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  • ink_deep 6w


    In all chaotic beauty lies a piece of
    perfect art.
    Beautiful but torn,
    camouflaged by insecurities.

    A piece that is young,carefree,innocent
    That wants to give up but keeps going
    That's sees obstacles and
    calls them adventures

    A piece that believes that;
    Sometimes you get better
    Sometimes you will heal
    Sometimes your eyes will get wetter
    Waiting for the inner and outer scars to heal

  • ink_deep 6w

    Dying down

    Like an adolescent teen
    Like a lieutenant of the night

    When you are lonely

    Always connecting
    but never connected

  • ink_deep 6w


    I wasted a decade
    Restrained to a life where nothing
    was gained
    Or nothin lost

    I related
    become afraid
    Then hated

    I was soft
    Now have I have my shock
    Being caught in myself
    with demons I can't stop

  • ink_deep 6w

    I have regrets but..

    Yesterday don't matter coz it's gone
    I ain't living a life long

    So I wanna belong or be gone

    Ride while the sun's still bright
    Or in the dark when the wind is fine
    but mankind suicide.

  • ink_deep 6w

    #Here's to new beginnings��

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    Tell me when to stop loving
    And I'll do
    Tell me how to undo
    Give me a new clue
    different from what I knew
    Maybe I will be great too


  • ink_deep 6w

    #Here's to loyalty��

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    Maybe desserts

    Maybe lunchtimes
    on the bedsides at the hillsides

    Maybe then
    i'll have you for a lifetime
    and I won't have to stop
    for the sunrise

  • ink_deep 6w

    #to whoever was there for us.We salute you!

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    And I know
    "It's the bad days when I lose myself
    Lose my strength
    Hide dark in the shelf
    And hold still my breathe"

  • ink_deep 6w


    Maybe you'd want to say it's fine
    if it is over
    But you remember that occasionally
    you'll lose composure

    Maybe you are falling low
    drunk mistakes
    Maybe probably
    bound to hit the ground

  • ink_deep 12w


    She wanna feel my fire
    She smoked she wanna be higher

    She true she no liar
    She say "boy you own my entire"

    And i tell her ride on it like bonfire
    And i tell her kiss me after

  • ink_deep 12w

    She say i wanna be bad for you boy,
    Give it to you playboy
    And you hang on it like a busboy