a journey with those unsaid words ❤️

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  • ishika_0125 2w

    क्यों, तुम मेरे नहीं हुए
    पास तो थे ना,
    फिर साथ क्यों नहीं
    एक दूसरे की खुशियों का ठिकाना तो था ना हमें
    फिर चाहते का पता क्यों नहीं
    मायूसी की वजह जब पता थी
    तो आँसुओं की गहराई क्यों नहीं
    एक रोज़ दोस्त तो थे ना हम
    फिर आज अजनबी क्यों

    क्यों, तुम मेरे नहीं हुए,
    इन सवालो का खत जो तुम्हारे नाम है
    शायद तुम तक कभी पहुँच ना पाए
    शायद पहुँच कर भी तुम समझ ना पाओ
    पर शायद तुम्हारे ज़हन में
    खुद एक दिन ये सवाल उठे
    शायद फिर तुम भी एक खत मेरे नाम लिखो
    शायद फिर हमें कुछ जवाब मिले

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    क्यों, तुम मेरे नहीं हुए

  • ishika_0125 3w

    Let the child within you be alive ��
    Coz the moon still chases us
    The sky still waits for us to count the stars✨

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    Life was simple
    When the moon chased our cars,
    And we counted stars

  • ishika_0125 7w

    thinking what they care
    and caring what they think
    shouldn't be a bother to you

  • ishika_0125 8w

    Wish them the very best
    and let them walk away
    if they don't want to be a part
    of your life anymore,
    nothing would stop them
    from moving apart

    I know its hard
    But maybe one day, they'll cross your path
    and if they're meant to be in your life
    they will,

    till then keep yourself first,
    make yourself a priority
    and make the faith walk on your path

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    if they're meant to be in your life
    they will!

  • ishika_0125 9w

    you'll surely meet some people who'll enter into your life as a ray of light, but eventually be gone as a gust of wind...
    You'll surely meet some people who'll first make you their priority, but apparently treat you as an option...
    you'll be dreaming of them of forever, but the reality would end up being the worst nightmare as well
    People aren't constant, the only thing that remains the same is the heart that beats for them!

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    मैने तुम मे अजनबी पाया
    और अपना भी

    ख्वाब पाया
    और हकीकत भी

  • ishika_0125 9w

    दिल में उलझी बातें थी
    खुद भी जिनसे अनजान थी
    बनने से पहले ही बिखरी
    अपनी भी एक कहानी थी


  • ishika_0125 10w

    someday someone will come to your life,
    and your poems will find a reason to rhyme

  • ishika_0125 11w

    while the world is sinking in the tragedies of ‘फ़िलहाल’ and ‘पछताओगे’

    immortalise your love story in the music of
    ‘मै रहु या ना रहु’


  • ishika_0125 11w

    whatever is between us,
    is way too deep,

    and i know
    he's afraid of depths

  • ishika_0125 11w

    Run away with me,
    lost souls in revelry,

    Running wild and running free,
    two kids, you and me