أنشأ خان�� stuck in my own mind

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  • inshakhan13 49w

    I've built a you within me.
    Or maybe you've kept a part of me
    Within you .
    I wonder if it's my mind.

  • inshakhan13 60w

    This year
    I travelled a lot.
    Going from anxiety to pain,
    Back again to anxiety and then to missing people.
    Well, talking about missing people,
    Then I only miss the moments,
    Not being rude or maybe ....
    When I finally got to meet my long cravings
    It was like , okaay!!!! It wasn't a great deal
    Just few moments not enjoyed together.

    As it's rightly said
    "There's much pleasure in the pursuit than in the attainment". So that's it, when they are around it feels like it was yesterday when we were together and now it's today that we are here together back again!!! And those missing days are still missing....
    This year
    was a steady year with skipping months while
    The moments remained still !!!!

  • inshakhan13 76w

    Some people are so fortunate,
    To have the certainty of death,
    But not the assurance of dying tomorrow.

  • inshakhan13 78w

    Their's some other kind of
    Pleasure in pain.
    I see everyone happy ,
    But a few satisfied.
    What I personally feel is,
    Pain keeps me grounded.
    And I kinda love it
    As I feel satisfied.

  • inshakhan13 81w

    First impression isn't the
    Impression of the other person,
    But our own perception...

    There's a fine line between the two.

  • inshakhan13 83w

    Ek dafa phir se,
    Aazma li tune Shohrat ki Taaqat.!!

  • inshakhan13 89w

    Well, the truth is..
    Everyone's living
    Everyone's life.
    Everyone's business,
    everyone's business.

  • inshakhan13 89w

    Is it a blessing or a curse
    To feel what you're feeling.

  • inshakhan13 91w

    I feel the equilibrium is maintained.
    Whenever a bond breaks ,
    A new one is formed.
    Whenever someone is in pain ,
    Somhwere, someone gains happiness.
    Whenever someone changes into a new person,
    The old one gets into someone.

  • inshakhan13 92w

    The one who makes
    Solemn vows to stay,
    Are most likely to betray .