smile and shine like a rainbow and fly like a butterfly ��

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  • iris_99 18w


  • iris_99 21w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 10 word short tale on Plethora

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    With plethoric pain,
    dancing in rain ,
    Having distressingly blissful smile like vain!

  • iris_99 25w

    She is neither a masterpiece nor a disaster ,
    Living in the devil's den, lost all the sanity ,
    Holding back the pain and crawling deep inside the darkest nights,
    Found herself bleeding all the way ,
    Tears of distress with fizzling knees
    Her frail mind played tricks with her
    That she can never escape ,
    Falling deep into the ocean of darkness
    where the light can never set it's foot in...

    @mirakee @writersnetwork @readwriteunite
    #she #pain #mind #masterpiece #disaster #distress #devil

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    She is neither a masterpiece nor a disaster

  • iris_99 37w

    By unknown writer

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    It pains! Just make it stop! please, God!

  • iris_99 41w

    I don't care anymore !! I simply don't!

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    Why God why?

    Why do you often forget that I have feelings too!
    Why do you often push me to the point of numbness where I do not have energy to form words to write and get accessed to my feelings ....

  • iris_99 49w

    What kind of war I'm fighting with myself in my head

    A deep void in my heart that only a certain special emotions can fill ..
    Every shouting and yellings in my head with myself ,
    I realised one thing , there has to be something which can mute this pain and yelling in my head,
    Yet can't figure it out what that kind of emotion it is and where to find it...
    Deep inside still hoping for the light to come it through my cracked heart!
    May be I'm happy for now that my heart is cracked instead being numb and stoned..


  • iris_99 52w

    Dear butterfly,
    I see you as a messenger from God , your beautiful designed unfolded wings
    reminds me to my old self, flying freely with so much bubbly emotions revolving in my heart. Those are the days, I had innocence in my eyes which even made my own stubborn heart to melt .Right now I would give anything to trade that back in my life . Yet, I simply don't need it . Because my eyes are now holding a rage of fire that will never fade away . Many heartbreaks, rejections, been played, been tricked, been triggered, been backstabbed , been lost, made me not wanting that innocence back in my life. That was my biggest yet disguisingly weakest gift that God had ever given me . If that innocence would win many hearts one day, I would like to be a loser on winning hearts then. .. Now your job is to fly to heavens to get strength from God and fly back to me, my beautiful little angelic creature. I will be forever grateful to you.. !!

  • iris_99 59w

    Butterflies and rainbows

  • iris_99 59w

    More like a dead dry flower ,
    Hoping for a drop of water
    To restore myself ,
    Finding and trying every possible way
    To make me remain breathing ,
    Oh I forgot !!
    Already am dead, too Deaf for life
    Too much Duffer to have hope in this hopeless world ,
    Too Dumb to believe in myself ,
    Dumping dumping and dumping
    All my pain to leave stain behind ,
    Digging digging and digging my dark side
    To find it too dark for my sight
    Trying to find every possible way to come alive..
    Having hope to find the ray of light to blossom again !!!

  • iris_99 63w

    Secretly awaiting your presence
    to heal together ,
    To laugh together,
    To win together,
    To create miracles ,
    To discover magic together within us...
    @readwriteunite @mirakee @writersnetwork

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    Let's unfold the wings and fly together touching the stars and going every nook and cranny to unfold all the secrets within ..