open letters and ramblings of an undying mind

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  • intergalacticat_ 144w


    When I catch a glimpse of you
    A glance of that cheeky smile
    My heart stops
    And the world suddenly feels safe again.

  • intergalacticat_ 144w


    No one will believe me
    But I know what I heard
    I am really not that crazy
    I am feeling quite disturbed
    I am all on my own
    But something just said my name
    In a screechy loud moan
    Silent again it now became

  • intergalacticat_ 145w


    I know I shouldn't beg
    But would do you expect
    You broke my heart and left
    Like we never met

  • intergalacticat_ 145w


    Pulling up outside
    Not a light on in sight
    Coming home after work
    It just don't feel right

    It's a reminder that
    No one would notice
    If I didn't come home
    I'd be so easy to miss

  • intergalacticat_ 145w

    Where is it?

    In 2003,
    Four words were sang,
    Where is the love?
    True it rang.

    Now 2019,
    It's all crazy,
    Kids still got guns,
    The air is even more hazy.

  • intergalacticat_ 145w


    I like the quiet.
    Absence of noise.
    I don't like silence.
    Absence of everything.

  • intergalacticat_ 145w

    On my own

    It's been a while since I've been all alone. I'm tempted to open a bottle... But I know if I do, I won't be able to stop and then I'd be breaking my promise to take care of myself. Don't get me wrong, it's nice to have some space. I've done all the jobs I've been wanting to do for a long time. But now there's nothing left to do and I'm beginning to miss you even more. My body is aching for you.

  • intergalacticat_ 145w


    It's what I wanted, but it is also the thing I feared most of all. Now tomorrow is a reality, I am beginning to regret wanting it at all.

  • intergalacticat_ 145w


    So after everything,
    It's finally been confirmed,
    All my feelings are normal,
    Not strange or disturbed.

    They may be extreme,
    But that's my brains way,
    Stresses build up,
    Then they explode away.

    I was getting worried,
    That I was really psychotic,
    Apparently not at all,
    Would you rather I was catatonic?

    I could be very angry,
    But actually I am not,
    Being called a psycho,
    Better than being a robot.

    I already forgave you,
    A long long time ago,
    For always calling me that,
    It was slightly for show.

    Your ways of showing,
    And expressing you care,
    Are different to mine,
    You like to shout and swear.

    Despite all our differences,
    We balance eachother out,
    I keep you focused,
    You remove my self-doubt.

    I still really love you,
    I miss you lots as well,
    I think you feel the same,
    But you've made it hard to tell.

    My love is unconditional,
    It's all here for you,
    There's no shaking it,
    It's all completely true.

    You need to know,
    Nothing can scare me,
    Not dodgy balls,
    Not thoughts that are crazy.

    I think it's time now,
    For you to come on home,
    Clearly you miss me,
    So let's not be all alone.

  • intergalacticat_ 145w

    Doctors 2

    Here I am again
    In this hot waiting room
    I'm getting sick of it now
    Being stuck in this gloom

    I'm happy to be on my own
    But I wish you were here
    Especially for afterwards
    As you're the only I hold dear

    I am beginning to fear
    That you no longer care
    This is all so confusing
    And really not very fair

    You're my one and only
    Love is not a game
    No turn off switch to press
    I still love you all the same.