Moon is love ���� ig- @inked.selenophile

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  • inked_selenophile 6h

    I try to hide the pain,
    given by people,
    in the lines of my poetry!
    ~For words are my
    only metaphor~

    On the concealed,
    grave of broken promises,
    It gave a passion to silence!
    ~For unspoken words
    are defined as silence~

    Every possible time
    For every uttered love phrases,
    leaping clumsily, I smile!
    ~Words trade
    love smoothly~

    Every night murmuring hope,
    strengthing to stretch a smile,
    I cry!
    ~Words fail to breathe
    hope at dark~

    While getting haunted
    I consume words, with the string of
    arrangements named poetry to heal!
    ~ Chains of words,
    poetry, a healing abode~


    #words @writersnetwork
    Mei jo bhi likhun sense banta hai :)

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    A sale of love,
    A sail of pain!


  • inked_selenophile 7h

    #words @writersnetwork

    Thank you for the repost, WN ��❤

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    Undressing the silence,
    I string words together,
    Labeling them as poetry!


  • inked_selenophile 1d

    Read my eyes like verses of poetry
    and I promise
    All you will discover will be love with hues of pain!

  • inked_selenophile 1d

    To love him is like
    to sip the night of the full moon
    filled with stars!


  • inked_selenophile 2d

    #end @writersnetwork @miraquill

    Thank you for EC ��

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    With whispers of love as memories,
    And with a gentle touch of dried pain awaiting peace
    everyone becomes a poet!


  • inked_selenophile 4d

    abode of
    the unheard screams!


  • inked_selenophile 4d

    #haynaku @writersnetwork

    Thank you for EC ��❤

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    Falling star,
    many desires awaiting!


  • inked_selenophile 4d

    Happy Happy Birthday love @kin_jo

    I don't have words to express
    what you mean to me!

    I haven't met you in real
    yet I feel like I have been known you for ages,
    I have been with you, played with you.

    I feel your presence in reality
    when I talk to you online
    That's the charm you carry!

    Well, I can't thank you enough
    You have been with me at my ups and downs!

    May all the goodness in the world be with you
    Have a nice day ahead!
    May Allah bless you with an abundance of happiness and health love

    Well well Here is the Universe wish

    Guiding the universe about your birthday,
    the sun tucked itself in the sky
    with the sweet poetic aroma


    Delicately wrapping the glimpses of hopeful verses in stars,
    the sun kissed a goodbye to the horizon

    Cradling in the arms of the sky,
    holding on to the shimmering light
    the moon read your verses in the stars
    and passed birthday blessings to you!

    ~with love from moonie

    Moon and this moon girl loves you ��❤

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    Her poetries
    reminding love and hope carries gleam,
    the twinkle
    that rests under the star!

  • inked_selenophile 4d

    @bouncy, Happy Birthday papa

    A token of love for your poetry from my side

    You are one of the cutest and a bold person
    I have met here and your poems are just <3

    May God bless you with happiness and health

    Marchipok mamalni
    Eppudaina kalusdam okavela veel aythe!
    Mana midnight matalu miss chestunna

    sarey igga sallaga bathuku bidda ��

    Lots of love ��❤

    Nik aythe telsu kada nenu oka line tappa ekkuva rayanu ��
    sorry kani iday accept chesko


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    Her words play an instrument of poetry
    that leads and tunes the universe to shine
    even on a starless night!


  • inked_selenophile 5d

    Belated Happy Birthday my love @smily_aina

    You are like the serenity of a falling star
    that passes through the soft lights of the moon!

    Thank you for always being supportive and sweet
    May Allah bless you with
    Lots of happiness and health

    Stay blessed love

    Here is the Universe wish Ishh ��

    Staining the atmosphere with gleams of your poetry,
    when the molten maroon sun turned down by giving a silken touch of your aura in the sky

    Then the moon shoving all the clouds and
    gliding through the silver lines of the stars
    made the universe groove on the tune of
    Happy Birthday, Smily!

    - with love from moonie

    This moon girl loves you ��❤

    Sorry for the late wishes


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    And if I ever meet you,
    I will gift you a piece of love verses
    and a heart full of the moon!