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  • ishan666 133w

    The Necromancer's speech

    I raise the dead,
    I am a being all powerful.
    Behold!! My army,
    Multitude and plentiful,
    Made in my image,
    A reflection of my being,
    But deep down my mighty soul,
    There's something you are not seeing.
    Lonliness and solitude,
    Has marred my childhood,
    Lack of a connection,
    All along my boyhood.
    Engulfed by rage,
    I raise my progeny,
    Now I have friends,
    Plentiful and so many.

  • ishan666 143w

    Mr. Wiseman

    Mr. Wiseman was here yesterday.
    No! Not the one I met the day before.
    He shared his wisdom with me,
    Something I never asked for.
    Offering me guidance
    and showing me the path
    Teaching me how to follow my head
    And not my erratic heart.
    He told me how to dress
    Jobs I should have to impress the masses.
    But I've met Wisemen before,
    Bunch of dimwits and asses.
    Some tell you what to eat,
    Some tell you how much you should weigh.
    Some say how much you should earn
    And some tell you whom to pray.
    But when you question Mr. Wiseman
    And don't follow his cherished rules,
    He comes at you all angry
    And proves that he is nothing but a fool.
    The other wise men see his rage
    And join forces to defend their views
    But no one attacked their beliefs
    It's just that their insecurities are apparent to you.
    The next time you see Mr. Wiseman,
    Just ignore him and walk away
    His words have no meaning no power
    Don't ruin your precious day

  • ishan666 143w

    Meat Suits

    Suits for sale, suits for sale,
    One size fits all I swear
    Do you want the one with a smile,
    Or the "meh, I don't care"
    I can customize expressions,
    Don't worry I can make them all,
    Do you want the one you want to share
    With people who don't care at all??
    I can make u buff n make u skinny,
    If that "suits" your need,
    Aha!! Pun intended
    A suit for your story and your feed.
    I see your closet is full,
    But new trends will always come,
    Don't worry I am here
    Why so glum, chum??
    After all, these nice people
    Genuinely care for you
    Your well pressed meat suit
    Will definitely define you.
    You will be the popular one,
    The one who people adore.
    Who cares about what lies
    Deep inside your core.
    Suits for sale, suits for sale.
    I swear I tailor the best.
    Why bother with your own expression
    When you can be just like the rest.

  • ishan666 143w

    Stagnation's Prisoner

    Throw a pebble at the still water
    A ripple breaks the monotony
    A much needed disturbance
    In this otherwise listless life.
    Chaos O chaos I long for you,
    With stability comes stagnation
    What is life worth,
    If I don't strive.
    Break my stillness for once,
    Bring a new disruption,
    Bring the disturbance I seek
    And free me from my prison.
    A prison with no doors,
    No walls, no floors.
    A prisoner of my thoughts
    My logic and my reason.
    Chaos Of chaos,
    Please do come soon
    For I have waited so long
    For my release.
    I am trying to be hopeful
    I am trying to be strong
    Come break my stillness
    I beg you, please

  • ishan666 145w

    The innkeeper's woes

    Once upon a time
    There was an innkeeper
    A bearded wee man with a hump.
    He gave food and shelter,
    And a bed till the morn
    In that awful home which looked like a dump.
    The poor man was rich
    Rich at heart for sure,
    But he wasn't so fortunate with the dough.
    He comforted the weary
    But got complaints in return,
    Such were the innkeeper's woes.
    Naive was he,
    To think that all men
    Were pure at heart as he.
    Humanity's doom
    Love buried and entombed
    I realised the innkeeper was me.

  • ishan666 146w

    Grandma's eternal smile

    Amidst the hustle and bustle
    Of an everyday train station
    A family of four deboard
    At the final destination
    One last stop for all,
    Mom, dad, son
    and the favorite old woman
    While a curious onlooker watches
    Trying to understand emotions of the human.
    The grandma takes a seat,
    Relaxes for sometime
    Closes her eyes for a moment
    And smiles about her glorious time.
    It has been a while now
    Grandma hasn't opened her eyes,
    Her hands have turned cold
    But that smile still lights up the skies.
    The mom tapped her on the shoulder
    But grandmas smile was frozen ice
    The family started to panic
    Unresponsive when nudged twice.
    The smile still remained,
    Even though the heart stopped to beat,
    Frozen was a happy memory
    An eternal dream so sweet.
    People all around were sad
    But grandma seemed at peace.
    She had spent one last glorious moment.
    Before the lights dimmed and her breathing ceased.

  • ishan666 146w

    Lone man on the mountain(Inspired by Alan Watts)

    I had left a long time ago
    Had to find a different path
    I know the highway leads to accomplishment
    But the narrow trail leads to the heart.
    For years I have journeyed on foot
    To reach back to the start
    Walked around aimlessly
    Searching for that missing part.
    I have seen people playing the game,
    Intensity running high.
    I did take a shot myself
    But never understood what for and why?
    I stopped playing the game,
    Bid farewell to my brothers still rolling the dice,
    After a decade of doubt and disbelief.
    I realised my decisions were wise.
    I look over you all from my shelter
    My simple home on the mountains high.
    I've seen you jump in glee
    And I have also seen you cry.
    But do not get carried away
    Because it is only a game,
    Satisfaction can only be found in the heart
    Not in your fortune and fame.
    If you need me, you can reach out
    I am always there to help you out.
    But I have to refrain from playing the game,
    Where we only scream and shout.
    Relax, take a breath
    It's only a game, I say,
    You do not have to struggle so hard,
    Forget about tomorrow and enjoy today

  • ishan666 147w

    Dance with Chaos

    So light on her feet

    So fluid her nature

    While I observe her

    That beastly beautiful creature

    I sit and watch the way she dances

    an admirer of her grace

    Picking up her convoluted moves

    trying to unravel the maze

    Sometimes I get irritated

    the unpredictability ,disorder and volatility

    the way she comes in like a tornado

    ruthlessly destroying everything with no pity

    But yet I am fascinated

    wondering what comes next

    The wait kills me inside

    can't help but be vexed

    I get this urge to tame her

    And deny her release

    But then I start thinking otherwise

    I don't want the dance to cease

    If the mystery comes to an end

    A wave of boredom will follow

    All the intense mixed feelings would stop

    leaving me feeling hollow

    That's why I sit and watch

    Observing patterns that lie within

    Trying to put the puzzle together

    See where what would fit in

    The sooner I learn , the better

    The sooner I can join the dance

    I am just looking for an opportunity

    waiting for a chance.

    Finally the song will end

    not for her but her quiet observer

    She will keep dancing

    with the same intensity and fervor

    Unaware of the onlooker

    Unaware of his inquisitive mind

    All he wants to do is understand

    there are some answers he needs to find

    He won't stop searching

    keep exploring endlessly 

    The urge is way to strong

    but he will strive tirelessly

    If he could just understand her a little

    know what makes her tick

    If only the dance with chaos lasted longer

    but it always ends quick

  • ishan666 147w

    The spider spins a web

    It starts at a point

    With two ways to go

    To the left and to the right.

    Take either route

    It doesn't matter

    There are equal odds you will score a bite.

    Your web takes a different shape

    Based on the direction you go.

    Quite fascinating, the drastic contrast

    But what is more interesting is the final destination

    The point which comes last.

    The large complex structure 

    That you spin is interesting,

    An artform brilliant and awesome

    But more often than not

    You do get lost

    And it can be tiresome.

    The funny thing is you start

    And keep on moving

    Forgetting what was in the past.

    But you can't help it

    Contemplation is futile

    With the world moving so damn fast.

    Where does the web connect?

    Are you lost?

    The labyrinth does not end

    Lost and forgotten 

    No way of going back

    To repair and amend.

  • ishan666 147w


    A child on the playground,
    With a bright smile,
    Hoping for a friend,
    To come walking by
    But all his friends
    Have aged now
    They are trapped
    N they are caged now
    So he jus sits
    On one side
    Sad and lonely
    Emotions he can't hide
    The children are all there
    But they are children no more
    They are adults now
    N they are fun no more
    Hopefully someday
    A child will walk by
    Sit on my see saw
    N push me up high