Writing for unspoken feelings and mini story. Follow if it's relatable and you can feel it. I like to write it short. I'm sarcastic too

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  • irneeesa 5d

    I say:
    Support human rights including LGBT rights;
    No to victim blaming;
    No to body shaming;
    No to child abuse especially child marriage;
    No to animal abuse;
    No to domestic abuse ( man & woman)
    Yes to a pro-choice.
    Yes to harmless tradition & culture
    No to injustice/violence tradition & culture
    Yes to consent
    No to harrasement

  • irneeesa 1w

    1. My gym motive is to gain
    2. I hate bodyshaming (e.g fat or skinny, as long they are healthy)
    3. I'm a feminist

  • irneeesa 2w

    As much I want a lot of money. But those 3 are worth fighting for.

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    Travel. Love. Peace.

  • irneeesa 2w

    Stop posting your problems in social media and start drinking alcohol like the rest of us.

  • irneeesa 7w


    It's funny.I feel good doing something perfectly with no flaws. However, when I made mistakes and able to solve it. I feel proud of myself. Not only proud because of being able to fix it but also I learn something. A knowledge comes from the mistake that make us grow wiser. Eventually we all become a wise old folks.


  • irneeesa 8w


    He thinks I'm amazing and treat me well. Just like how I think of him and give the best from my best.


  • irneeesa 9w

    Deal breaker

    1. Disloyalty
    2. Violence
    3. Bad-mouth
    4. Rude
    5. Bad intentions
    6. Abusive
    7. Ignorant
    8. Stealing
    9. Rape
    10. Lying

  • irneeesa 12w

    I like it like that

    I like it when people think I'm not smart, stupid and think they are better than me. Because I am all of that, that's why I keep learning, further my study and make space for improvement. You are better than me? Cool! I'm happy that you already achive your better self.


  • irneeesa 13w


    I am millenial. I dont think we have organizational commitment issue. It's just that the leader in the organization is from older generation and does not have the same values with us. We also have high respect to ourself which was mistakan with narccisist. Thus, if the organization devalue us, we will go, we can no longer accept disrespcect like the older generation in the workplace.

  • irneeesa 14w


    You may treat your parents, family, close friends or gf/bf pretty good. But if you are rude, no intergrity, or unkind to stranger, you are still an ARSEHOLE.