write to express not to impress

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  • intuitivepoet 21w

    If you are reading the lyrics of the song and are being able to relate, then it's just COMFORT not SOLUTION. Comfort is temporary irrespective of how effective or soothing it would be. But if u really are in need of help or a solution, comfort can only pile up your worries, or may hide your problem for a while. But in the long run, it wouldn't much give you a sense of accomplishment or overcoming a problem.

  • intuitivepoet 39w

    The morning light slowly started to shun away with the beginning of the dusk. People were talking, children were playing and it was quite an evening so replenishing. The streets filled with chaos and her mind with ranting and ruminating thoughts. She rushes out to witness the beautiful sunset, to feel the tender winds. It makes all her worries and stress to vanish within moments. Whenever she feels at loss or is worried about the uncertainties she's dealing with and to seek peace, she simply chooses to be caressed by the evening suns. It's getting darker, yet she was staring unwaveringly into the depths of the sky, letting the nature cure her anxieties. She was loving it at its best. And she almost forgot the house hold chores to be done, the responsibilities she has chosen to keep herself busy. She went back in after the dusk appeared. All the stress she has carried and was holding inside her for pretty much the entire day disappeared with a little ray of shine bestowed upon her. With a bewitching experience, and a smile on her face she continues to stay peaceful that night.

  • intuitivepoet 46w

    You know it is boring, yet you do what's boring cause you are just surrounded with things that you've already lost interest on. Basically you are just bored.

  • intuitivepoet 51w

    You could only hurt yourself trying to prove the wrong as wrong

  • intuitivepoet 51w

    A true person can never tolerate unkind or demeaning things around him. Fighting back could put you into unknown situations.
    Sometimes keeping calm is the best thing for yourself unless it isn't hurting you.

  • intuitivepoet 52w

    I don't like here
    I want to go sit in library

  • intuitivepoet 52w

    Unless it becomes popular it doesn't sound normal. If it is not normal, it's mostly weird.

  • intuitivepoet 53w

    simplicity is in itself an elegance, beauty and character

  • intuitivepoet 53w

    Those who donot respond when you are talking something, is the clear sign that they either are trying to provoke you or insult you. They talk only when they want to point you out and that's the mistake we make. It's absolutely your fault to fall in that vicious trap. The moment you sense this psychological issue, you need to gather your courage and cut that off. Don't engage yourself in that. Because it will be only them talking until they want to and ignore you when your point is correct. This is how they avoid. Make points to only those who have the sensibility to respect the other people's opinion or point of view. People as such lack in all possible ways.

  • intuitivepoet 55w

    Have been spending a wonderful time with you
    The days I have took comfort in your warmth
    When I held myself close to your heart
    Never did really hated you
    Though there were times I didn't like you
    I still adored you the same
    I let you feel that you were dear to me
    Though I knew you had another personality to you
    I embraced you keeping all the wounds to myself
    I endured my pains
    The pains which were given to me by you
    Am I so vulnerable that you keep doing this to me
    What made you feel that I was easy
    To become a victim to your viciousness
    Is it because I am still young and depend on you for everything
    Everyday I wake up to avoid a fight with you
    But it's as if it is bound to repeat itself
    I wake up to live atleast a day peacefully
    But at the end of the day
    I go to bed with the resentment filled in me
    You need me to keep your personality calm
    From not being exposed to people
    All I get to experience is the physical and mental abuses from you
    I don't know when you are in a calm zone
    And when is that your mood changes
    I can't bear this pressure and torture all the time
    Is this what I should learn from you?
    Is this what i have to deal with on a daily basis
    To satisfy yourself, you feed upon me
    Is that why you gave birth to me?
    To use me for your narcissistic satisfaction
    It's always a problem if things don't go as per your plan
    You show your dangerous personality then
    You never know what fun is
    You don't like if I am a bit funny with you
    You set me up as a person who don't respect you
    Does any mother do that ?
    Your personality is not at all approachable
    I never know when you will
    Frame me, make me feel guilty of myself
    When there's someone who has more authority and power than you
    You tend not to show this side of yours
    You play victim then
    And I will be framed as a psycho at the end
    As a person you do all other things well
    But no child can bear a narcissistic relationship
    No child can be calm around a person like you
    All my time is being wasted on thinking to deal with you
    All my energy is draining daily
    You do all the damage
    And come try to heal my wound again?!!
    As if nothing has really happened?!!!
    What kind of love is this??
    A psychotic love?!!
    Well, I have had enough already
    There's only one thing left
    If you still wanna continue
    My body can't take anymore
    I may die if you go for this again
    I may die mentally and totally forever.