Yes ! I’m young TIBETAN girl and I ‘m very proud of being a member of Tibetans

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  • its_me_alien 20w

    I have changed a lot !

    I used to write long long paragraphs
    In chatting but since from past eight months , I don’t even chat with people.
    That’s how I changed !

    Before I used to write a many poems but these days I am writing only three poems in one months
    That’s how I changed !


  • its_me_alien 20w

    I wish we could stay little longer 🙄

  • its_me_alien 21w

    Back to you !

    It’s just a distance that we are
    Miles away from each other.

    It’s just a month that
    We are staying separate .

    It’s just a year that
    We can’t be together.

    It’s just a situation
    That we can’t meet .

    It’s just a moment
    That I have be selfish to my self .

    It’s just a second
    That my heart is beating supper fast .

    It’s a hope that remain in me .
    I will be back !
    And I promise :- I will be back !

  • its_me_alien 22w

    Why ?

    Why only me ?
    Why not others ?
    Why I have to go through struggles
    When others are enjoying?

    Why I left alone ?
    Why they moved from my life ?
    Why I have to go through struggles
    When others are enjoying?

    Why him ?
    Why are you sending people
    In my life when they are not meant to be in my life ?

    Why me over again and again ?


  • its_me_alien 23w

    Yo !

    What you doing ?
    I am just living my life as usual
    My life become little bit boring without
    You .

    You know what !
    yesterday I didn’t
    Expect any call from him
    But he called me
    Probably we talked after
    one and half month later .

    Yesterday was the most awkward day
    Of my life !
    To be honest :- he remain same but
    I was one , who has been changed a lot .

    I didn’t mean to change my self
    but it was Happened !


  • its_me_alien 23w

    I texted him during examination

    Me :- best of luck !
    Give your best and rest just leave for god .
    I know ! you Don’t believe in luck
    but still I am saying it .

    He replied:- yeah I don’t believe in luck
    Instead I give my best during preparation.

    That moment !
    I realised he is thinking very practical and
    Very unique person that I have ever met .


  • its_me_alien 23w

    Let me go !

    Hy dear !
    I don’t have any guts to say directly
    That why I choose to write letter .

    Ok let me come to the point .
    I am very weak to express my feelings
    And you know it but this time
    I am getting afraid because that
    Time has come .
    where we have to separate
    from each other .

    I know ! its not impossible
    But we can make it possible
    Just for our parents and families.
    We have to sacrifice our love
    Just for them .

    Please let me go !
    Please try to understand the situation !
    And don’t think that I used you
    for timepass ok .
    I still love you and I will love you
    forever and ever .
    And I promise!!!

    And we both lost the hope of love


  • its_me_alien 23w

    Dear crush !

    Keeping this secret and not letting you
    To know what I feel
    it’s very difficult part of my life .

    I always wanting you to know
    About it but end up saying nothing.

    You may think !
    How strange our bond became
    But that’s how real life is .
    And I will let you go !

    I swear !
    I will never look back again nor
    I will try to contact !

    I swear !
    Just one and half year
    After that I promise
    I will never show my
    face in front of you .

    I just hope
    I am still alive in your memories .
    But you are always
    there in my memories.

    I swear !
    I am trying my best to remove you
    From my life but end it up failing
    On this method .


  • its_me_alien 24w

    Tell me !
    When you are gonna say this :-
    Today I miss you a lot .

    Tell me !
    When you are gonna say this :-
    Today I spent my whole day waiting for you’re text .

    Tell me !
    When you are gonna say this :-
    Today I spent my whole day dreaming about you .

    Tell me !
    When you are gonna say this :-
    Shall we go evening walk ?
    Only us !

    Tell me !
    When you are gonna say this :-
    I need you !

  • its_me_alien 25w

    I am very happy that you became a part of my journey , which was unplanned .

    I felt some how lucky that you find me years ago , which was also unexpected.

    But now we have only half time ,
    After that the situation it self will make us depart !

    Still I am gonna miss you a lot
    Still I will remember our long long chitchats .

    But still I will pray to god that we never met again in our life.