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  • irifatfazli 196w


    Yes,it is true
    I hav the confidence of my parents
    do have a goal in life
    A strong intention to achieve what is required.
    But stil,
    Somehwere in a corner of this heart..
    Lies dissatisfaction,unhapiness,dejection

    Where would this lead to?
    What will it turn into?
    Is beyond the convention

    May be there lies the absence of
    A person who can overload himself with all of this...
    And set me free

  • irifatfazli 198w


    Im too shy
    To tell u
    How i feel

    So ill hide behind
    Timid smiles and
    Soft hellos

    Im afraid
    If sometimes i ask
    "What do you think of me?"

    I know your answer
    But stil i would want to hear