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  • isolated_atom 24w

    बस यूँ ही!

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    वियोगी निशा की भी होती है दुपहरिया,
    जहां खिलखिलाते हैं शोक,और विषाद
    लेती है अंगड़ाई।
    झपकी लेती है,आषाढ़ माष के भास्कर की अनंत किरणें।
    जहां लेखक की कलम मरूस्थल में लिपटकर
    जन्म देती है एक पंकज को और प्रतिद्वंदी हो जाता है,
    निशा की शीतलता का।

    वहीं पन्ने समेटते हैं,
    संपूर्ण ब्रह्मांड के लेखकों द्वारा रचित शब्दों को,
    और उन्हें अपनाकर,
    उनके भावों को वियोग से
    संयोग में परिवर्तित करते हैं।


  • isolated_atom 25w

    Yesterday,when i woke up.
    The wind outside my window was
    giggling in front of my eyes.
    I saw my verses were wet and
    oozing from my eyes.
    My balcony was totally covered with the
    faded leaf of my hope tree.
    The thorn of skies were grovelling over
    my bed and trying me to lay on them.
    The sea over my books became salty
    more than it should be.
    The Birds were tweeting and singing the
    melodies of my failure.
    My home was being destroyed by
    gigantic storm of destiny.
    I was fully chewed by the melancholic metaphor
    merged in normalized interaction.
    I was remained of mere girlish mourn.
    The drawing of my feebled cosmos in
    my eyes was erased.
    I was mum and seeing myself destroying
    through my loved stuffs.
    My tantrums were feeling guilty and escaped.
    I was far away from the reality.
    But a refulgent star resist me to stay alive.
    Perhaps I was alive and too dead so.

    I was destroyed!

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  • isolated_atom 25w

    Dear @syaahiii
    You've been a virtual hand on my shoulder.
    Being around you feels like dweller of heaven.

    As I'm a introvert girl, I don't have a long friend list,
    but I've those who are priceless, whose hearts are more
    than cosmos cuz cosmos has no end and
    you are one of them.
    And so through this,i believed that me is good in pursuing people who have quality over quantity.

    I can't even imagine that how could it possible for almighty to frame someone who really deserves deepest good's badge.
    I'll never be enough thankful of almighty for pushing me to do some accidents which accidentally provided me an opportunity to meet you. No. I can't.
    I'll keep adoring the way me meet. Your placidity which took my heart ,I never ever imagined that it can happen too in my life. I've no words to describe you cuz i can not,cosmos couldn't framed the words which can measure you or explain you and your sublimity.
    You've got the purest essence of humanity and intimacy.
    You're the one who never escape a single chance of making me feel special.
    The way you love me, inspires me the most to love you back more than enough.
    *Happiest b'day saumya didi!*
    Stay blessed and gorgeous.
    Love you to the moon and back! ❤��

    ~your nanhi si jaan.

    Ps- i've a lot to say but shortage of time that's why i'm very sorry for this post.

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  • isolated_atom 25w

    Random thoughts! ��

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    Come sit by me.

    Look, this moon of the moonlit night
    is waiting for us to keep admiring
    it continuously.
    My poems are waiting to show you
    their depths by covering them inside you.
    She wants to be adorned with ornaments
    like a handful of words given to her by
    you and to add beauty to her beauty.
    My silky hairs, which are always coming up
    and down my face playing with the wind,
    await your touch, that you pass them through
    my cheeks with your hard hands,
    looking them closely into my eyes,
    Put them behind my ears so that your attention
    may also be drawn to the earrings that
    you gave and i have put on them for you.
    My fingers are waiting, from the touch of
    your hair to the touch of your heart.
    This universe is waiting to see its praise
    through your eyes and the middle ground
    is waiting to bear the weight of our hopes.

    Come on, sit with me.


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  • isolated_atom 29w

    The cliche thing write-up.
    You can ignore.

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    The way she amplified the moon,
    Even the moon is in love with her.

    Even the moon wants to write the lovey-dovey
    rhymes on her wet pages of heart with the scars.
    She is bizarre.

    Even the moon wants to colour her
    melancholic black and white heart with scars.
    Scars are sacred.

    Even the moon is ready to be a balloon just to
    see a smile on her face.

    Even the moon gave her pieces of November
    in summer,
    She increased the luminosity and
    grandeur of moon with her flaws.


  • isolated_atom 30w

    She let herself indulge in the arms
    of poetries every single night.
    And use to lock her flaws with the
    moon in form of scars.


  • isolated_atom 30w

    I know i ruined it but please pardon me for the mistakes.
    Just wrote in 10 mins.

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    She is IDENTITY.
    Identity of her own existence. 
    Immance of her patience gives birth
    of a graceful soul in her.

    She is VANITY.
    Vanity for her own parents.
    Sparkling avenues of her destination
    create myriad stars of success for her.

    She is SELF-LOVER.
    Lover of her own flaws.
    Imperfection makes her perfect,
    Failure makes her resurrect.
     'She's the perfect wine to her own spirit.'


  • isolated_atom 33w

    Firstly,I would say sorry because i can not write something to post for you. Sorry didi!
    I'm not at home free.
    Now I know you're a beautiful and a kind soul ,you'll definitely pardon me.

    So, i just wanna say that you've been the sweetest,beautiful ,placid hearted person I've met on mirakee.
    You always seem as a virtual hand on my shoulder.
    We've never talked much,but a lil conversation to you gives immense positive vibes and solaces me too.

    Happiest b'day didi!
    You're a beautifulllllllllll soul and never let your sparkles decrease.

    Sending you bags of happiness and tight hugs.
    Stay happy,blessed and gorgeous forever.

    Your bachcha loves you a lot,really! ❤

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    बर्ग-ए-गुल सा तकल्लुम उनका,
    आज भी हम तालिब उन्हीं के हैं।

  • isolated_atom 44w

    In her grocery of friends I'm a 'chhota packet' with 'bda dhamaka.'
    The sky above my head is inky black. But the sky on the horizon wasn't dark at all. It was shot with crimson,like a splash of blood. And the ashes blew towards me with the salt wind from the sea. The moon would be witnesse to the contemplation of you by me.

    So,what to write about you?
    You're a scared creation in yourself.
    Just so placid didu, I know that.
    "You're like the first red streaks of sunrise. Little by little it spreads across the sky."
    You've the bestest phase for your elders to show.

    You breathe the positivity,reverence,kindness,eulogize and delicacy so it is impossible to take out anything bad for you. It can't.
    The Girl bestow her gigantic labour on the gracile phase of destination to come true.
    You know what? your love is lil clingy and people like me get stick with it.
    The universe drows in your lap. The cadence kissed your forehead and promised to stay with you for ever.
    You're a fable of the planets in fact,the planets should thank you to let them drag in your exquisite verses. The planets have the serendipity of staying in your rhymes.

    Your vivid dreams are as vivid that another cosmos also dreams to get too. Your way of study inspires me,the most.

    May god shower you all the electrons of success and positivity present in each and every atom on this earth and from his place too. Success will touch your feet very soon.
    Break a leg!
    you're gearing up from my bosom.
    Each and every interaction with you is captivating and your posts are mesmerizing. You means a lot to me.
    "Didu, I'll meet you once in this life,for sure."
    Sending you lots of love and tight hugs,didu.
    Happiest b'day didi!
    Oopsy, direction didi. @cosines ❤️��

    Pardon this tenthie who isn't able to express anything good and who is super duper late. Dragged very vaguely I know that.

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    When i rise up
    Let me rise up joyfully
    Like a bird

    When i fall down
    Let me fall with out regret
    Like a leaf.