Pouring life in fantasies a tad bit romantic

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  • ink_and_letters_ 1w

    #love #dialogue
    Just a little experimental something.

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    "I am in love with you", said he "can't you see."

    I asked " Why?" His reasons for what he so passionately called love.

    " It's love" he told me " there are no reasons."
    Does loving someone really requires a reason?

    And I asked " Why?"
    I told the boy "Why can't I see it, the love? Why can't I feel?"

    Bellows he this time "How?, How can you be so blind? So insensitive!"those blazing eyes and his lips curled down.

    " How?, How could you not feel my love for you! You wretched, wretched lass."

    Oh those cruel, cruel lips and those cruel, cruel words.

    "Where is that love you speak of?" I asked again.
    "Why can't I feel? Why can't I feel?"


  • ink_and_letters_ 8w


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    Now a girl reek of heartbreak

    It is wrapped around her

    Like a silken cocoon

    And it's in the air, almost palatable

    That thick stench of remorse

    And all this melancholy

    And people, they pinch their noses

    What an unpleasant odor!

    Go wash yourself, you girl

    Get some joy, some happiness

    It will smells so much better.


  • ink_and_letters_ 8w

    Mortal weapon...

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    What do we know of grief,

    And what do we know of wars?

    What do we know of it,

    Of the struggle and of past.

    What makes you, you?

    And what makes you think you know me,

    And I know you?


  • ink_and_letters_ 8w

    I'm trapped in a limited form...

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    In the limitless enterity of this universe
    I feel so limited.


  • ink_and_letters_ 8w


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    All the love in this world
    And yet, we thrive on solitude.


  • ink_and_letters_ 9w

    Happy chocolate day...

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    To experience the bitter sweet pain of having your heart

    on the palm of someone's hand.

    Bitter-sweet, like dark chocolate.


  • ink_and_letters_ 10w

    Mortal weapon...

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    You look at her, so innocent

    So clueless about the world, almost naive

    And it hurts you

    You can feel your longing

    The feeling that squeezes your heart

    The need to touch her, gaze your fingers on her body

    Hold her innocence in your palms, gently

    And all you desire is to crush it, break it to pieces

    Taint something beautiful,

    It tempts you like nothing else

    And in that moment she turns to you

    An unmistakable glint in her eyes, almost predatory

    A subtle smile, seductive, uncaring

    You know now, she is dangerous

    Her innocence now seems uncanny, a dangerous weapon

    Sharp and lethal, perfected with time and patience

    And you realise how wrong you were

    How could you ruine something that doesn't even exist.


  • ink_and_letters_ 12w

    I love to weave magic
    But I am no magic myself
    My fingers make no miracles
    My lips speak no spells
    Nor do my brooms ever fly

    I love to weave magic
    But my magic comes from my mind.


  • ink_and_letters_ 17w

    It be like that sometimes��‍♀️��‍♀️

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    Stuck between being a pretentious girl who only wears dark clothes, is mysterious, and would probably just disappear one day to live in a small cottage or something

    And being a super successful surgeon, with a cold attitude and daddy issues...


  • ink_and_letters_ 18w

    Gods and mortals

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    Some days we are mere mortals
    Smiling, living carefully, blissfully ignorant
    Some days we are a vessel to mighty gods
    With melancholy for an existence,
    Our longings knows no bounds for something
    we don't even understand