sometimes real you is not you, you are the one to the world who is fake but real you is only known by you so you are known but still unknown

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  • its_unknown_girl 13w

    By unknown writer

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    IT'S OK

    It's ok , If someone is not treating you the same way you were being treated.
    It's ok, To move on.
    It's ok, To lose someone and find new friends.
    It's ok, To be little mean.
    It's ok, If you wanna cry let your emotions out.
    It's ok, Keep on moving.
    But the thing is not " ok ",
    To sit idle and cry.
    Life doesn't stop ,
    So keep on moving.
    If it's slow,
    All you should know that ,
    "IT'S OK".

  • its_unknown_girl 43w

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  • its_unknown_girl 88w

    You are a lie that makes the truth
    of her verses complete

  • its_unknown_girl 95w

    Today the sound heard
    After a decade
    Sound it was
    The chirping of birds

  • its_unknown_girl 96w

    An artrist you are
    With a live canvas
    Who hues the colour of
    With brush
    Of devotion
    To confer a new art
    Every time

  • its_unknown_girl 96w

    And the tale is there
    With twist and turn

  • its_unknown_girl 97w

    You are a lie that makes the truth
    of her verses complete

  • its_unknown_girl 97w

    A wonder

    Hey dear listen
    She is a wonder
    Don't know her ,
    Then good
    A silent thunder
    A mother a origin
    A sister so caring
    A women a pride
    Love her why to hide
    A beauty have simple soul
    Cunning sometimes
    For her own
    With different thoughts
    Small or long
    In every way she deserves
    Whether better or bitter
    She is different
    In every aspeact
    Hey dear listen
    Why to treat her for lust
    Don't forget you have
    A mother who entrust
    Her trust her tears
    And you here
    Playing with someones
    She is somebody's daughter somebodys
    Putting your trust on her
    She gave you her whole
    Hey dear listen
    An army officer she is
    Nations pride
    Beautiful with or without
    Its her right
    Don't force her
    Live as she wants
    Her life
    Judge her by her soul
    Not curves and height
    Hey dear listen
    Every girl is pretty
    She doesn't need sympathy
    Love her do till the end
    She will love you
    To the end
    Ohh, hate her then don't forget
    You made her cry
    She will make you regret
    A simple girl
    Or a with some problem
    In mind
    Not every girl is same
    She is somewhere divine
    Hey dear listen
    When she turned into a women
    A women who can bind
    The house the responsibilities
    She has many roles
    Many sides
    Don't call her slut
    If she denies
    She is perfect
    In her every shape
    A perfect creation
    By god
    Love her she will change your fate
    Hey dear listen
    Last but not the least
    She is a blessing
    Keep her happy please

  • its_unknown_girl 97w

    You are a scattered verse of my poetry
    Who could never have a fullstop

  • its_unknown_girl 98w

    Baby you are a moon to my sky
    With white lies and hidden truth