Tere bas me kuj vee nai ae, dil noo ae samjhawan!�� Khiladi 420?��

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  • inking_rubatosis 1d

    Dhoopan de nal lar lar ke mai laabiyan apniyan chavan!
    Shabba Khair ~_~

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    It's b r o k e n nib
    kept a l i v e some
    already dead souls.

    ~ Daisies on their graves.

    ©!nking_rubatosis || 25.01.2022

  • inking_rubatosis 2d

    Subh ratri. Shabba Khair! ~_~

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    I might be a b r o k e n crayon
    Nevertheless, I'll bring
    c o l o r to some lost lives,

    one day, sure.

    Every story of history
    of present and past
    screams to me -

    "This is what y o u born for!"

    ©!nking_rubatosis ||24.01.2022

  • inking_rubatosis 3d

    हाँ बड़े धोखे है
    बड़े धोखे हैं इस राह में ����‍♀️

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    And my tears are falling
    as the pearls of words
    on the crumpled sheet,
    to paint the onerous of heart,

    in desire to
    l o s t
    or may be
    f o u n d.

    in those verses.

    ©!nking_rubatosis || 22.01.2022

  • inking_rubatosis 4d

    There's always end to every forever,
    it's just 'coffin of memories' that last long.
    No matter how deep you bury them,
    they'll find their way to you.

    - to cloud the light from blooming again.

    ©!nking_rubatosis || 22.01.2021

  • inking_rubatosis 4d

    My soul was lost, heart was drowned,
    in the middle of this, I found you,
    I never thought that we will go like this,
    never thought that we would be this close,
    never thought someone would fight for me,
    how can I thank you, i don't know!

    God gave a gift to the world when you were born—
    a person who loves, who cares,
    who encourages and lifts people up,
    someone who touches each life she enters,
    who's blessedly reliable, dependably good,
    predictably pleasant, loved and treasured.

    So, on this auspicious day,
    I just want to say that
    May your face always light up with glee,
    you never ever feel empty,
    may God be always by your side.
    I want you to always lift up your head in pride,
    may you discover happiness in your sadness, and
    your journey of life shall be as beautiful as you are.

    Remember : You are the STRONGEST, nothing can break you!

    बनारस की शाम सी खूबसूरत है वो,
    अस्सी घाट सी सुकून है वो,
    शाम की आरती की गूंज सी मधुर है वो,
    दोपहर की तपती धूप सी आग है वो,
    उगते सूरज की लालिमा सी है वो,
    कभी न बुझने वाली चिराग़ सी है वो,
    बारिश की बूंदों सी प्यारी है वो,
    हवा में उड़ते मिट्टी की खुशबू सी है वो,
    समंदर के गुमां को तोड़ने वाली 'कश्ती' सी है वो,
    और वो कोई नहीं,
    'मेरी' @floral_crown है वो।

    Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday Ma'am ! ��
    Me loves you bahot, bahot, bahot.
    Hmesha bhgwan ji tumko khus rkhen, hmesha ����

    P.S. - Mahadev ki ksm naav bna rhe the, sala ulta chhata bn gya, aur wo stars lehre hain #_sedlife :( , lekin tum bhavnao pr jao, unki gehrayi me ;D.


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    She is Kalon, Amusing, Swaggy, Hearty and Idyllic hooman !

    Birth dayy
    Your face is the resemblence of cluster of the stars
    your eagle eyes shine like those twinkling fireflies
    your bright smile is cutest like Winnie-the-Pooh
    your smooth, bouncy hair is longer than you,
    but you know, you are perfect example
    of beauty from inside and outside
    haina, my honeypie!
    * * * * * * * *
    * * * * * * * * * * *
    * * * *

    ©!nking_rubatosis || 22.01.2022

  • inking_rubatosis 1w

    Am I bad painter from the start?

    I painted you, us,
    on the canvas,
    framed that in a glass,
    and you thrown it
    from that high,
    that pieces are
    unimaginable and
    canvas bleeding

    And today I tried
    to paint the
    bleeding blood
    to stop the flow
    with words,
    couldn't succeeded
    'cause as I started to paint
    my vision got blurred
    by the tears on my specs.

    - Is my vision betraying me or is it your memories or am I bad painter from the start ?


  • inking_rubatosis 1w

    I implore to you
    that I miss us, and
    you give me silence in charity.

    O, my sweet love!
    If can't give roses
    then gift me sharpest thorn
    veiled with petals,
    just like your betrayal
    was veiled in love,
    so that, I can rescue
    myself, from 'you' and
    the beautiful but
    haunting memories,
    once for all.


  • inking_rubatosis 1w

    my tears are humiliated
    by whom they are falling for,
    dying for.
    Condolence and homage paid
    by words, ink and papers.

    - I wonder what happened to me, if I didn't know how to ease the pain of those tears!


  • inking_rubatosis 1w

    I often hesitate to write 'you'.
    What if I'll fall in love with those write-ups?

    - 'Love' is meant to be broken
    and I can't handle one more heart-stroke.


  • inking_rubatosis 1w

    I wish, I could become like you! (sighed)

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    You broke my heart into thousands of pieces,
    still, to heal, pieces yearn to hear your voices

    - but you vowed not to speak.

    ©!nking_rubatosis ||19.01.2022