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  • jaasmin 27w

    Nobody's like you!!

    Nobody's gonna love me like you do...
    Nobody's make me cry like you do...
    I have Weeped, whined, depressed for u..
    I have felt joy,smile , happy, childish with u..
    Nobody's gonna gonna be crazy like you...
    Nobody's make me wonder than you...
    I wet the pillow covers with endless tears..
    I have waited all night for one phone call...
    God knows how many nights went by thinking all night of u....
    But, nobody's gonna love me like you do...
    Nobody's gonna be as crazy as you..

  • jaasmin 48w


    Love is cure for someone..
    Love is war for someone..
    Each day millions of people fall in love..
    Each day millions of people fall out of it...
    Love is a strength for someone..
    Love is a weakness for someone..
    Each day I try to love him a little more harder.
    Each day I struggle to survive love...
    Love is reason for birth..
    Love is same reason for death..
    Each day I learn new things in it..
    Each day I hurt by millions of ways for it..
    Love shuts down entire belief system..
    Love breaks down all ethics and rules..
    Each day I wonder what is it about...
    Each day I crave for it a bit more.....
    I just want to say,it makes us do lot of things .feel lot of emotions.....but the question is ..does it even worth it!!!

  • jaasmin 89w

    Her presence made people believe in change and revolution. She was the mocking Jay to the hope.


  • jaasmin 113w


    They say life surprises you when you least expected it to be .......
    I never knew someone would knock my door with a wide smile ...
    Neither was I excited nor was I denying it ....
    I am just letting it flow ...felling anxiously..little nervously...being a little cool about it ...
    May be it's a good beginning..may be it's not..what matters is's new leaf chapter .yet another chance ...
    New beginnings set hopes..let you heart flutter ... Feels butterflies ....
    New beginnings are beautiful yet little scary..just embrace it !!!

  • jaasmin 115w


    I am lost in the ways I couldn't imagine !!!
    I lost time sitting there for hours !!
    I lost presence of life staring at empty walls !!!
    I lost path to my life and stood where you left me !!!
    If losing someone could hurt this much ,I would have never gone to you when I was lost !!!!

  • jaasmin 129w

    #Moved ...On

    How would you feel...if the person who loved you most moved on from you ...
    How would you feel .if the one who missed you most..doesn't think much about you...
    How would you feel...if the one cannot bear to see you cry .is now the reason for your unstoppable tears!!!
    How would you feel...who's promises you trust so much breaking one by one .
    How would you feel... Who never wanna leave you no matter what ...comes up reasons to leave now...
    How would you feel... Who made you believe in things which you never would have walking away..
    How would you feel...who's face shines bright with your presence ...doesn't feel your presence now!!

    How would you feel...whom you shouldn't be talking to .. is the one whom you are praying to be there for you!!!
    How would you who's life you wanna be filled with ... Is slowly....fading away!!!!
    How would you feel..the moment you realize..he is no longer yours !!!!!

  • jaasmin 129w


    once I was a dairy ,now I am storage file
    once I was blooming flower ,now I am withering leaf
    once I was warm hug to your broken heart,now I am cold heart to your logical brain
    once I am reason for your smile,now you want to hide from me

    you have changed ,I have nothing else left than to accept it !!
    I have come to believe that I did not love you enough to make you stay
    Broken is my trust to get to love someone again not the heart that is yearning for you

  • jaasmin 150w


    One day without you.........
    Miss those warm wakeup calls ....
    Miss those beautiful praises u make for my wakeup face ......
    Miss those video calls we do just to see each other one more time ....
    Miss those honest confessions ... Awww so cute ....
    Miss those butterflies ... I get when I see you smile for me ....
    Miss those innovative cute names u come up everyday for me .....
    Miss those ..good night kisses ..and promises to see again tomorrow...
    Time flies by ..when you are with me ... Day passes by ..when we talk on calls ... Long distance relationship was never a burden for us .. we have made our days beautiful even living hundreds of miles away .....

  • jaasmin 153w


    You Have healed me with ur warm hug , caressed me with ur soft hands ,
    How can I forget those eyes which couldn't help than looking deep into my eyes and trying to find the love for them .....
    You have come into my life as a ray of light.....
    Neither did u say nor did I ...we fell in love while drowning ourselves in our eyes !!!!

  • jaasmin 168w


    When you left me in the streets of love.... left me into pieces !!!
    With a hollow heart i wandered around those streets for one sign of you ...looking for your warm hug to stitch my broken heart back to you ..but you left me in hollowness of life where neither can I get back your love nor can I get myself back!!!