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  • ishu_deepthinker 15w

    Smile, It's will not give you back the things you lost
    But darling it will definitely give you more courage..!

  • ishu_deepthinker 16w

    An illusion which was very
    Beautiful actually it was my past ...
    And no more!

  • ishu_deepthinker 17w

    Topic - Lost Love Lost Me

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    If anyone wants to publish his/her name and write-up in book as a co-author..then comment me fast!

    There is no entry free/- ❤️

  • ishu_deepthinker 21w

    If You were a Flower_

    If you were a flower I wish I was a gust of wind , touch you and everytime consider myself so much lucky!

  • ishu_deepthinker 21w

    दिल में आपकी यादों की गुफ़्तगू सदा ही मौजूद है,
    आँखों में हमारी आपकी तस्वीर भी मसरूफ़ है,
    हाँ! लेकिन सुनो,
    आपका हमारी ज़िन्दगी में आ जाना
    अब बिल्कुल ही फ़िजूल है।

  • ishu_deepthinker 21w

    Darling actually I really don't want
    You back,But'
    Yes Still loving You!

  • ishu_deepthinker 22w

    Wear an invisible crown,
    no one else needs to see it
    you just keep fixing it,
    don't let it fall at all..

  • ishu_deepthinker 22w

    Entry fee ₹5/- only

    Topic - If Time Stops for a moment

    Do participate in this book.
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  • ishu_deepthinker 25w

    Most of the people miss their match who
    Always made them feel that mirical happens
    In reality!

  • ishu_deepthinker 25w

    One Day'

    One day you'll be able to say "YES! I LIKE HOW I AM."
    That time you'll feel actually
    Proud and extraordinary feeling of relief'
    You'll give utmost importance to yourself and You'll feel as if the seven colors of the seven, which are in that rainbow in the sky,
    Have been painted inside You!