I love to handle situations with smile. Instagram:- idiksha_bisht my first book:- A Concotion Of Emotions link:-(

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    Instagram:- idiksha_bisht
    My Book :- A Concoction Of Emotions
    Email ID:-

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    Have you ever seen a cloudy sky

    with beautiful weather?

    Clouds that blow with the wind,

    with the hope of peace as ever.

    Have you ever seen the sky

    that does not burn with fierce,

    and is free from the chirping of birds?

    and the sky on which the clouds have mercy!!

    Have you ever seen cloudy sky

    with pleasant weather

    which together give hope,

    inspiration, thoughts, freshness.

    By :- KM Diksha Bisht

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    Instagram:- idiksha_bisht
    My Book:- A Concoction Of Emotions
    Email ID:-
    #readers #writers #poem #poet #reding #learning #growing #living

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    We are never old but beautiful.
    Beautiful through our knowlegde and experiences.
    The wrinkles on our faces mark our experience.
    We grow beautiful by facing ups and downs and failures.
    Learning from our mistakes,
    We become beautiful with every age.
    We go through all the stages
    Infancy, childhood, adolescence, puberty and old age.
    And we understand the importance of contentment in every stage.
    And the best part is we are never old but are beautiful everyday.
    By:- KM Diksha Bisht

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    To Be Happy

    It's not only me, it's not only you but it's all of us. We all are depressed, sad, and battling with the situations of our life at some point. Yes, reasons may be different. Sometimes we don't feel to share them with our precious ones. (family, friends or any other who is close to us or known to us.) May be because we assume that sharing them will only cause trouble.

    Because we don't know how they will think or react. They may find our problems small because they might have experienced the same situations or situations like them before but for us it's big.

    So don't worry. Don't loose your hopes, don't overthink and don't get negative.
    Remember problems are never big and small. It's all about the way how we take it.

    So, don't miss to enjoy your happiest hours and to be happy by all your heart. Your happiness should be as deep as your veins are.
    Because problems come and go away, but we have to find happiness in all the way.
    - Diksha

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    Body Shaming

    Yes I have belly fat. So what? I know I am still beautiful with that. What's the worry? Those who are having problems with me please stay away.

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    Who says love is everything? Love cannot exist without feelings. When we not only react but also develop an understanding of our feelings, we call them emotion.
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    A Concoction Of Emotions

    My first book A Concotion Of Emotions is now available at Amazon and Flipkart.

    A CONCOCTION OF EMOTIONS is a small poetry book of 36 pages. This is my first book. So all I can hope is that you will love it.

    I am writing the links here:-


    Flipkart: A concotion of emotions: Buy A concotion of emotions by Km Diksha Bisht at Low Price in India |

    e book :- Google play

    So do buy it as soon as possible. Read, Review and Share.

    Instagram:- @idiksha_bisht
    Email ID:-


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    फ़िकर नही मुझे

    फ़िकर नही मुझे अपने नाम और शोहरत की बस मेरे अपने ही मुझे पहचान ले इतना चाहता हूँ;
    लोभ नही मुझे पैसे का,
    बस अपने तन पर कपड़े रख सकू; अपना और अपने परिवार का पेट भर सकू,
    बस इतना चाहता हूँ।

    शौक नही मुझे ढाबे पर जाने का,
    बस अपनो के साथ मिलकर खाना खा सकू इतना चाहता हूँ।
    वैसा तो घुमना फितरत मैं नही मेरी; पर जब साथ अपने हो तो हर जगह हर गली जाना चाहता हूँ,
    ख्वाईशे कुछ ज्यादा नही है मेरी,
    बस अपनो को अपनी खुशी मैं शामील देखना चाहता हूँ।

    ना समझ तो बहुत हूँ पर
    समझना सबको चाहता हूँ
    परवाह तो सबकी है
    पर जताना नही चाहता हूँ
    मैं चाहे कहीं भी रहूँ;
    बस अपनो की खेरीयत चाहता हूँ।

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    There is a silence
    inside my heart,
    But I don't know
    how to break it out.
    There is a silence
    inside my soul,
    But I don't know
    how to take it out.

    There is a silence
    in my feelings,
    in my love,
    There is a silence
    in my tears,
    in my word.
    There is a silence
    in my regret,
    in my belief,
    There is a silence
    in my pain,
    in my relief.

    There is a silence
    in my passion,
    There is a silence
    in my action.
    There is a silence
    in my wound,
    in my guilt,
    in my joy,
    in my hope,
    in my concern.

    There is a silence
    in me,
    in my body.

    My First Book:- A Concotion Of Emotions
    Instagram:- @idiksha_bisht
    E-mail ID :-

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