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  • ira_neer 2w

    It's the "gentleness" in your demeanor that makes you a "GENTLEMAN".
    - Aafiya Siddiqui

    So simply put. Makes utmost sense.

    So, here's me,
    wishing all the GENTLEMEN
    A very happy MEN'S day !

    November 19, 2021

  • ira_neer 3w


    #rachanaprati107 #hindi #hindiwriters #shayari #hindishayari #miraquill

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    Miraquill song in Hindi

    Na tum hame jano
    Na hum tumhe jane
    Magar lagta hae kuch aisa ke
    Miraquill ke shamiyaney talay
    Kuch lekhak jo hae jama huey
    To Kalam ko mila chalne ka bahana
    Phir kyu na ho sama suhana suhana

    Dekho ye dil ki
    Ajab dastan hae
    Kalam bolti hae
    Dil bejuban hae

    Keh rahi hae kalam,
    lekhak ke kai afsane
    Dahal ya bahal raha dil,
    bas pathak hi jane

    Ho gaya hae milan
    Lekhakon ka mastana
    Ho gaya hae koi
    Kisi ka phir deewana

    Yahan nagme hae, kissey hae
    Yaari, dushmani, shayari hae
    Yahan rachnakaro ka sahyog hae
    Bhakton ka adhyatmik prayog hae

    Hae idhar memeswale kai fankar
    Aur Chutkule bhi hae beshumar
    Shabdo ka yahan mela hae
    App bilkul yahh albela hae

    Na tum hame jano
    Na hum tumhe jane
    Magar lagta hae kuch aisa ke
    Miraquill ke shamiyaney talay
    Kuch lekhak jo hae jama huey
    To Kalam ko mila chalne ka bahana
    Phir kyu na ho sama suhana suhana

    ©ira_neer November 11, 2021

  • ira_neer 4w

    #wanderer #wod #pod #mirakee #writersnetwork #miraquill

    @miraquill @writersnetwork Thank you for EDITOR'S CHOICE. This adds wind under my pen's wings to keep my inky✍️ bird flying. Elated ��

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    Rooted wanderer

    She stands steady amid the storms and gushing monstrous waves like an unimpeachable lighthouse
    Beaming the right direction to both the experienced but doubtful and the amateur seamen gone astray on their basal voyages.

    Stupefied with the drab humdrum and with rooted intellect about the known, her explorer heart catiously wanders in quest of the unknown.
    Her sanguine twin eyes drift scouting beyond the boundaries of the norms, for an idyllic and quintessential world that they had dared to envision eons back

    Her lonesome jaded entity seeks for a friend - a bolster against which she can rest for a while, being totally remiss to what's expected of her, in whose company she can let her hair down; a guardian angel to look over her so that she'll be spared of the worry of being ravaged and taken down by conniving and perfidious fellow mortals.

    Yes, she's well rooted and dutiful like a lighthouse, but her elements constantly wander beyond what is and for some respite.

    ©ira_neer November 11, 2021

  • ira_neer 4w


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    Mirakee smartees

    They do not read, like or repost for the ones they TAG (dusron ka padho mat par apna padwao)

    They like and comment on one of your post only when they have posted something and want you to check it out (subtle)

    They continuously like your posts (only like) to draw your attention to them.
    They follow you and once you follow back they unfollow (mission accomplished)

    Now this one is funny. Some "on and off" account deactivators have a funny way of saying 'Hi ! I'm back for a while now'. They just like one of your post. Not that they check and like all your posts that you had posted while they were deactivated. So, not really a fan of your writing probably. You've intrigued them for some reason and so they gallivant to your account on reactivating. Also, maybe sometimes while doing window shopping at your account they end up buying a post and pay for it with a like. (I respect this. Really. I mean it. Atleast they have the courtesy to drop a like. Better than the plagiarists and people who copy your ideas and sell as their own without letting you know that they stealthily keep crawling into your account for thieving).

    Lesson learnt -
    Never to follow someone who has many followers but themselves are following less than 10

    Tip -
    Take screenshots of your followers, so that you can track who has unfollowed you after you started following them.
    (i.e. Only if you want to play the follow unfollow game. I don't do it myself. Honestly.
    But, by educating novices with these tips, indirectly I'll have my revenge with the smartees.... Ha ha ha (devilish laughter )

    ©ira_neer November/5/2021

  • ira_neer 4w #next.diwali.should.fulfill


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    Happy festivities

    Can we celebrate any festival
    which is smoke free (from crackers)
    Which is un-suffocating (cracker smoke)
    Which isn't unhealthy (smoke allergy)
    Which isn't deafening for animals and sensitive people (quite possible if the sound of crackers is less in decibel.
    Which is garbage free (dead x-mas trees and messy residues of crackers)
    Which is accident free (if people are more careful)

    Why hasn't any scientist thought about it ?

    Only if science could make all of this possible with eco friendly, health friendly, residue free, safe and pollution free fire crackers.
    Then we can all really live it when we wish each other
    Stress free festivities in clean and beautiful surroundings with pure oxygen alongwith family, friends, health and happiness !

    Funny me -
    One advantage of diwali. You get so attuned to the blaring sound of crackers, suffocating toxic smoke, on-off flickering lights and your surroundings strewn with burnt leftover garbage that you won't be shocked anymore (god forbid) if one day you're stuck in a war zone.

    ©ira_neer. November/4/2021

  • ira_neer 5w

    Hello dear!
    Don't you at all mind giving me your address
    Coming there, my way, I'll relieve you of stress
    With some bricks and bats
    Turning you blue and black
    With noone around to rescue
    What the hells wrong with you ?

    Life hasn't been fair to anybody
    Sulking isn't any good remedy
    Yes, we do change, for better or worse, sometimes in our life
    But, giving up a wonderful passion, isn't what one would call wise
    Neither am I the one to preach or advise
    Nor am I a sweetheart, who belies
    I am not a friend who'll always be there
    I'm the one who DOESN'T like to PAMPER despair

    So again I'll ACCENTUATE
    Don't you at all mind giving me your address
    Coming there, my way I'll relieve you of stress
    With some bricks and bats
    Turning you blue and black
    With noone around to rescue
    What the hells wrong with you ?
    Unless you PICK UP your good SELF
    To SPILL OUT here your PENS wealth

    ©ira_neer - 31st October, 2021

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    Hello dear !

    Dedicated to those few people who are excellent writers
    But for some reason have lost their mojo and gave up writing

    I don't even know if such writers use this app anymore
    So, I am not sure if any such writer will read this

    I'm not sure if I've been creative enough in evoking some HUMOUR
    Which in turn might result in inspiring them to ink again

    Anyway, that's me
    Agree or disagree

    ©ira_neer - 31st October, 2021

    (Poem in caption)

  • ira_neer 5w

    Pumpkin puzzle

    Here comes the thirty first of October
    Day for saints and departed members
    When humble pumpkin takes on a face
    And Jack-o'-lantern, at homes is placed
    It's face may be made funny or scary
    A light inside, the pumpkin does carry
    Trick-or-treat, guising and souling
    Bonfires, pranks and celebrating
    All that's fine... festive wine and dine
    Will you answer a question of mine ?
    Why only the bulbous orange pumpkin
    Is the veggie, symbolic of Halloween ?
    Oh ! I do know this festive Halloween's
    history and many stories
    But, I don't know how poor pumpkins
    ended up with the ghoulies.

    Happy Halloween ��

    ©ira_neer 31/oct/2021

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    Pumpkin puzzle

    Poem in caption ©ira_neer 31/10/2021

  • ira_neer 6w

    Forever words

    In a kingdom functioning with words
    we're born and bred
    Words work through our eyes, ears, speech, dreams and head
    Words stay with us as tombstone epitaphs when we're dead

    ©ira_neer 28/Oct/2021

  • ira_neer 6w

    I'm sharing the excerpts from Mr. Harish Iyer.
    (Mr. Harish Iyer is an equal rights activist working for the rights of the LGBT community, women, children and animals. ‘Rainbow Man’ is Harish’s regular blog for The Quint)
    HI (Harish Iyer) -
    "Ek ladka aur ladki kabhi dost nahi ho sakte!”, thundered Mohnish Bahl in Maine Pyaar Kiya, as he went on to mouth the most ridiculous line of dialogue in the history of Indian cinema.
    And you realise that nothing much has changed since 1989.

    HI continues...
    16 years later, one Kerala Education Minister (me to the readers - I guess you know who ), has echoed similar sentiments. The minister says he disapproves of boys and girls sharing a bench in schools and colleges. He supports gender segregation and insists that boys and girls sitting together, is against Kerala’s culture. He also adds that parents approve of his views.

    {{ This is interesting because even I have noticed that schools and colleges discourage boys and girls from sitting together. But I always thought that was because these educational institutions, being temples of higher learning, were progressive and wanted to support their homosexual students by making boys more comfortable in the company of other boys and leaving the girls alone }}.
    (Me : OMG ! HI is really good at sarcasm ��)
    Imagine if you were a gay boy and couldn’t come out to your parents, but your college supported you and your partner by insisting you sit next to each other! Or if you are a lesbian and your parents encourage you to only go on outstation trips and holidays with your female friends?
    Here does gender segregation actually help homosexuals ?
    (Me - Anybody can guess that now)

    HI ....
    I actually know a brother and sister who are both homosexual. The sister’s girlfriend pretends to be the brother’s girlfriend and the brother’s boyfriend pretends to be the sister’s boyfriend. When they drop in for sleep overs, the parents ensure that the boys bunk together as do the girls! Recently, I spoke at a college where the management took tremendous pride in making sure boys did not stand outside the girl’s hostel gate. The gay population was overjoyed. I mean, how cute, right?

    But on a more serious note, I think this practice of keeping boys and girls away from an early age, does more damage than parents and teachers realize. I have seen boys and girls being asked to sit in separate parts of the classroom, usually on two different sides. I have seen them stand in separate lines in the morning prayer assembly in schools. I have even seen their names entered separately in the attendance register! Yeh toh hadd hai yaar! I mean do you expect the letters of the names to wake up at night and make out with each other in the pages of the attendance register?!

    (Me - ha ha ha....He is supremely hilarious)

    Keeping kids apart makes them curious about each other. They stop viewing each other as people. They start viewing each other as a source of some form of forbidden pleasure. A school principal, a PhD in Biology tells 
    impressionable young girls of 6th and 7th standard that holding boys hands leads to pregnancy!
    (Me - Whaaatt ?? If you want to scare them, atleast use some intelligent logic Mr. PhD - Biology.
    Poor girls, I sympathize with you)

    Boys across the country are of course indoctrinated with nonsense like, “Good girls will always say ‘no’ when you approach them” and “If you like a girl you must keep pursuing her till she is ‘convinced’ or gives in”. Movies only add to this nonsense. Ultimately, you have young girls and women, terrified of getting pregnant and therefore running scared of a small army of very determined stalkers!

    {{Because of our mental block and cultural baggage, when boys and girls do end up having romantic or sexual encounters, they are invariably shrouded in shame and guilt. By the time they get married, they have already associated sexual pleasure with ‘paap’. Women do their duty by providing an heir and a spare. The men look for ‘pleasure’ outside marriage. There! You have systematically killed every possibility of having a mature and balanced society that understands love and celebrates companionship.}}

    Ek ladka aur ek ladki bahut achchhey dost hotey hain. Raising boys and girls together and letting them sit next to each other and talk to each other freely will help them understand the difference between friendship and romantic love. This way your son will not grow up and turn into the creep who sends girls social media request saying, “I want to fraaaandship you”.

    {{ Encourage boys and girls to play together. These will be their very first team building lessons. It will prevent boys from growing up and looking down at their woman colleagues as ‘diversity hires’. It will make sure that your daughter will never utter the sentence “Sab mard kuttey hotey hain!” Don’t keep your daughter away from the park or the playing field because you don’t want her to get tanned or end up with scraped knees.}}

    This way, boys will view girls as their equals. Let them build life long bonds based on mutual respect. All that discrimination is cluttering up your mind space. Get rid of it… for the sake of your children.

    And Kerala Education Minister, ... .... - Tera Rabb Rakhaa!!

    October 27, 2021

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    “Ek ladka aur ladki kabhi dost nahi ho sakte!”

    (English ) A boy and a girl can never be friends. (What it really means is that, they can never remain just friends). Because they end up falling in love with each other.

    Really ?
    Is it true ? Just because they are of opposite genders ? Then do the same genders always end up as good friends ? Or do the same genders always remain just good friends ? Come on ....
    You know what I mean.
    Oh ! No.
    No no no no.... It's not something new. It has always been there in earlier yugas too. But, was always smothered to silence.

    For the sake of healthy rationality read on in the caption... and mind you this is not limited to India.... Many the world over need to rethink their societal philosophies because even the so called developed countries are found lacking.

    ©ira_neer October 27, 2021

  • ira_neer 7w

    My angelic joy

    When the refreshed sky donned a soft satiny gown with pleasant cocktail hues of crimson, salmon pinks and tangerine; when the gibbous moon was setting, the youthful sun had stepped on Indian horizon and being infatuated was ogling at pretty maiden Venus with his little more convex illumination; while dashing Mars accompanied her with 1.77 magnitude; while baby boy Mercury was playing "ringa ringa roses" (orbiting) around
    his uncle Sun at a distance of 0.96 astronomical units; while wise grandpa Jupiter arrived carrying his 99% illumination in space and other celestial luminaries were active at their new chosen places in space; a baby girl was born on earth in the Shatabhisha Nakshtra ruled by the shadow planet Rahu as soon as the ever mobile sun riding on his seven divine white horses driven chariot entered the domain of the mutable Virgo, ushering in Ashwayuja - the seventh month in the Hindu lunar calendar and the harbinger of sharad ritu; when the old leaves dancing slowly to the soft rhythm of Autumn breeze settle on the forest floor, forming a picturesque giant golden mural while paving way to welcome the new leaves and thus dignifyingly marking the end of the monsoon season.

    This beautiful "wee bairn" arrived to the Earth's welcome of golden carpet in shukla paksha just after the festival of Dussehra when Vijayadashami marks the victory of good (Dharma) over evil (Adharma) on Sharad Purnima tithi - A day dedicated to the worship of Goddess Laxmi - the Goddess of wealth, health and prosperity; when milk festival is celebrated under the buttery yellow full moon, to the eager and loving parents in a well known family in Jaipur - the pink city having the geographical coordinates 26.9124° N, 75.7873° E.

    This dear bairn has become the joy of her first aunty and will forever remain so.

    ©ira_neer October 16, 2021


    Bairn (Scottish) = baby
    Purnima tithi = 15th day of hindu lunar calendar
    Shukla paksha = period of waxing moon
    Shatabhisha Nakshtra = constellation of 100 physicians
    Rahu = Northern lunar node
    sharad ritu = temperate autumn season
    #pod #writersnetwork #mirakee

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    My angelic joy

    If I had to announce the birth of my niece, how would I do it differently from the usual ?
    Have tried it in the caption. Do read and tell me if you like it ?

    My niece would be a year old on 19th October.
    ©ira_neer October 16, 2021