أنشأ خان�� stuck in my own mind

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  • inshakhan13 1w

    Thak chuke hain aye
    Zindagi ,
    Yoon teri bekhauf aazmaishon se .
    'Gar theher jayein do pal
    To khauf hai teri bewajah ki tohmat se .

  • inshakhan13 9w

    Loving yourself is tougher than
    loving any other soul in this entire world

  • inshakhan13 17w

    How their presence brought you no Joy ,
    And their absence is doing the same .

  • inshakhan13 17w

    The only similarity between the person we lost and the person we crave for is..
    Neither of them are with us.

  • inshakhan13 20w

    Well , writing "special in their own way" would make me an Optimist so......

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    And he thinks himself to be special .
    While he knows not that everybody out there are special too,
    Making his speciality very common.

  • inshakhan13 26w

    Some breathing within the pages,
    While some dying in the corner since ages.
    For some being the token of memory
    While for some being the step towards that lane.
    How hard would it be for a Rose
    Who was confident enough to have thorns.
    How hard would it be for it,
    To be a fashion of love
    Instead of itself being the love.

  • inshakhan13 35w

    Why am I such a Misfit.?
    While everyone is in the same world , living the same life in various ways and I'm just stuck between my own thoughts! Where I feel nobody understands me not even me myself . There's a dark loop within me which I know most of them don't know about and of which I'm unaware of , which just craves to take me in and I've got no means to pull myself away from it . there's no reason to do so. I feel in this world , not a single person understands me and how can it even be possible while I myself don't understand what I'm up to, what's actually my nature says.
    My soul is tired of God knows what and just sick of carrying it.

    From the 1st day I entered the world till now all I've done is done bad to people
    Always did bad to them .
    And I hate myself for it . I HATE MYSELF.
    never made anyone happy
    My presence itself is a void.
    And I HATE MYSELF for this. I HATE MYSELF.
    Here you might question! Why not change yourself??
    And the only Answer I have is . Yeaah I tried to.

  • inshakhan13 41w

    What does a writer do?
    Pen downs feelings?
    Joyous or sad?
    What does it mean to them?
    Are you a writer?!

    So many questions to entertain.

    The writer pins the hazy virtuals .
    Brings back dead to life.
    Pours down relatability.
    Pulls the happy out of the sad.
    and Vice versa though!
    At the end of the day, they are the unknown soul looking for identity within the pages.

    Joyous or sad??????
    Doesn't matter! If it's crossing their mind,
    The next moment it'll be crossing the pages.
    Well the actual meaning of it, the depth of it and the real elucidation of it are all supposed to be understood by the reader.
    Am I a writer?!
    Undeniably no.

    Are you a reader?
    Undeniably yes!

  • inshakhan13 41w

    I've built a you within me.
    Or maybe you've kept a part of me
    Within you .
    I wonder if it's my mind.

  • inshakhan13 53w

    This year
    I travelled a lot.
    Going from anxiety to pain,
    Back again to anxiety and then to missing people.
    Well, talking about missing people,
    Then I only miss the moments,
    Not being rude or maybe ....
    When I finally got to meet my long cravings
    It was like , okaay!!!! It wasn't a great deal
    Just few moments not enjoyed together.

    As it's rightly said
    "There's much pleasure in the pursuit than in the attainment". So that's it, when they are around it feels like it was yesterday when we were together and now it's today that we are here together back again!!! And those missing days are still missing....
    This year
    was a steady year with skipping months while
    The moments remained still !!!!