamzikr 92w


    Life is a game
    Which is filled with pain
    Where money is main
    To win that game
    It is a dare
    Where everything is unfair
    Chances are rare
    When money isn't there
    The truth is seen
    The world is mean
    They hide it behind the screen
    With the power of money queen
    money kills the man
    In the end of the game
    With the weapon of power
    Using money as it's bullet
    None can get
    Happiness for money
    Love for penny
    Rather than the death
    Filled with worry

  • jamzikr 96w

    Frozen Destiny

    Crawling under grasses
    Hiding under rocks
    From parameciums flys
    With feet stuck on top

    Wriggling on dirt
    And scaring of birds
    Which pierce me into pieces
    And swallows in a flash

    Peeping through the puddles
    And dreaming of the peddles
    Thinking my own riddles
    Cause I can not leave the shade

    Everything what I see
    Are enormously grown
    Only what I feel
    Is I am terrifically long

    When clouds float on sky
    And water flows on streams
    Why destiny of a worm
    Still remains just as freeze

  • jamzikr 100w

    Night is better than Day

    Though they say,
    "Night is a drug,
    Which leads to a dark, lonely path"
    I prefer that drug,
    Rather than having people,
    who speaks tittle tattle behind my back.


  • jamzikr 102w

    Nothing will be better
    When your mind is bitter
    Give it with a pleasure
    You'll receive it as a treasure

  • jamzikr 102w

    Live the Life

    Inumerable rains
    Inumerable winds
    Inumerable storms
    Inumerable drowns
    Years after years
    You may have passed
    But you are
    You are losing beloveds
    Times after times
    Leaves, flowers, fruits
    Breaking of branches
    Some times cut off
    But you are
    Dear tree ,
    You taught me
    And I learnt from you
    To live the life
    And to love the life

  • jamzikr 103w

    In the middle of the sea

    Straightend there hands
    And hugged me
    Fear...Sad...Cold & Isolation...
    Oh my... I'm swinging too...
    Opened my eyes wide
    & started to think
    Am I... am I...
    Realy in the middle of the sea?
    In this dark moon night
    Where are the others
    My lovable family... friends
    Waving and raising it's head
    The king of sea
    Marvellous salty water
    Singing the song of death
    The sharks with sharp teeth
    Will I be a food for them ?
    Oh ! no... mom..
    Save me... please...mom
    I jumped into water
    from the boat... then suddenly
    Knocked my head on the floor...
    "Why my son.. did you fall from the bed ?"
    Mom hugged me...with a kiss
    Thank god I'm still alive.

  • jamzikr 104w

    Clock Rotates

    Clock rotates

    Smile, When ever possible
    Sometimes it might be your last one

    Clock rotates

    Be polite, It is always possible
    May be you won't have another chance

    Clock rotates

    Days Flies
    Weeks Leaps
    Years Flows
    Earth Revolves

    Concern more, on what you do
    You'll never be able to undone what you did

    Clock rotates

    Enjoy, every moment of life
    You can not get those split seconds back

    Clock rotates

  • jamzikr 105w

    Little Angel

    Your Smile ,
    Fades my sadest moments in life
    Your Eyes ,
    Tells the longest stories in life
    Your Hands ,
    Holds the deepest breath in life
    Your Words ,
    Fills love in each vein of my heart
    Your Pleasure ,
    Is the best treasure I have ...

    Just three orbits ,
    You grabbed everyones heart
    I relax, refresh, regulate myself ,
    In any catastrophe I see your face
    You heal my wounds & pains in heart ,
    With one heart filled lovable hug
    Hold my finger by your little hand ,
    I'll lead you the path till the end
    You are the only one deserve my love ,
    Nobody else will enter my heart
    Because you're the Angel ,
    Who've got the key of my heart .

  • jamzikr 105w

    Start from where you stopped it

    There's no use of hidding your tears
    From your peers and your lovers
    There's no use of smiling with fears
    For the pleasure of others and not for yours
    Let the people, borrow your feathers
    But not to cut,
    And grant your feathers
    Show your Love and Passion to others
    But not for the people don't acquire those terms
    Make the people trust you, without fears
    But think twice, when you trust others
    See the world with drammatic eyes
    Follow your dreams and fly for it
    Collect all your confidence, from where you droped it
    Gather your abilities, start from where you stopped it