I enjoy creative writing and seeing the beauty that can rise from the written word. Humanity can be so amazing.

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  • ivanbew12 47w


    "I know I can’t have you, so I’ll only watch you from a distance and hope against hope that you’ll, you’ll love me too or at the very least let me admire you.”

  • ivanbew12 49w


    Sometimes I wonder, have I really forgiven all of the times that my heart's been broken? By people, by life, by love. Or have I just learned how to not let the pain touch me?

  • ivanbew12 59w


    Sincerity and compassion will be what saves us all. In the end, being kind really is the best thing we can do for one another.

  • ivanbew12 60w


    "Control your fear. Do not let it dominate your decisions. Relax. Take a deep breath. Look forward. Move forward and never stop. You'll age and wither if you pull back. You'll die if you hesitate. Now, go."

    -Harry Revan

  • ivanbew12 69w

    Old Soul

    Don't make my mistakes. If you care for someone tell them, don't try to force yourself to be happy with the wrong person. Go after what you want in life, do everything in your power to accomplish your dreams. Failure is acceptable, fear is acceptable, doubt is acceptable, but don't ever let those things stop you from trying. Don't hold yourself back because you think others might reject you or even worse, because you don't think you're good enough. If you let yourself fall into that emptiness you only make pointless mistakes, some that can never be undone. You'll feel the burn of tears in your eyes, the gnaw of regret in your stomach; and the ache of loneliness in your heart. Please, believe me when I say you're worth more than that.

  • ivanbew12 71w

    I think this quote is beautiful and it touches me in a way I can't properly express.
    #life #love #forever.

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    The Night Immortal

    "I don't want much in this life. Love me a little bit more every day. Day after day, month after month and year after year. I don't care even if you love me just a little bit. I hope your love lasts forever."


  • ivanbew12 73w

    #Story #joy #rest

    I wrote a short story.

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    Put the Chairs Up On the Tables

    All was silent, both the mortals and their gods had fallen away. The worlds that were once lush and filled with life had, with the passage of time gently withered and given themselves over to her peaceful embrace. She stood there in the void that was once eternity, the stars that had shined so brightly were gone and now anything and everything that ever was had been replaced with darkness. Death, kind, loving and beautiful stood alone in the emptiness and remembered. She remembered all the people she had met. The comfort she had given to those in pain and the sorrow she had caused in the burden of her duty. Death shed tears of complete sadness and utter joy as she lost herself in the memories of all the wonderful things she had seen and the places she had gone. Wiping the last of the tears from her eyes Death composed herself, and then slowly, with calm and measured steps, she turned and walked away. It was over, the universe was over, life was over and she was finally done.

  • ivanbew12 77w

    You Do You

    It's worth it if it sincerely makes you happy. The world doesn't have enough happiness as it is so you do you.

  • ivanbew12 78w


    Living up to your full potential means more than just being successful. You have to be open hearted, honest, and kind. Be strong for others and especially for yourself. If there is something or even someone that you care about and makes you happy, don't hide your feelings and hold yourself back with doubt. Love is possible for all of us, you just have to be brave enough to let yourself have it.

  • ivanbew12 79w


    “There’s no point in cruelty. No reason. Sadism is irrelevant. The only things that matter is to rule and never die. To rise and never fall. There’s no reason to crush people, not when it serves no goal but your own vanity."