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  • its_youknowwho 59w

    I didn't realise
    How beautiful
    It was to
    Be looked at for
    The way I smiled.
    How peaceful it
    Shall be in your arms
    Of woman who
    Truly loves you for
    Who you are.
    You were a mere stranger.
    Who played a big role,
    I would choose you
    Over any other feeling
    Because you, my love
    Add up my happiness.

    PS- Posting after a very long time ❤ Thank you @mirakee for this amazing human being without whom I don't know where would I be ❤❤ @most_wanted I love you so much ❤❤❤

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    To be loved by you ❤

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  • its_youknowwho 94w

    I don't have words to describe what you mean to me and how you understand me yrr ❤❤❤❤
    I love you so much @most_wanted ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

    Hey love!
    I love being me
    while I be with you
    unlike others
    I don't fake.
    sugar coated words
    are not my cup of tea
    But with me
    You will feel
    All the good in
    the World
    that's present inside you
    fountain of excitement
    intense and sweet
    lovable and merciful
    forgiving and forgetting
    thats who I am.
    I'll make you feel
    high, low,
    love, hate
    happy, angry
    cry, fly
    after all I'm human
    I am a conflict.
    it's funny
    but I like
    Being crazy
    plain and honest
    with you,
    I know I'll adore
    pain and accept the rain
    my love aint so bleak
    While being so freak
    I don't want to be lost
    in your eyes but found
    in the depths of your
    everlasting soul.

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    Hey love ❤

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  • its_youknowwho 96w

    My love ❤❤❤❤@most_wanted ❤❤❤

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    Fell in love

    When I saw you
    I fell in love ,
    And you smiled
    Because you knew it.

  • its_youknowwho 103w

    Mirakee gave me @most_wanted the best friend whom I was searching for ❤❤ we both are very happy and the credit goes to @mirakee

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    I don't know how to thank this platform ❤❤ It gave me my best friend ❤ my soul mate ❤❤ and also it gave me so many good friends. Thank you mirakee ❤❤

  • its_youknowwho 106w

    @most_wanted ❤��

    I threw my hands up in the air, danced to your rhythm. My heart has never beaten that fast. I slowly look at you and find my whole world in front on me, I could watch all the planets revolving and rotating infront of me . I found meaning in everything when I was around you. I found a sense of calmness in the sky, a sense of comfort in the land. Songs touched me more than they've ever did before. I wrote about you again and again. I couldn't help myself and I'm not planning to stop. #friendship #love

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    Love ❤

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  • its_youknowwho 109w

    I am sure you would connect to every word of this post @most_wanted ❤❤ this is just me and my love in a modern fashioned world ❤❤

    We still love the smell of love letters more than video calls or chats.
    We still love the idea of being a permanent one instead of being a one night stand.
    We still love the meetings at "tapri wali chai" instead of Starbucks Coffee.
    We still love the smell of rain instead of dating on tinder as a trend.
    We still love the smell of rose in a notebook rather than having candle fragrances in your room.
    We still love the idea of emotional nakedness before physical nakedness.
    We still love the idea of being a 5 pages love letter in a world where relationship status keeps changing.
    We still love being in someone's poetry rather than posting pictures together on instagram profile.
    We still love the appreciation and blessings around rather than getting comment "Couple goals" done right.
    We still love to sit under the stars instead of having shots in the bar.
    We still love the idea of black and white but loves in color.
    We still love the idea of being in love. #love

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    Me and my old fashioned love ❤

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  • its_youknowwho 111w

    @most_wanted your eyes and your smile ����
    I love you so much �� #love #friendship

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    Darling, be proud of your eyes....
    They outshines sun in the skies...
    Darling, be proud of your smile....
    It makes world stop for a while....

  • its_youknowwho 113w

    You and I ❤�� @most_wanted
    I love you so much my cheeku❤��

    You and I are connected in a way that goes beyond romance, beyond friendship, beyond what we've ever had before. It has defied time, distance, and changes in ourselves and in our lives. It has defied every explanation.

    Except one: Pure and simply, we're soul mates. I can't explain, I just feel it. It's there in the way my spirits lift whenever we talk.
    The sound of your voice brings me home,
    in a way I can't explain. It's in the delight I feel, when we laugh at exactly the same things.
    When I'm with you, it's like a tiny piece of the universe shifts into place.A place it's supposed to be, and all is right with the world.These things and so many more, have made me understand that this is a once in a lifetime, forever connection. A connection that could only exist between you and me. And deep in my soul,I know that our relationship is a rare gift. One that brings us extraordinary happiness all through our lives.
    . #love #friendship #thoughts

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    You and I

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  • its_youknowwho 116w

    @most_wanted ❤���� i love you so much cheeku��

    Every second I spend with you
    Really is a dream come true.
    When I'm with you I feel so free
    I truly am as happy as can be.

    When I see you my heart races
    I could spot you in a million faces.
    I cherish the words from you
    Telling me your love is true.

    My life without you would be a mess
    I would be in total distress.
    So I'm sending you this to say
    I love you more with every day.

    Soul mates we are forever and ever
    Marching through life together
    Until our life here on earth is done
    Our two hearts will beat as one. #love #friendship

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  • its_youknowwho 118w

    Happy birthday @most_wanted ��❤ my best friend, my love ������❤❤

    If I could sing, I’d sing a song
    Filled with love and praise,
    Using notes and melody,
    Musical bouquets...

    If I could paint, with brush strokes I
    Could show you how I feel;
    With colors, light and texture,
    I'd prove my love is real.

    If I could fly, I’d soar so high
    Grazing heaven above,
    Trailing a giant banner:
    Noopur is the one I love!

    I can’t do those, but I can do this:
    I can hug you tight and say,
    I hope your birthday is the best,
    A joy-filled pleasure buffet! #love #friendship

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    Happy birthday ❤❤

    If i could ❤