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  • jak_artist 5w

    My dream Man

    "What kind of man do you want your future partner to be", my friend asked
    Me-" The one who would show his middle finger to the world just for me"

  • jak_artist 21w


    There is a possibility that i may not reach my destination or that one aim... But surely in a way or other I will achieve all i wanted. I may not get it with the plan and the way I wanted but surely in a way I never thought...

  • jak_artist 26w

    Death fact

    He said, "either one of us will have to face others death ".
    She smiled, " I hope we die together ".

  • jak_artist 26w


    Hearing the engine coming to halt. I look down and prepare myself to make a grinning face, looking up i wave a final good bye.
    I peep out of the window, wondering who will now put their feet in my tiny compartment.
    The journey goes on, station by station, people getting in and out.
    Some people I meet, i wish them to stay a bit longer. While some I yearn to stay with till I reach my destination.
    Every passenger i met, shared a part of their adventure with me. They make my quest beautiful, worth remembering.
    The ones in my room right now,will also have to leave. With few promises and goodbyes, we will fall apart.
    So in life, year by year just like station by station, people come, they stay, create memories, make few great changes ,sometimes nothing and then they pack their bags.
    Only difference, they never have a perfect good bye.They sometimes fade with time and are long gone before you cherish old memories and want them back in life.
    Sometimes if you are lucky enough, with guts and courage you can fulfill those long forgotten promises, say the words unsaid and choose a better ending to your story.
    And sometime faded means gone forever.

    Dear reader,
    This happens with everyone, if you remember a friend while reading this grab you cellphone and talk to him maybe you can change the way you parted.

  • jak_artist 26w

    By the burning fire

    By the burning fire we sit,
    first narrating old macabre tales,
    enjoying those screams and laughter.
    We sit by the fire confessing our sins and read out lines we always longed to say.
    On moving out hands closer to the yellowish orange light , we can feel the warmth with glittering eyes.
    Looking at the sparkling sky,
    we join the whitish dots.
    While making forever promises,we cross our hearts and move deep in emotions.
    Our minds are silent, devoid of any chaos.
    We talk of dreams that don't let us sleep and nightmares that wake us up.
    Then we come to such a point which makes us feel like a famous philosopher.
    We cry out our problems and then smile for we know we have each other.
    The beautiful night now fades to welcome dawn, the last love filled breeze takes away the burning calm.
    And tired mind says,"time to close your eyes".

  • jak_artist 26w

    2 A.M

    It's 2 am
    Everything around me tells me to sleep but beneath that cage called ribs. My heart whispers, "don't sleep, don't waste this beautiful time, write. "
    It calls out "write write"

  • jak_artist 27w


    Daughter : Mumma what is beauty?

    Mother : Oh! That's a question like - what is love.
    Dear tell me how do you feel when you dip your sweaty legs in ice cold water on
    a hot sunny day.
    Sun rays which touch your cold body on a winter morning and you exclaim "bliss".
    That glittering reflection of moon on the watery surface.
    The particular sound of those tiny little raindrops which bring hope and joy. With that rain also that petrichor smell.
    Breeze after heavy rain which washes away all your worry.
    The orange sun rays that fall on your bed after getting filtered from your window. Such a soothing wake up.
    A family dinner after a very tiring day, and then that lovely moment when you rest your head on your pillow.

    Daughter : The time I lay my head in your lap.
    The time you held my hand and accompanied me to receive my award.
    This late night conversation on this beautiful topic.

    Mother : Now can you define beauty?

    Daughter : The moment you feel peace, silence, where all the voices around stand still, time stops, you feel lovely that is beauty.

    Mother: But dear, sometimes pain brings beauty, tears and sadness bring wonderful peaceful moments anyways that's an other theory. Let this conversation not end on a sad note.

    Mother smiled and kissed her daughter on her forehead and wished for her, beautiful colourful dreams . With silent tears and glittering eyes out from fantasy she walked to face her reality.

  • jak_artist 27w

    Romanticism within

    She knew that she is filled with romantic vibes.
    Still questioned, if the realistic world would ever understand this fantastic quality she posses.
    People often complement her of her crystal like eyes and her widespread smile.
    Sometimes called a tomboy other times a girl loved to be with.
    Ambitious, designing life on her own terms, filled with dream to live life to the fullest.
    Crazy about watching sunsets, mountains, stars and everything which hides unnoticed beauty.
    Observer, writer, singer all in all an artist.
    Chaos and self doubts were frequent thieves to her mental peace but even then she was called "jovial".
    Never did she let anyone cross the boundry governing her inner self.
    No one but only she had the authority to disturb her personal calm.
    Unrealistic, imperfect, unstable but still believed that one day she will become the girl she dreams to become.
    No crush, no silly love but like a poet she describes love.
    Ohh it was self love.
    Then a whisper made her shed a wonderful tear, "You hide a very romantic girl dear"