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  • its_your_aabhi 1w

    Back again

    I was on break because I was depressed and was fighting against it but sadly I'm still the same, not have the strength to fight anymore.

  • its_your_aabhi 20w

    The room is so lonely,
    It needs your presence,
    where are you?
    where you went?
    I have no clue
    I can't think without you,
    I'm paralyzed,
    I no longer feel the same me,
    Your absence kills me
    from inside,
    It hurts me to the core,
    Are you listening?
    with whom I'm talking?
    or I've gone mad in your desires,
    In your love that meant us
    to be together,
    but you flew away, away
    from me,
    causing a betrayal,
    which I never expected
    specially from you,
    your face pops out everytime
    on my head,
    making me miss you more,
    my blood pops out
    telling me your name,
    they wanna feel touched,
    they wanna be loved
    they need you,
    would you come back?
    I promise, I won't shout at you
    I just want to see you
    I just wanna feel you
    for the final time,
    Feeling like a used soul,
    now, nobody is gonna accept me,
    My body is shivering
    so it can touch you
    it's been days, you're not here
    as you're the therapy to my
    body's pain,
    feeling lke you're right next to me,
    holding my hands,
    whispering in my ears,
    like the good old times,
    it's better to die now,
    so my soul finds you
    and get your love,
    somewhere I'll be happy
    because that's what I wanted
    when we were together.

    ________. @writersnetwork @miraquill #wod

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    My body needs your touch to feel loved.
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  • its_your_aabhi 20w

    Sitting on a chair by
    engulfing my own hands,
    lots of thought pondering
    making my
    brain die,
    In a state of despondency,
    don't know what to do?
    don't know where to go?
    memories start to haunt
    by taking me in flashback,
    Where I was a happy child
    where my smile was the palace
    of beautiful dreams,
    where sunrise and sunsets
    Brought solace to my enchanting eyes,
    where depth of wind
    brought essence to my lonely skin,
    Heart numbs, causing me the pain
    Thus, I come back to reality
    There is no path of light
    to be found,
    Tears start to flow down
    making me drown
    under the palace of beautiful silence
    I keep talking to Myself
    trying to calm me down
    for minutes, for seconds
    so I could think, think to escape
    because I'm trapped
    in complete darkness,
    making my soul anxious
    my body starts shivering
    leaving me a scar
    I breathe but
    feels like I'm not breathing
    so, I breathe again
    My neck starts to dry
    eventually realise there is no water around
    and I start to cry more,
    I kneel down,
    I start to pray desperately
    whispering loudly , " please help me,"
    but no one listens,
    days pass but there is no hope still around
    I start to feel weak now
    my body gave up
    and so are my desires
    which I dreamt since the day I was born
    it will only be in my dreams,
    as I can't fulfill them in reality.

    Finally thank you for the repost , @writersnetwork

    ........ @writersnetwork @miraquill #wod

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    Dark Dream.

    Maybe one day I'll born again to complete my dreams.
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  • its_your_aabhi 20w

    The night is lonely
    Thus, it's shedding tears
    in your name,
    as I hold a photograph
    and I look at you,
    My eyes fantasize us
    in another beautiful paradise
    where you will be my
    beautiful queen marching
    all over the beautiful palace
    your presence made you
    the talk of the town.
    Thus, when I walked anywhere
    I saw people talking
    about you ,
    The moment everyone took
    your name,
    I saw them smiling
    all the time,
    as they already know you from before,
    like there was no tomorrow
    made by god
    I realise this with a heavy heart
    that you can't be
    my happy life,
    as you were already the light
    in someone's dark life.

    My hands could
    feel all of its desire
    which I always dreamt together
    when I looked at your
    flamboyant glimpse,
    but the reality gave
    me an absolute honor
    making me feel like
    I'm suffocating to death
    when my brain was
    already mourning
    in your loss
    But then, I didn't give up
    I tried like a warrior
    each and every day,
    but I was not a good
    child in the books
    of beautiful destiny,
    so I decided,
    to paint you in my
    beautiful canvas.

    My painting was a silent
    poetry meant for
    in the form of my pain,
    so I could still love you
    in fiction of my
    beautiful fairytale
    where you will be my
    only historical figure,
    my heart is blushing
    right now,
    as he would welcome you
    with his open arms,
    Our togetherness will be meant to
    have a special place
    in the history of beautiful
    where everyone will know
    our names
    where Romeo and Juliet
    will be back again
    making the love float
    in beautiful constellation
    of fathomable galaxies.

    This time you would read, I hope you don't break my dreams @writersnetwork

    sorry guys it got deleted.

    #writersnetwork @miraquill @mirakeeworld

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    A beautiful fiction

    Our love is like halley's comet which comes once in every 64 years.
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  • its_your_aabhi 20w

    Saw the night freezing in
    it's been days
    without feeling you,
    I'm gone back to the
    old ways once again
    or it's just a
    matter of another coincidence?
    oh girl, you tell me
    because my brain's paralyzed
    Thus, can't able to think
    right now
    Take my body
    so it can get your love
    He needs you
    so you can purify
    and wipe it clean
    so I can return to the old
    lovable times.

    Give me your hand,
    so I fall in love again,
    because you know
    I'm the best, when
    I'm with you,
    why you can't be here?.
    just tell me the reason
    Because I feel in fear
    If something happened
    to you,
    I would never forgive myself
    it's just the way
    it's meant to be
    I can't change anything
    about you
    it's just my heart
    which beats too much
    for you,
    and I won't stop it,
    even though I had too,
    if you loved me,
    why would you ever leave me?
    I miss you at every moment
    of my time,
    specially when you flew
    and never came back,
    without seeing me,
    That did numb me,
    I never told you so,
    you were just a happy princess
    smiling all the time
    How could I hurt you
    at that very moment of time?

    Come back for last time,
    so I can die in your
    open arms,
    Thus, I can lay my head
    and close my eyes,
    It would be the perfect
    moment for me
    to build my paradise,
    your hands would engulf
    all the pain,
    at my final stages of life,
    I would tell you,
    how much you mean to me,
    you would smile
    looking at me too,
    it will be the perfect wish
    I would hope
    when I'm gone far away,
    Therefore, you also would be
    with your guy
    I promise I would still
    protect you,
    you will never feel alone
    Even though when I'm gone.

    Ignore it, it's a stupid piece��

    I hope you read this time @writersnetwork #meeting #pod @miraquill @mirakeeworld

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    To Emma

    Let's sparkle our love in another paradise
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  • its_your_aabhi 20w

    Blood is shattered
    all over the palace
    filled with my deepest desires
    carrying me into oblivion
    of your beautiful glimpse
    which I always wanted.
    Each walls around here
    shed tears in your absence
    the sound echoes in my ears
    whispering, " bring her back"
    you're still here,
    hiding in a corner,
    watching me in pain,
    deep down inside,
    she knows, I need help
    because her scar is filled
    and carrying havoc inside of me
    knowing one day, I would
    happily close my eye.

    I play her beautiful song,
    everyone, including
    walls, my soul and me
    goes into deep silence,
    Feelin' as she is singing with her
    beautiful voice
    The pain, The frustration
    fades away for a second
    I start to dance with my
    lonely shadow
    the palace is back filled
    with love,
    the good old times are back,
    but we're aware, aware of the fact
    this isn't real,
    this is just a happy dream,
    as everyone else is dreaming with closed eyes.

    I could have fallen with another girl,
    lived another life,
    but the only one
    who took my heart was her
    our promise was meant for lifetime
    but God didn't trusted me
    He took her away
    because she was too damn special
    our promise was meant for
    but destiny kissed me
    on my forehead,
    telling me you won't get
    what you desire
    thus, I became mad
    I walked into that balcony
    where we kissed,
    where we always used
    to be together,
    happily forever,
    she always used to talk ,
    never ever stop,
    ironically, she isn't there
    she is not doing her job
    as I write in pain,
    my blood are shattered all
    over the palace
    coming to meet in her heaven soon
    Thus, she smiled
    because she always wanted us to be together
    Therefore happily, I granted her wish.

    this isn't a good piece, I guess

    @writersnetwork #pod #paradox @miraquill @mirakeeworld

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    Her love made me do the unexpected things.
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  • its_your_aabhi 21w

    I Wake up,
    I see myself in a cell,
    Hearts beats through a flow,
    Fingers being numb,
    I walk through an Open space, Wherever Possible,
    Lots of thoughts pondering on my mind,
    My Brian is now clueless,
    I realise I'm trapped inside,
    I don't know what to do,
    I'm in the state of jeopardy,
    Saying to myself, " It's gonna be fine",
    Eyes seeking for help, well no one's here,
    Completely Dark, no path of light to be found,
    Now, I start to feel anxious,
    Something is gonna happen to me,
    I don't wanna die, I whisper to my inner soul
    I hear my Breathe, it's havoc inside
    Hands on the cell,
    Used all of my energy that was in me, It's stiff
    I try again, the result doesn't change,
    I wished to be magician,
    could used some sorta tricks to get out of this big square shape,
    I'm desperately shouting now in pain,
    but voices come back to me,
    I soon start to realise, I ain't gonna come out of this,
    So, I decide to sing along with this beautiful pain,
    I keep trying to make myself smile,
    But my lip unfortunately doesn't stretch wide,
    Gonna spend the rest of my life in here,
    But would I survive?
    No water No food,
    I cry with my tears Flooding out,
    I did Nothing,
    Then why did Lord choose me?
    I hate to say I won't be coming out,
    Hey mumma,
    How ya doing?
    you will be wearing Blue saree today,
    it's your favorite color I know,
    Hope I should have been with you now,
    should have listen to you before,
    But Destiny had other ideas,
    I hate to say, I won't be coming out,
    Keep smiling you look so beautiful,
    Don't think about me , I will be there with you , I promise,
    Thank you for the Wonderful life,
    Drowning in silence, closes eye.


    @writersnetwork @miraquill @mirakeeworld

    it's all fictional, it's my imagination.

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    I wish I can touch your hand, mumma!
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  • its_your_aabhi 21w

    I was gonna die, as I didn't had anyone
    After all, it was my fault. I said sorry too but people had other options
    Well, i was improving. It was difficult overall, but I was fighting,
    But they thought I'm acting
    They made me alone, as I shed my tears throughout the night,
    When I thought my life was over, she entered.

    Drowning I was in her eye, as she saw me.
    She was a magician, she made me fade in this perfect autumn,
    Jealousy was inside me, when everyone used to see her,
    Love at first sight exist as everyone said but I didn't believe,
    Well, her flamboyance made my opinion look wrong,
    Everytime she walked on that road, my body started shivering, I didn't know why?
    It felt like a scar, as I needed her,
    Everytime she stepped, I felt her footsteps,
    Ironically, when I close my eye, she came everytime on to my scene
    I felt it was real
    Damn, it wasn't
    After all, everything happens for a reason.

    I danced idiotically, as I imagine her in the mirror,
    After all, my Life went on a different level
    I started breathing her,
    It was an addiction, as she drench in every part of my body,
    Damn wherever I walked, she came outta no where
    It made me difficult to concentrate, as I got fallen in her presence
    She made my life difficult ,
    Her smile was only the reason which kept me happy.

    As the road was gathered with the flamboyance of a tree,
    The days passed but she didn't marched her step,
    And I kept waiting for her angelic presence,
    But she was missing, wasn't she ?
    I started finding her at every edge, infact every corner
    Beacuse she was the only thing I wanted to touch,
    I wanted to see eclipse of her,as she use to fathom my heart everytime
    As it was the only reason why heart beat for.

    And that's when I thought I got the reason to live, she disappeared
    What would you do when Karma bites you ?
    My life went back again through the dark, as I thought I'm not the one who deserve her,
    How could she leave me so unexpected ? I needed her
    It was the pain, which I couldn't explain,
    Relationship was with no one,
    There were people around me,
    Every time the people looked me, they laughed
    And with this essence of life, I gotten lost somewhere
    I sat in the dark, suicidal thoughts arise to chosen me
    I was not the real me after all
    And after passing the days, I chose to become a writer,
    Because this was the only place I felt alive,
    Now , that's what the destiny meant me to be
    And the boy inside of me still awaits
    knowing she will be back one day.

    . ....
    @writersnetwork @miraquill @mirakeeworld


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  • its_your_aabhi 21w

    The night is dark, as the body is filled with scars. There are
    no one to talk too, I'm desperate to talk with anyone, the word of 1.25 billion population, Isn't there anyone to listen my problem.? And then, mind starts to play a game, the favourite thing of mind to do, that thought "what if"?. I was already burried in my thoughts but then mind starts putting me into coffin. The reason of being doubted or people will make fun of me whenever I step outside. This is where my hell develops into unimaginable scars which never fades.

    Here, the game of chess comes into my life, I start to build some strategy to encounter my demon friend, but he always remains one step up. I try this again, I feel like I'm strong, I feel like I'm some warrior who would eventually win. I search on Internet, motivating thoughts that give me some different sense of energy, it's a feeling like I'm alone vs the whole empire, marching towards me to win. After Attempts, I begin to realise, the king who rules always fall one day becoming a prey.

    Then, I start running away. The more I run, the more this thoughts come and scare me. mind that made me unique all this years, gave me soo much of happiness, suddenly becomes my worst nightmare, which I wanna forget. After all this , I start praying to the angel who lives above, I request him to please remove this demon from my life,
    But sometimes god doesn't listen. I start to pray every minute of my life, realising this is my last chance, the only hope of my freedom.

    Ahh, how unique is this, there are always 2 perspective, the one of whom you're inside and the outsiders, I mean your friend, your people. While you hide your scar from people, wishing they dont know . But then you're actually dying from inside. You smile in front of the world, saying you're fine, but you're , afraid of being Judged. While seeing others fine, those who are totally like you starts to hurt you more, you cry more, you take your Frustrations out by beating yourself more.
    You realise no one is going to help you.

    The stage where you tried everything, but eventually you couldn't win. The end result matters. You think, I'm too bad for this world, it's time to go. It's time to end, I can't take it anymore. You think hours and hours thinking what to do, but your demon thoughts starts to horrify you, and you commit suicide atlast, saying good bye.

    #Writersnetwork #Mirakee #Writersbay #Paradox #wod

    @Writersnetwork @miraquill

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    The depth of Annoying life.

    I scream, as my soul inside of me tries to be fearless, as he lives in burden of Annoying pain.
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  • its_your_aabhi 21w

    Dying hopes, havoc mind,
    suffering from silence, here I came by,
    living soul but actually dead,
    meaningless life trapped to find the meaningful life.

    Drowning under the depths of every burden,
    afraid to fulfill each expectations,
    with each passing seconds, with each Passing hour,
    with each Seamless effort,
    With undying pain,
    My soul tries to be in love, to be loved,
    so every inch of my lip starts smiling beautifully again.

    I wish I could go somewhere far away
    find some beautiful Paradise,
    So I can accomplish my real Dreams,
    so I can talk to the beautiful stars,
    Where Happiness override each burden,
    I could only imagine this destiny,
    as I can't change my story.

    #Writersnetwork #Mirakee #Writersbay

    .... @writersnetwork @miraquill @mirakeeworld

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    In the words of unloved.

    Where pain lasted every minute of undying hope.

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