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  • j_a_mann 300w

    As a boy, Hansel and Gretel taught me to leave a trail if you get lost
    So I decided to leave a trail using the pieces of my broken heart in the hopes that they might one day lead me back to love

  • j_a_mann 300w

    I have had my heart broken before but this is the first time I cut my fingers trying to pick up the shattered pieces

  • j_a_mann 300w

    I sat there at 3 a.m once again picking up the pieces of your heart after the last guy who broke it and as I listened to the the words that broke up the sound of your tears I realised that I am really everything you need in a man

    Yet as I wiped the tears from your cheek I felt a sadness in my heart when I realised that I will never be the man you want

  • j_a_mann 300w

    You asked for everything and I was willing to give you more, it's a good thing I asked for nothing in return because we both know you would have given me less